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60) Muthati forest & Kanva reservoir: (30/7/2012)

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Place: Muthati & Kanva.
Distance: 250kms.(in total)
Directions: Bengaluru – Chenpatna – Sathnur – Muthati – Chenpatna – Kanva – Bengaluru.
Particiapants: Deepak (Deepu) > Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Zeus.
This was another formal run to the forest range of Muthati. It had been amost an year since we had visited this place. And well Kanva just had to be on the menu to complete this trip.
This was the 3rd run for the month of July, 10 days after the excellent visit to Madhugiri & Nandi hills. The old school 3 (Deepu, Dattu & Zethu) were the ones on the confirmed list. After the meet up time was comfirmed at 06:00 hrs, we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 (29/7/2012)

Yeah I was up at about 05:00hrs, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups & sit-ups and went outside at 05:45. Then the wait began, an hour passed there was no sign of the crew. So I went back home & finished of breakfast. Finally they arrived and we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 07:30hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Bidadi Tatte Idly)
This was a 30kms stretch on the butter smooth Mysoreroad (SH-17). Being a 4-lane road it offered minimum resistance. As others hadn’t finished their breakfast, we pulled over at our regular tattle idly stop in Bidadi. After having an excellent breakfast we had some tea/coffee & left.
TIME: 08:30 hrs

RIDE 2: (Bidadi – Kabblu – Sathnur)
This was about 60kms stretch. After an excellent breakfast, we cruised the next 30kms on SH-17 to reach Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn and continued to reach Kabblu. The ride after the deviation was simply superb as there was lot of shade & surroundings were brilliant. As we got the first glimpse of Kabblu it took me back to my trek which I had pulled off 2.5 years back. After taking a small break, we continued to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

RIDE 3: (Sathnur – Muthati)
This was a 20kms stretch & something we had been waiting since the start. We started off slow due to the bad road conditions. We did spot a lot of birds & small creatures like squirrels on the road side. Dattu merely sitting on of the bikes meant we were well entertained. As we continued further the roads turned a little better, but there were lots of patches when compared to our last visit.
After about 30mins we reached our regular hangout, the actual place isn’t that good. So going off-road into the forest towards the river is a better option.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

First things first we removed our shoes & started exploring the place. Finally found a decent spot to sit down. As we did fishes swan towards us & started eating the dirt off our feet. We also spotted an eel in the flowing river water. After about an hour discussing the plans for the day, we decided to visit Kanva as well. We wore back our shoes & started playing the good ‘old skipping stones’. After about 30mins of the game we left Muthati.
TIME: 12:00 hrs

RIDE 4: (Muthati – Kanva)
This was roughly 60-70kms stretch. The ride back to Sathnur was a slow one as it was in forest premises. Once we reached Sathnur it was pure cruising for the next 25kms to reach Chenpatna to re-join SH-17. Once we hit Mysoreroad, we cruised till Ramnagar outskirts. Stopped in between grabbed something to drink & continued to reach Kanva.
TIME: 13:30 hrs

Well this wonderful place had to be on the menu for the day. It was peaceful & tranquil as it was a week day. We rode to the other side of the reservoir & sat down peacefully chilling on the shore.
Latter we jumped into to the water and started cooling down under the hot sun. After spending an hour in the water chatting about our high-school days etc., we got out and dried up. We decided to head to our dhaba as we were damn hungry.
TIME: 15:30 hrs

As we left Kanva, we rode the next 10kms at a slow pace to reach the dhaba. Next 1.5 hrs was spent at this dhaba eating ha-ha. We were really hungry, so ate proper heavy 3 rounds lunch & left. The pic below show only the first round, second & third round we were too busy belting 🙂
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 6: (Dhaba – Bengaluru)
This was a 55-60kms stretch on the 4-lane Mysore road. We rode this stretch pretty quick actually as I wasn’t riding ha-ha!! As we reached Bidadi heavy traffic started, but we rushed through it to reach back our bakery & had tea/coffee etc.,
TIME: 18:15 hrs


Until next time Cia\m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

October 3, 2012 at 11:10 am

57) Vani vilas Sagara Dam (Marikanive) & Chitradurga Fort: (20/6/2012)

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Place: Vani vilas Sagar Dam & Chitradurga fort.
Distance: (220+ 20) x 2 = 500kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Tumkur – Sira – Hiruyur – Chitradurga..
Particiapants: Chetan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar 150.
Previous visit: Yelagiri.
This was another excellent cruise to the ancient fort of Chitradurga & to the beautiful Vanivilas Dam. The cool weather made the fort tour a pleasant one. And Marikanive dam, well as usual like last time nothing short of heaven.
Well as far as the planning goes, Zethu wanted to join us during the last visit but couldn’t. So it was him who initiated this run and I gladly joined him. As the monsoons had begun, riding in the heavy rains is something we both wanted to do badly. After confirming the timings we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (19/6/2012)

Yeah I was up at 04:00, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups & was all set for a long day on road. Left my home at 05:00 & cruised along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) at a slow pace to reach the BP petrol bunk on ORR. After a formal greeting we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 05:30 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Tumkur – Sira – Hiryur – Chitradurga)
This was a 200-220kms stretch. So as we started off from Bengaluru, we cruised at a slow pace. We had a tea break on the highway and then set in and hit the road at decent pace to reach Tumkur. After reaching Tumkur we decided to skip breakfast, so we continued another 60-70kms to reach Sira. Took a small break and hit the road again to reach Hiryur, I kept a constant look out for the Arch, where we had to take a deviation to VaniVilas Dam. But unfortunately I couldn’t spot it, so we continued further to reach Chitradurga.

As we reached Chitradurga, the wind speed increased drastically & trust me balancing the bike became a challenge. We zoomed through the city and reached the fort entrance.  We parked our bike in front of the mighty fort and were all set for another tour.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

Well this was my second visit to this huge fort, the last one being almost exactly 1 year back (23/6/2011). So this time we didn’t need a guide to take us around the fort, also this saved us some money as well 🙂
So… like last time i’ll be giving a fort tour like last time, hope you enjoy it, Cheers!

Ticket counter: If you don’t have a ticket you wont be allowed to enter the fort: P, so a place of very much importance. If your pay Rs 5, you’ll have an awesome ticket in your hand and now you shall enter the fort.

    1) Snake Inscription: This is right behind the ticket counter; the whole fort was built on this simple design.

    2) Gates: There are 7 main gates, and many secret passages. Each gate had several gun points to defend the fort.

    3) Kamana Bagilu: The path way is at right angles to each other, it helped immensely to counter the enemy attacks as there were gun points on each of the corner. Oh yea it would also not allow the enemies to take a run up if they were planning to break the doors open with huge logs of wood or elephants.

   4) Enne Kola (Oil Storage): This is at the entrance only, huge rock storage tank, oil used to be stored here. There is also a small tank next to it along with a cave for the guard. 

   5) Cannon ball shots: All along the fort wall you can observe the deep grooves due to the cannon balls. Hyder Ali who was the enemy had done some hard work for sure ha-ha!!
   6) Bombe Mantapa: Place where they used to bury the animals which died in war , or during construction.

   7) Deer Drawing: Early men’s inscription of a deer on a rock.

   8) Raja’s Gym: The place where the King used to work out, the door of the gym was very small. This was because in case the enemies attack him at the gym, only one at a time could enter the place.

   9) Ancient art of Rock cutting: They used to make holes in the rock with a chisel, stuff wood into it, and allow water into the holes. The wood would expand and cut the rocks.

   10) Ganesha Temple: This temple was built for a reason, the huge boulder which is right behind it looks exactly like an elephant.
   11) Weird Rock formations: The weird rocks & boulders to watch out for are Fish shaped , Ship shaped , Toad shaped , Alligator Shaped, Turtle Shaped, Shanku Shaped …

   12) Hidimba Temple: Hidimba the famous demon in the epic Mahabharata used to terrorize village people, staying on this hill. So a temple in his memories.

   13) Huge Swing & Lamp post: The goddess idol was placed on the swing during the festivals. And the king would climb up the lamp post and light the lamp.

   14) Ghee Storage: This is one of the main attractions of this place. If you had to be in the Chitradurga army you had to climb this hill, and as you did, they would start pouring ghee from the Ghee storage tank at the top. If you made it to the top well you were appointed in the army: D. ( Place where Ramchari played by Vishnuvardahan in Nagarahavu movie, falls off the cliff & commits suicide)

   15) Bank & Safety Locker: Place where they used to mint coins. They used to bury the coins 15-20 feet below the ground; a small temple was constructed on the surface. Cannon ball shots are seen on the temples of this place too.

   16) Akka Thangi Kola: Two small water bodies where the king’s wives committed suicide once Hyder Ali won the war.

   17) Temples: There are many temples which can be seen from Akka Thangi Kola ( the place where you are standing now :P), Some of them are Gopalswamy, Hanuman,Nandi,.Ganesha temples.

   18) Tanniru Doni: Place where cold water flows all through out the year. This is also the place where Obawa (wife of a guard) spots the first of Hyder Ali’s men, so she went back to the Kindi and killed the others.

Ps: There is a fish inscription on a rock nearby, which suggested water’s available nearby. Obawa’s grave is also situated opposite to this place.
19) Okkali Honda: Place where the town people use to play with colored water. Coloring of water was due to turmeric and other auyervedic ingredients.
20) Obbavana kindi: Here is the main attraction of this place for all tourists.ThisPlace is where food & other groceries were brought to the soldiers from the from,But few of the soldiers leaked this info to Hyder Ali’s men as it was the easiest way to invade the fort. Obawa whipped the soldiers at this place as only one could squeeze through.
   21) Gali Mantapa: This was the place where the king was worshipped during festivals. There’s a huge swing           and a lamp post here.

   22) Siddeshwara Temple: Nice ancient temple, where you can get a pooja done.

   23) Murugha matha: This was a residential school for young kids of chitradurga, the interior of this place is just brilliant. The cooking place , study halls , dining halls etc..

   24) Pataabhisheka : A huge platform where the king was given the pattaabhisheka, they used put gold and silver flowers, this was a common tradition during those days. This was also done if a person would live to see his 4th generation.(Thanks dad for this info)

   25) Monkey man: And you guys thought I forgot him eh , ha-ha… Introducing world’s second fastest climber, man with the amazing skills to climb the fort walls, huge lamp posts mentioned earlier, the huge swing, the man who learnt his skills by observing monkeys – The Monkey Man (Kothi Raja) . During this visit, unfortunately he was recovering form a fracture so couldn’t climb.
Well that was our view of this magnificent fort, hope you enjoyed it. The cool breeze made the tour superb. We fooled around the fort for a few more minutes & decided to leave Chitradurga.
TIME: 12:00 hrs
RIDE 2: (Chitradurga – Vani Vilas Sagara Dam)

This was a good 60kms stretch. As we left Chitradurga, we cruised past the beautiful windmills and reached the highway. We continued for another 30kms to reach Hiryur. After reaching Hiryur we found that the Arch(our sign for the right deviation) had been pulled down, but fortunately we recognised the deviation and continued further, another 25kms to reach Marikaniva Dam.
TIME: 13:30 hrs

Alright I couldn’t wait to get the first glimpse of this reservoir, over the huge bund that stood firmly in front of us. As we started climbing up the stairs I started jumping around in excitement, a few minutes latter, down I was down with an ankle sprain. Damn it hurt badly, but we continued reach the top of the bund. Momentarily I forgot the pain, due to beautiful view of the reservoir that stood in front of me. 

Limping across the entire bund, we found a neat spot to sit. We sat there for about an hour, sipping water and enjoying the cool breeze.Vani vilas is one of the most beautiful reservoirs I’ve visited till date. After giving my ankle some time, it was a little better. So we decided to hit the road back to Bengaluru.
TIME: 14:30 hrs
RIDE 3: (Vani Vilas dam – Sira(lunch break) – Tumkur)

This was about 80-90kms stretch. As we left Marikanive, we did the next 25kms at a slow pace to reach back NH-4. Then on it was smooth sailing to reach Sira. (15:30 hrs)
At Sira we had the first meal of the day. But we ate really less, and decided to ht the road to Tumkur. After the light lunch we cruised along at a decent pace to reach Tumkur.
RIDE 4: (Tumkur – Bengaluru)

This was the last 70kms of this run. As we left Tumkur, dark clouds formed above us. We looked at each other in gave a thumbs up. Oh yeas, this was something we were waiting for the entire day. The clouds burst open & down came the rain. It was real fun riding in the heavy rains for a good 50kms to reach back Bengaluru.
TIME: 19:30 hrs
Ps: As Zethu headed towards Malleswaram, I took the Outer Ring Road(ORR) and zoomed till Nayandhalli traffic junction. Then I put my bike’s centre stand, wiped my bike, took a nice nap & went back home fresh ha-ha !!:P
Until next time Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

August 10, 2012 at 5:36 pm

54) Maddur & Kanva – Bakery Ride: (10/5/2012)

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Place: Maddur & Kanva reservoir.
Distance: 210kms.(Complete Circuit)
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Maddur – Ramnagar – Kanva – Bengaluru.

Particiapants: Arvnd(Arvi) > Ashok(K350) > Chengappa(Benz poolanda) > Arun(Slowpoke) > Madhu(Barca) > Karthik (Sp).

Bikes: Unicorn(2) > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Pondicherry& Gingee Fort.
Facebook page: Maddur& Kanva Album.
Alright, this was another formal run to Maddur & Kanva. The main highlight of the trip was the food. Yeah we did this ride for the food and a quick swim at Kanva. And with this run we also welcomed the monsoons.
We all wanted to get away from our daily routine from college. Breakfast at Maddur & Lunch at our Kanva Dhaba wass something that was too tempting to just let go. So we put the plan into action on 5th of May 2012.

Yeah I was up at around 04:30, did a few push ups and sat down with some music. Went near our bakery at about 07:30 & waited for others. Once everybody arrived we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 09:00 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Maddur)
This was a 80kms stretch. Butter smooth 4-lane highway made riding very easy. We cruised along at a decent pace. With about one or two stops in between, we reached Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

Once we entered we grabbed ourselves a chair and had a proper heavy breakfast. Two-three rounds of excellent food filled up our tummies. Then we had coffee to put an end to a wonderful breakfast. After the breakfast we went outside & sat on the swing. After chilling around for some more time we left Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 11:45 hrs

RIDE 2: (Maddur – Kanva)
This was about a 20-25kms stretch. Having done with a very heavy breakfast, we were all a little dizzy. We rode slowly on SH-17 to cruise past Chenpatna. After reaching the outskirts of Ramnagar we took a deviation and continued further to reach Kanva.
TIME: 12:30 hrs

This is one reservoir we never get tired off. Clear, clean and safe water makes this reservoir a perfect place. So without wasting anytime we got into the water & swam for sometime. Then we started the ‘Donkey’ & ‘First Catch’ Games with a half filled bottle. After about 1.5hrs in the water we got out of the water and started skipping stones as we dried up. After drying up we hit the road and reached the Dhaba for lunch.
TIME: 15:15 hrs


Again we sat down in a proper cell, and started eating like there was no tomorrow. The swim and the games had pretty much drained our energies. As we ate the skies became gloomy and it started pouring. This made the taste of food better. Once we were done with the lunch we sat for sometime staring outside at the rain and decided to ride back in the rain and greet the monsoons.
TIME: 16:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a decent 60kms stretch. With the rain coming down & the cool breeze hitting out faces, it was a real pleasure to ride. We rode at a slow pace enjoying every moment to reach back bakery for some hot tea.
TIME: 18:15 hrs

Until next time Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

July 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm

53) Pondicherry & Gingee fort: (8’9’/4/2012)

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Place: Pondicherry & Gingee Fort.
Distance: 800kms in total.
Directions: Bengaluru – Krishnagiri – Thiruvanamallai – Pondy.
Participants: Chethan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Kanva Reservoir.
Facebook Page: Pondicherry Album.
Budget: Rs1200.

This was one excellent run to the nearest shore from Bangalore. This run was for about 800kms, it was a hot & tiring ride. Food was eaten only once during the entire trip.
INTRO & PLAN: (trust me this is the must read part)
We had planned this trip 4-5 times earlier & every time we planned it turned out to fail until one day we just took our bikes and hit the road. After several flopped attempts we decided to allow time take its course of action. April of 2012 was the month we pulled this run of successfully.

ASSEMBLE: (8th of April 2012)
Zethu arrived at my place at about 01:00hrs, we crashed at my place and decided to leave early in the morning. We were up at about 04:00, packed & bid adieu to Namma Bengaluru.
TIME: 05:30 hrs.
RIDE 1.1: (Bengaluru – Hosur – Krishnagiri)
This stretch was for about 100kms. We got out of the city in a short time as the traffic was lean during the early hours. After reaching the highway it was pure non-stop cruising until Krishnagiri for some hot tea.
TIME: 07:15 hrs.

RIDE 1.2: (Krishnagiri – Pambar dam – Sathnur Dam – Thiruvanamallai)
This stretch extended for about 130kms. But trust me this was one horrible stretch of road. Things to look out for while riding:
i) Huge deep patches covering more than half the road.
ii) If you find a good stretch, it won’t last for more than 500meters.
iii) Do not try to exceed 70kmphr.
So after about an hour of riding we reached Pambar dam.

Well, this is a neat little reservoir. Very well maintained & less people made our visit to this place a memorable one. We spent a few minutes at this wonderful reservoir had a couple of biscuits and left.
Continuing further on the bad stretch for another hour or so we reached Sathnur Dam.

Actually there are many places to visit at this place. We visited the dam premises, CrocodilePark & the deer park. Oh yeah, we were strictly instructed not take any photographs at the Croc park, that made us even more determined & managed to capture a few. The crocodile park is pretty huge, with atleast 100-150 crocodiles of various sizes.
After finishing Sathnur we continued further to reach Thiruvanamallai.
TIME: 11:45 hrs.

RIDE 1.3: (Thiruvanamallai – Villupuram – Pondy)
This was a 100kms stretch, but thankfully on smooth roads. We asked directions at thiruvanamallai and managed to get out of the town. After getting out we cruised in comfort via the new route skipping Gingee fort to reach Pondy 🙂
TIME: 14:00 hrs.


As soon as we entered Pondy, we cruised along the East Coast Road(ECR). With the cool ocean breeze hitting our faces we started searching for a place to crash. But unfortunately places close to the main beach were damn expensive so we moved towards Repo beach.
Alright we tried taking our bikes into this small alley, where only one bike could fit. The terrain turned sandy & we found ourselves stuck in it. After a long tiring attempt we managed to get our bikes out & we also found our stay for that night.
Stay: Rs 300 for 4 guests. TV & a fan… ah yeah felt like heaven. And the best part, it was hardly a minute’s walk from the beach 🙂
TIME: 15:30 hrs.

After taking a 20mins nap, we decided to finish off all the places. As we were getting ready Zethu received a call asking him to return by 10th morning as he had presentation :P, so we cut short a few places.
1. Auroville/Repo Beach: as it was the nearest we finished this beach first. We went and slept flat on the beach for about an hour enjoying the waves.
2. Le Café: next stop was Le café; it is a tourist information centre, which also provides food & café.
3. Children’s Park: Ha-ha yeah, this is on the ECR, thoughts of fooling around the place did occur but we continued.
4. The Main Beach: The Bay of Bengal, one of the most beautiful beaches at Pondy. But yeah getting into water is not possible at this place. We just sat on the rocks enjoying the sea breeze.

5. Church of the Sacred of Jesus: This is the most famous church of Pondy. Built in 1700, the church still looks brilliant.
6. Paradise Beach: 8kms from Pondy towards Cuddlore, another beautiful beach which can be accessed only by boat,
7. Cunnambar backwaters: Situated on the Cuddlore main road, 8kms from Pondy. Different boat rides available at this place.
8. Pichavaram: I strongly suggest visiting this place. It is about 70kms from Pondy towards south. But trust me worth the travel; it is the 2nd biggest mangrove after the Sunderbans.
So please make yourself free and do visit this place, I’m pretty sure we’ll hit back to Pondy some day 😛

So… those were just a few important places at Pondy. A detailed list of places is given at the end. After covering the places, we returned to Pondy at about 19:00. We roamed around the streets of Pondy, grabbed some something to drink & yeah some food too. After doing this we headed back to our home stay. We switched on the TV & started eating our dinner, with the beach a few meters away.
(Trust me I would do anything to re-live that moment )
After a nice meal, which was the first for the day and last for this trip we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs.
SUN IS SHINING: (9th of April 2012)

I was up at 04:00 to find Zethu already watching TV. We went to the beach at 05:00 & waited for the sunrise. After about an hour or so we witnessed one of the best sunrises till date. We spent another hour walking on the beach & finally left to pack our things.


Once the packing was done, we tied up our bags to our bikes and left Pondy. And yes Gingee was a place we had decided to visit on the second day.

TIME: 07:30 hrs.

RIDE 2.1: (Pondy – Gingee Fort)
Well this was about an 80kms stretch & yeah we exited Pondy through the actual/official entrance ha-ha. We cruised along the huge 4-lane highway comfortably & reached Gingee Fort.
TIME: 09:15 hrs.

It is of the best forts of Tamil Nadu. This fort was called the “Troy of the east” by the British. It includes 3 hillocks which are Rajagiri, Krishnagiri, Chakkilidurg in a triangular formation. Old granaries for storing oil & ghee, temples, mosques, barracks and other buildings can be seen on top of these hillocks.

So about our visit, we took about an hour to climb. With the sun directly on top & with bags to carry, the climb was no easy one. We had run out of water bottles which made matters worse. But we continued with sufficient breaks to reach the top. We covered all the buildings and sat flat on the top totally de-hydrated. The descent was fairly a quick one, as we reached the foot of the hills we rushed to a small shop grabbed something to drink and sat at the shop and took rest. Trust me I had never felt this level of dehydration till then. Once the fluids had been restored we hit back the road again.
TIME: 11:00 hrs.

RIDE 2.2: (Gingee – Thiruvanamallai – Krishangiri)
This was a good 150kms stretch. We cruised along at decent pace, taking sufficient breaks without over-straining our bodies to reach Thiruvanamallai. After reaching the town we took some small narrow roads through the market and made our way out of the crowded town.
The next was the horrible 130kms stretch which we named “ass-buster stretch”.We rode slowly but steadily taking breaks very often to cover this long gruelling stretch to reach Krishnagiri.
TIME: 15:30 hrs.

RIDE 2.3: (Krishnagiri – Hosur – Bengaluru)
This was a smooth 100km stretch. So it was a huge relief to reach Krishnagiri before the descent of the darkness. Getting stuck on the previous stretch in the dark is like digging our own grave. We had some wonderful tea and switched back to cruising mode on the 6 lane NH-7. We took sufficient breaks on the highway to reach back Bengaluru. We pulled over, sat on the footpath wondering if we had actually covered Pondy in 2 days. Then we thanked each other participating, & left to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 19:00 hrs.

Eyes drained out with solid red nerves, face covered with a thin film of black soot, haha felt so good. 800kms of non-stop riding for 2 days is what we both enjoyed thoroughly. Finishing the jinxed trip which had flopped for 5-6 times gave us that extra satisfaction.”
Zethu: couldn’t have thought of a better person to pull this trip off. Ever cool and his jokes kept us both going.
Sp: Had nice bath and went on a 10kms walk the next day 😀
Until next Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

July 2, 2012 at 1:53 pm

50) Panchapalli Dam: (6/3/2012)

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Place: Panchapalli Dam.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Hosur – Denkankottai – Panchapalli Dam.
Particiapants: Chethan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Yercaud.
Facebook Page: Panchapalli Dam Album.

This was another excellent run to this unheard off, but a wonderful reservoir in Tamil Nadu. The hot sun drained our energies & made it a very tiring ride, but we pulled it off. This run also meant the successful completion of our 50th chapter!!:)

As far as the planning goes, we had heard of this place a few months back. Very few people have visited this place, so it was an extra joy to get out & search for this place. Zethu was the only one on the confirmed list.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (5/3/2012)
I was up at 05:00, had a sip of coffee, did a few push-ups & was all set to go out & complete the 50thrun. Zethu arrived at my place at my place & we left Bengaluru.
TIME: 06:30 hrs

RIDE 1: (Benguluru-Hosur-Saints bunk stop)
This was a 40-50kms stretch.  We started off early hoping to get out of the city when the traffic was lean. But unfortunately the traffic was a little heavy, drifting past the busses & cars we managed to get out of the city and enter NH-7.
After reaching NH-7 it was pure cruising mode. We cruised along the 6-lane butter-smooth highway to reach Karnataka – TN border. We rode further to reach Hosur outskirts & stopped at our regular bunk.
TIME: 08:00 hrs

RIDE 2: (Hosur-Dennikotte-Panchapalli Dam)
After filling up petrol, we stopped for tea & we started speaking about any noteworthy incidents that had occurred since our last ride. We entered Sh-17a and it was pure bliss to ride on this baby, we cruised along at a decent pace for the next 30kms to reach Dennaikotte.
At Dennaikotte we asked the locals for directions, and took a left deviation (at an Arch on the left side) in the town & continued further towards Panchapalli Dam.


This last stretch was for about 20kms, and it was a totally isolated ride. We stopped at many places as the sun was draining out our energies; one of the important stops was Bettarayaswamy temple. After covering about 15kms, we got the first glimpse of the wonderful reservoir. Next 5kms we descended along the reservoir and finally arrived at PP dam.
TIME: 09:30 hrs

Alright… to be honest I was expecting a small water body, but this one turned out be freaking huge. But yeah the atmosphere was calm & damn peaceful.
‘Tranquillity’ was the word at the place, & we both were the only ones at the place at it was a weekday plus not many know about this place. The water levels were totally down.
When asked about getting into water it was a “no-no” so we walked & fooled around the bund to reach the other end. We took out biscuits and started munching away.


We sat for about 30+mins discussing about the best of 50 chapters, and as we left we spotted the canal to this reservoir. We went near the canal, the water was a little dirty but a great place for water games. But we decided to skip it and head back.
TIME: 10:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Panchapalli Dam-Dennaikotte-Hosur-Bengaluru)

This was a tiring stretch under the scorching sun. The first 20kms was the stretch back to Dennaikotte, & by the time we had completed this we were totally thirsty and stopped for some coconuts in the town.
TIME: 11:15 hrs
From Dennaikotte, Hosur is about 30kms we rode at a decent pace on the wonderful SH-17a which offered a little shade to reach Hosur.
After reaching Hosur we continued further to reached back Karnataka, and as we did we pulled over at a hotel for some heavy lunch 😀
TIME: 12:15 hrs

Once we were done with lunch, we left the hotel and back onNH-7. We cruised along the smooth highway to reach Silkboard junction. As it was noon, the traffic was lean we eased through the city to reach back our respective homes.
TIME: 14:00 hrs
I’d like to conclude this article by saying the following “though this was just a 200kms run, it drained out more energy when compared to our much bigger runs. It was real nice to dig out a new place and this being the 50thchapter meant something special to all of us:)”
ZETHU: Perfect rider with whom I maintain sync with on NH-7, his office stories kept us well entertained.
SP: Happy that the 50th chapter is completed \t/
Before ending this article, here are some of our best (Or what we think are the best) chapters:
[1] Maddur – The Origin.
[3] Mekedatu – Destination danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley– Jungle walk.
[22] Talakadu – Come one, come all. (11bikes, 21 participants)
[26] BR hills – Foggy forest cruise. (Coldest ride since 117 years)
[27]Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Hello death!! (NDE – Near death experience)
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam– Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki,Barachukki – Twin hills and falls ride.(600kms one day)
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, TonnurKere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura – Explore that sanctuary.
[45] Hogenekkal – Blood filled memories on road. (Must read)
[47] Mekedatu & Sangama – Adventure on!! (15kms forest walk)
[48] Coorg(Madikeri) – Big finish to ‘11.
[49] Yercaud – back on the streets. (580kms 1-day ride)
[50] Panchapalli dam – 50thchapter complete 🙂

Until next time Cia \m/



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April 22, 2012 at 6:20 am

46) Kanva Reservoir 2nd Anniversary Ride: (28/11/2011)

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Place: Kanva Reservoir.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Kanva Reservoir.
Particiapants: Vineeth(Red monster) > Madhu(Barca) > Ashok(Classic K350) > Arvind(White knight) > Arun(Turr/Slowpoke) > Karthik(Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar200 > Unicorn > CB Unicorn > Pulsar150.
This was a run to mark the 2ndanniversary of our club. Took us back to the Maddur visit we had pulled off exactly 2 years back. But yeah this time it was Kanva Reservoir.


This trip was like most of the other trips we’ve done; it was unplanned and decided all of a sudden. Morning I was up at 06:00hrs, I could see all the events that had taken place two years back clear as crystal water. The uncertainty involved in the first trip is something which has remained buried deep within the club forever. So.., I wore my regular attire & headed towards our bakery to meet others and ask them about the day’s plan.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

As I reached the bakery, others were waiting there but yeah they had mixed opinions on the riding out of town. Ashok, Arvi, Madhu were ready… Arun was unsure… Vineeth who said no initially, finally agreed to join us. Finally after 3 hours it was a complete GO GO ( Ha-ha yeah time flies when at bakery). So we had lunch near college and departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 14:00 hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanva Bakery – Kanva)
First things first, we rode to the petrol bunk and filled up and hit SH-17. It was pretty hot, but SH-17 being 4-lane offered little resistance to riders. Memories of our first trips kept flashing before our eyes throughout as we passed “HOTEL VISION” near Bidadi. We had stopped at this place 2 years back shivering in cold and hands totally numb and pain of riding 30kms. After a few minutes we reached the outskirts of Ramnagar to reach our signature pre-Kanva bakery stop.
We had few drinks and brought some snacks and headed off towards Kanva. We took a right deviation on Mysore road and continued 8kms more to reach this wonderful reservoir.
TIME: 15:30 hrs


KANVA: (Welcome home again)
Well out of the previous 8 trips, we have been here 6 times… ha-ha that goes to show how much we enjoy being at this place. But yeah things were different this time, the entire place was green, filled with plants and the water level had risen considerably.

We decided to go to our regular spot on the other side of the reservoir near the boulder. To our amazement this ride kept getting interesting and fun. The tracks which used to lead us seemed completely green. So we somehow managed to get a little far on the right track only to find water bodies blocking our path. And oh yeah there was slush mud present all around it.
So we stopped, wondering what to do next…, as we pondered we started the good old skipping stones game. After a few minutes we decided to go to the original spot itself. Arvi & Ashok led the way and we followed them through the slushy mud one-after the other cautiously to make it to the boulder and we had another surprise instored.

The place seemed to have a greenery boost everywhere. Last visit this stretch was totally desert like with sand and dry mud. This time it was total slush and plants. We rode a little further and called it a stop.

TIME: 15:30 hrs

We had a few snacks, then checked the water for snakes, broken bottles and other dangers and finally it was a green signal.
Only Arvi, Ashok and me were ready to take a dip. So… we decided to have the bottle competition again. The memories of Ashok’s birthday and my birthday were freshened. We spent about an hour in the water and finally decided to get out and dry up.

Once we got out, Ashok took over show with his Caveman tricks… to keep us well entertained.
Ps: Entertained trust me  is an under statement, we were crying out in laughter as our stomach was in deep shit pain, tears kept rolling down as we couldn’t handle the laughter marathon created by Classic K350 i.e, Ashok.
Finally pulling ourselves back together we left the wonderful reservoir Kanva.
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 2: (Kanva – Bengaluru ; Perfect Sync Ride)
Even though this ride was just formality, this trip’s ride is something I’ll remember forever. As Vineeth’s Pulsar200 had a new bore in the engine, the speed had to be kept below 60kmphr. The other 3 bikes dropped back allowing him to lead the way and we kept the formation intact for the next hour or so to reach back our bakery. This was exactly the same way we had rode on 28/11/2009.
TIME: 18:45 hrs
We had some tea and spent about 30mins & left to reach back our respective houses.
TIME: 19:30 hrs


Well… this trip no doubt was a short one, but yeah the amount of time travelling we had done in our minds was incomparable. We had looked back at the 2 years of travelling we had done along side each other and how these two years of travelling had changed each one of us as persons.
We had completed 25 trips at the end of first year, 25th being the idle Melukote trip. At end of two years the 46thtrip was completed. Yeah we wanted to bring upto 50, but for us numbers do not matter, what attire we wear on trips do not matter, what bikes we ride do not matter, what food we eat do not matter, as long as we keep riding with the free spirit. And yeah one thing and the only thing that matters and which has been maintained in these 2 years and hopefully will be maintained in the coming years is the riding discipline on the roads. 

It’s not about how YOU ride; it’s about how you ride as a part of a group” – written by us only haha:P

Alright here’s a list of some of our major/epic/crazy/mental trips (Or what we think are the best trips)
Hope you enjoy reading them ta-da Cia\m/
[1] Maddur – Ride into Uncertainty.
[2] Mekedatu – Destination Danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley – In search of mighty ones.
[22] Talakadu – Colossal trip .
[26] BR hills – Coldest ride since 117 years.
[27] Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Peek into the afterlife.
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven 500kms ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam – Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki, Barachukki – Twin hills and twin falls ride; 600kms one day.
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, Tonnur Kere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura Bird Sanctuary – Ride into the unexplored.
[45] Hognekkal waterfalls – Hit & Run the blood filled memories on road.



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43) Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva: (5/10/2011)

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Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Distance: 150kms.
Directions: Bengaluru >RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > N.G lake > Kanva.
Participants: Adithya (Kg) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: Ramangar, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Budget: Rs100/h.
This was another 150km trip to cover these three water bodies. Intially we had only one in mind but ended up covering the other two as well!! Manchinbele and Kanva are well known as far as this new Nelligude Lake is concerned, it was an accidental find that made it even more special.

Well as far as the planning goes, it was spontaneously planned trip. Kg and me were sitting at our college ground (preparing for placements :P), it was noon and as the temperature kept rising the thought of cooling down occurred. So we went back to my place and had an excellent lunch and left to Kanva. Oh yea it was also Ayudh Pooja 🙂
TIME: 13:00hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Manchinebele)
As Kg hadn’t seen Manchinbele before, we decided to see it as well on the way. So this first stretch was for about 35kms. Started off with Mysore road (SH-17) cruised along comfortably till RRDC and took a right turn here which would lead us to Manchinbele.
In a matter of 15-20mins we were at the Big Banyan tree. As Kg hadn’t seen this place we visited this place as well.
TIME: 14:00 hrs

Well we took a slow stroll around this huge magnificent tree and without wasting any time we left or our next destination.
Manchinbele is about 5-8kms from the Big Banyan tree so it was not long before we got hold of the “first epic glimpse” of this palce.
TIME:14:30 hrs

The first view of this place is something I’ll never tired off. It was spectacular as always. As visitors were temporarily banned from getting into water as 8 deaths had been occurred in the past month (and the water is dirty and not safe) we decided roll on.

RIDE II: (Manchinbele – NG lake)
To be frank I was expecting an encounter with this beauty in our last trip, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So took another route as we cruised along the excellent roads, surrounded by greenery and fields hoping to re-join SH-17, there it was!!
TIME: 15:00 hrs

Blue, crystal clear, greenery are some of words which describe this place. It was no doubt excellent place, and oh yeah no visitors made it even better. And yeah I will never forget that joy within me of accidentally discovering this place. We spent about 30 mins at this place and finally left very satisfied, though our main destination was still waiting for us ha-ha!!
TIME: 15:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( NG lake – Kanva)
This was about a 30kms stretch of easy riding. We continued riding amidst the fields to reach back Mysore road. We cruised along SH-17 without taking any stops to reach Kanva in about 30-40 mins.
TIME: 16:00hrs


Well to be frank again we never felt like we were at some destination, we felt we were back at home ha-ha!! First things first, we found ourselves a decent spot and as both were ready to get down in water, we parked the bike ashore; made sure the spot was good to go and jumped into the water.
We spent about 90 mins in the water, swimming and playing the fool around with the boatman. Speaking about unwanted people and other shit. Finally when tired we decided to get out of the water.
Once we were out of the water, we witnessed a beautiful sunset, and oh yeah did some experiments with photos as shown in the photographs haha 🙂
TIME: 18:00hrs

RIDE IV: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a 60kms stretch from home to home :P. Mysore road being a 4-lane road offered very less resistance and we cruised along at a decent pace to reach college first. We finished a light dinner at our college and left to our respective homes.
TIME: 20:00 hrs


This might have been a small run on the road, but it was something special as we kept chatting all along the way and running into a new place felt great. And hell yeah, my bike got the best Ayudh pooja done at my second home haha, and this run shall be called the “Thrin reservoir ride”.


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