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59) Madhugiri trek & Nandi hills: (20/7/2012)

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Place: Madhugiri Fort & Nandi hills.
Distance: 350kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Dobbaspete – Madhugiri – Guribidnur – Nandi hills – Bengaluru.
Particiapants: Deepak (Deepu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: MakalidurgaRailway trek.
Facebook page: Madhugiri & Nandi album.
This was one terrific trek till date. Madhugiri (3930ft) being the second largest monolith in Asiaoffered a good challenge to climb. And yeah visit to Nandi is something we planned sitting on top of Madhugiri. Nandi hills shall & will be at the bottom of the ‘to-visit’ places.

Madhugiri (3930ft) is the the second largest monolith in Asia after the mighty Savandurga (4022ft). People have referred Madhugiri as the vertical limit, daring trek etc. There are about 10 gates that we have to ascend. The height of each of the fort wall is such that it blocks the view of the next climb. So everytime you ascend a stretch you will feel it is the last one, only to find another hillock waiting just for you. This is something we observed while climbing; our ancestors surely kicked some mighty A. Deepu being a trek freak was the only one on the confirmed list.

Yeah I was up at 05:00 hrs, did a few push-ups, had some coffee and left home. We did carry a water bottle this time, as we didn’t wanted to end up dehydrated like the Makalidurga trek. Left my house at about 06:15hrs & cruised on the Outer ring road (ORR) at a very slow pace & reached Malleswaram. Picked up Deepu and departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 07:15 hrs

RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Dobbaspete – Madhugiri)
This was a good 110-120kms stretch, with sufficient breaks taken. First we got out of the city & cruised on Tumkur road (NH-4) at a decent pace. After about 45mins of riding we pulled over for a light breakfast, after which we rode till Dobbaspet. At Dobbaspet we took a right deviation & from then on it was smooth sailing 60kms ride to reach Madhugiri.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

Well, we had got the first glimpse of this huge monolith kilometres away. And to be frank, we got a little scared. We reached the town, parked our bike & with the mountain goat’s spirits wide awake within us we were ready to conquer this fort.

We took about 1.5 hours to ascend with a lot of breaks & exploration. And thankfully we both were the only ones trekking as it was a weekday. As said earlier, there are about 10 gateways to pass. And at each of these, the height of the fort wall is such that it blocks the view of the next stretch. So I have divided the climb into 5 stretches namely; “initial, mid, danger, pre-last & final”.

Initial stretch:
The trek started off with a pretty easy stretch, with lot of steps. As we proceeded we realised climbing steps takes more energy out of your knees than climbing a plain rock.The initial stretch consists of a lot of doors of Mugal architecture. 

After passing through a few doors we reached a huge tank, which was a used as storage of rain-water in ancient days. Also we spotted an outpost on which we climbed up and took our first break. As we sat on the out-post, we stared at the huge hillock that stood before us wondering how long it would take us to reach the top.
TIME: 10:20 hrs

Mid stretch:
After some rest, we proceeded to spot a lot of temples near the out-post. And oh yeah he famous “whale shaped” rock as well. The second stretch was quite tiring as it had steep steps. The doors which were present here, laid mostly in ruins.
TIME: 10:45 hrs

Danger stretch:
Yes this is the most talked about stretch of Madhugiri and something we both were waiting since the start. We had to walk horizontally across a steeply inclined rock. But the railings made our job very easy and we crossed it without much difficulty to pass the 5th(/6th)gate.

Once we passed the gate we were shocked to see what stood before us. It was a another stretch of the hillock which seemed to reach the sky, making us feel that we had just started the trek all over again.
Pre-last stretch:
This stretch is very similar to Savandurga, but much steeper. With Deepu’s experience leading the way we ascended to find a lot of boulders & cactus plants. After few minutes we spotted another gate, after crossing which we were left with another hilly stretch in front of us. Ha-ha now I wasn’t sure myself as to how many gates there were.
TIME: 11:00 hrs

Final stretch:
We started walking up the not so steep terrain which I must say offered pretty good grip. After about 15-20mins, with a few breaks we were at the top 🙂
TIME: 11:20 hrs

As we reached the top, first thing we did is looked around wondering whether there was another hillock hiding from us ha-ha!! Yep after we confirmed only the sky was above us we put down our energy levels down and began exploring.

At the top, we spotted two dome shaped oil/ghee storage & a lot of other sit-out places. After crossing these places, we passed through a passage where we could feel the wind speeds pick up in a instant. After coming out of the passage we found a open area with lots of small buildings. The wind speeds were so high, standing up straight was a challenge.

As we entered the buildings we were kinda scared, trust we it was a haunted, lonely feeling inside. With darkness everywhere & bright powerful beam of light hitting the floor sent chills down our spines. After a few mins of exploration we climbed upon the buildings & took about 20mins rest, drinking some water. Then the plan of visiting Nandi hills came up. After the rest we got up & were all set to descend as we had another hill to cover.
TIME: 12:00 hrs

The descent was a quick one, we took about 40mins to climb down the hill thanks to the shortcut. We finished off the final & pre-final stretch in a matter of minutes. After reaching the “danger stretch”, Deepu looked at me said instead of walking horizontal across the plane, we better go down the plane 😛


I was taken aback at first, but then was game for some crazy shit all the time. So the “dangerous stretch” didn’t look that dangerous as we began descending the steep plane discussing various methods of treeking. We took sufficient breaks and skiiping all the gates down we directly reached the foothills 🙂
TIME: 12:40 hrs
RIDE 2: (Madhugiri – Gauribidnur –Chikbalapur – Devanhalli – Nandi hills)

This was a 40+30+20+20 kms stretch. As we left Madhugiri, the roads to Chikbalapur was still under construction, so we had to ride at a slow pace. After covering 40kms we reached Gauribidnur. We had an excellent & proper Oota(lunch) & left. 

As we continued towards Chikballapur, the roads turned curvy & the surroundings became simply brilliant. We were enjoying the surroundings so much that we forgot to take a deviation at chikballapur and went off till Devanahalli :P. From there we continued another 20kms to reach the foot of Nandi hills.
TIME: 15:30hrs

Nandi hills is definitely not one of our favourite places, due to the visitors & modernization. But fortunately it was a weekday & odd-time the crowd was less. The ride up the hills was a smooth one.

Once we reached the top, we visited the Arkavati river origin, Tippu drop & the Nandi temple. It was really sad to see the tree houses & other structures being constructed spoiling the natural look of the place. So we searched for a good view point and sat down sipping water & having some snacks. It was not long before we made new friends, a couple of dogs kept us good company. We shared our snacks & sat with them for some more time before we departed.
TIME: 17:00 hrs

RIDE 3: (Nandi hills – Bengaluru)
This was good 60-70kms stretch. The descension of the entire hill was done with the engine switched off. Once we reached the foot of the hills, we cruised at a decent pace to reach Malleswaram for some egg-rice.
After having egg-rice, loafed around Mallewswaram for sometime, dropped Deepu to his place and rode back to reach home.
TIME: 20:30 hrs
Until next time Cia \m/

Written by Karthik Prabhu

September 2, 2012 at 5:25 am

58) Makalidurga – Railway Trek: (13/7/2012)

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Place: Makalidurga – Railway trek.
Distance: 70 x 2 = 140kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Yelahanka – Doddaballapur – Makalidurga .
Particiapants: Deepak (Deepu) > Karthik (Nr) > Kushal (Kaushi) > Datta (Dattu) > Ashok (Ashokey 350) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Zeus > Discover > Pulsar 150.
Facebook page: MakalidurgaAlbum.
Budget: Rs200/h.
This was one terrific trek which drained the life out us totally. It had elements of danger & fun well balanced. As far my knowledge goes only a few had reached the temple at the top. And yeah an extremely under-rated trek, it surely is as good as Skandagiri trust me!!

Well the last time we trekked was 2.5 years back – Kabbaladurga trek, where i barely survived. After that we didn’t really do much of hardcore trekking. Then I stumbled upon this place, actually very long back itself. Makalidurga not only being a climb but a railway trek got us all excited and decided to get it under our belt.
Yeah I was up at 05:00 hrs, it was Dad’s birthday. Wished him, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups and left my house at 06:00 hrs. Oh yeah, just before I left I grabbed a 1litre water bottle. Trust me, I didn’t have faintest idea how important it meant. The assembling was scheduled at 3 places, first at Nayandahalli, then it was Mahalakshmi layout and finally at Sankey tank. After all 6 had assembled we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 07:15 hrs

RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Doddbalapura – Makalidurga)
Well this was 60-65kms stretch. We did stretch at a slow pace, with only one stop. We rode slow through the city, once we got out of the city we continued again at a slow pace to reach Doddbalapura. After which the roads turned real good, so we cruised along at a decent pace to reach the Makalidurga Railway station.
TIME: 09:30 hrs

Alright there are two ways to reach the foot of the hills
i) Ride our bikes 1.5-2kms further to the foot of the hills. OR
ii) Park our bikes at the railway station & walk 3kms on the railway track to reach the foot hills.
Yeah, we chose the obvious one!
Parked our bikes at the station, called out the station master & requested him to look after our bikes. Then the trek started as we departed platform of Makalidurga.
3 Km Walk:

Yeah the trek started of with lot of talks and jokes. We walked on the track, jumped around here & there. Then we sat on some bund talking about school days and incidents worth recollecting. It was not long before we spotted the first train, only a few minutes latter the second one zoomed past us. 

Then for the 3rd & 4thtrain we kept coins on the track and took them back as souvenirs. Finally we covered the 3km on the track and reached the foothills. As the sun was up, we did finish half the bottle at foothills only. We had no clue what the other half meant.
TIME: 10:30 hrs
Initial Stretch:

The initial stretch was pretty easy. The terrain was very similar to Skandagiri with a lot of grass & boulders. We took sufficient breaks & kept ascending at a good pace. After about 30 mins we encountered steep boulders, which we climbed carefully one after the other. I had a helmet in my hand and a tool-box, water bottle and lots of other things in my bag which began draining the energy out of me.
TIME: 11:00 hrs
3 Point Contact:


Trust me we were kinda lost right from the beginning ha-ha. The plan was simple, keep climbing up, until we reach the fort at the top. Alright, so… the number of breaks increased and we were getting dehydrated and fast. (Me being the worst due to the luggage)

As we took shelter below a small canopy of thorn filled bushes, Kaushi & Nr decided to head back as the steepness had started to become maddening. So the 4 us decided to continue further.
The boulders at a few places were literally 90 deg steep & climbing them was a real challenge. Check out the snaps, I’m sure you’d wonder how mental we are 😛 ha-ha!

Last Stretch:
The steepness did decrease, but not much. We were so dehydrated that we finished off the water. My shirt was drenched in sweat and I do not know why, but I refused to give my bag for others to carry. Deepu being the most experienced led the way until we reached a place where we had to sit down almost collapsing. After a short nap, we continued further to finally spot the fort walls. We looked for a breakthrough and reached the top 🙂
TIME: 12:00 hrs

The Flying Fortress:

Whew!! Reaching the top was a huge relief. The cool wind rushing at my face, as sweat kept running down the same is something I recollect very clearly. We spotted a few ruins on the top such as granaries and other storage places.

We also spotted a small pond, into which I badly wanted to jump into. Thankfully I was stopped by the others as it had dirty water. Finally we spotted the Nandi temple at the top which marked the end of the trek. We being the only ones at the top, walked like zombies one after the other, extremely dehydrated to reach the temple.

Nandi Temple:

Once we reached the temple, we literally stormed the place hoping to find water. But unfortunately we didn’t find any. The inside of the temple was damn cool and pleasant. We did a Pooja by ourselves, and slept off knowing that was the only way we could re-instore our energies.
TIME: 12:15 hrs

After about 45mins of deep sleep, we woke up yawned… I didn’t even realise where I was ha-ha!! But yeah water levels were still down. Just before we left the temple, I spotted a small packet of tea powder, put it in my pocket. Wearing back our shoes, we decided to head back down.
TIME: 13:00 hrs

Deepu lead the way down again. And Dattu & Ashok were pretty okay after the rest. As we descended we took a totally new route, which had us lost right from the beginning. The sun being right on top of us made matters worse. After a few mins of trek down, we were caught in a place which had steep boulders again. We sat on them & descended carefully.

After 30mins we were back on grass & boulder terrain. Then I found 1 halls in pocket ha-ha :P. We broke into 4 pieces and ate, that wasn’t it. I ate the raw tea powder as well. Trust me… never eat it raw unless you don’t have any other choice. As we rested all we could see is huge trees and thorn filled bushes in front of us. The word “route” was kicked totally out of the dictionary that day. 
Crawling through the thorny bushes, jumping about the boulders and trees we made it out of that stretch to spot the railway track at some distance. Whew, well we just walked straight through the thorny plants without giving a damn about the bruises being caused on our faces, hands & knees. Finally we reached back the railway track.
TIME: 14:00 hrs
Last Stretch:

We had ended up about 0.5-1km further, so we had a total of 3.5-4 kms to walk back. We walked back on the track like zombies, head down, and arms hanging so dead from our shoulders. After about an hour we reached back the station. These 60 mins had to be the toughest walk of my life. We washed our faces at the station and went to a bakery near-by and drank a lot of fluids.
TIME: 15:15 hrs
RIDE 2: (Makalidurga – Dhaba)
Well having said tata to Maklidurga, we rode at a decent pace to reach dhaba on the highway. We ate decent meal, not to heavy and decided to head back as it was becoming cloudy. We didn’t want to miss riding in the rain.
TIME: 16:30 hrs

RIDE 3: (Rain Ride – Heavy)
As we left the Dhaba we prayed that it would rain. As we reached the airport road, the clouds burst open and down came the rains. We enjoyed riding thoroughly till Bangalore where we split our ways. After I reached the ORR with Kaushi behind me, the clouds burst open big time and the road was filled with rain water. But we didn’t stop continued at a decent pace, smiling at the all the other 2 wheelers who were taking shelter. Dropped of Kushal at Nayandhalli signal and reached back our bakery.
TIME: 18:30 hrs
Ha-ha that wasn’t it. It was Arun’s farewell to IIT Madras, so went out had an excellent dinner. Trust me there I was in the hotel holding a glass of cold water in my hand, staring at it, realising how important it was under given circumstances. After a nice heavy meal we went back home.
TIME: 22:00 hrs

Well this had to one of my best treks till date along with Skandagiri, Kabbaladurga& Pearl valley. The level of dehydration we went through is something which only could be felt, hard to describe. So a word of advice for people going after reading this article, take a lot water, snacks, and first aid kit.
Until next time Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

August 17, 2012 at 7:36 am

17) Skandagiri Night trek: 18/7/10

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Place: Skandagiri.
Distance: 75 x 2 = 150 kms.
Participants: Nr > Zethu > Dattu > Supreeth >Kalki > Sp.
Bikes : RTR > RX > Pulsar.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Airport Road > Nandhi Hills road (right) > Skandagiri.
Previous Visit: Manchinbele The reunion.

People use the word “Killer” as an alternate expression to greatness …but here I use its literal meaning…. Yup!!! Skandagiri night trek – The night we killed ourselves 3-4 times!! It will remain one of the most terrific days in my life.. !!

We had planned a small bon fire on my terrace and had decided to spend the night cracking jokes!!! Zethu & Dattu came home in the evening…. Had a nice Eve walk had chats …etc bla bla..returned back home then we called up Nr and asked him to come over …Nr said he could come after 9pm..and he’l be coming in bike… Bike => trip :D. So started working out the equations and math in my head… MM hills we leave tomorrow at 4 am… 500kms one day….it’s be super awesome and all..hehe Dattu & Chetu were freaked out watchin me get hyper !!! 😀
Then Nr called up again and w decided to go to Skandagiri….as they had to return back home by morning 6 am… So dattu , chetu and me had dinner at my place and left my place at 9:30pm without having the slightest clue what shit we would go through the net 10 hrs 😀 😀

We drove through the heavy traffic and reached Malleswaram Association Club at about 10:30pm…Nr and Suprit joined us…Then it was Sup’s place parked Zethu’s bike…then we left to RT nagar to pick Nitesh… Zethu and me on my bike and Dattu,Nr & Sup on RTR …Vroomed through Mekri circle etc..and reached RT nagar in no time… it was dead silent…. And we didn’t wanna draw any cops attention… Nitesh said he couldn`t make it 😦 Damn!!!! Then Nr and Sup called up Kalki…and asked him to get his RX.

Now the next task was to get to Vidhyaranyapura on trips without cops pulling us over!!!… we went through Sanjaynagar my homeplace :),… and finaly made it to Vidyaranyapura… kept roaming around tat place…till we got a confirmation tat kalki was in… Nr Scaring the shit out of the Dogs was simply amazing hehehe 🙂
Then we stopped at a small dhaba at Vidyaranyapura only , since Sup hadn’t eaten anything … it was about 12 15 pm… Kalki joined us !! We came to know tat there was heavy inspection at the bottom of Skandagiri and Nandi hills… only people with proper documents could go through!! :(…( Nobody had proper license or documents) Then we thought lets go… lets see wat happens!!!
Next up…. We’r ripping at 90’s and 100’s on outer ring road….and headed towards Airport road…. then we spot cops waiting for us at some distance…. We take a U-turn and head back in search for an alternate route… but we realize tat the only route to airport is through them….. 1stup NR \m/…. Started the bike again…. Kept going …kept going 😀 80-90-100 km/hr…. the police seeing him coming at tat pace shit in their pants an didn’t even think of putting their hands across to stop him :D. Then kalki and Zethu were stopped..( No license , no documents …time : 12 30am) GULP!!!! Zethu suddenly raised the bike …and ran almost over the police…hahahahaha 😀 Then Zethu and Kalki were asked to give tat Drunk drive shit… when we were clear… police laughed and said… “u aren’t drunk why’d u try to kill me? :D” ( man wish I had taken a snap with them :P)

From airport road it was smooth sailing…going at a decent pace . Nr & dattu zoomed past us…Back tyre sparks were flying out :O… I was like .. “maga wats up wth the back wheel”…Nr was lik “ Hang on il show again…. He slowed down then came zooming…and touched the center stand… sparks flew of the back portion ,…. The darkness made it more spectacular 🙂
After taking a deviation towards Nandi hills from airport road we headed further…there were nobody to ask for the exact location of the place…. Further ahead Zethu and me spotted a few bikes parked we stopped and I asked “ SaaaaR …Skandagiri!!>>?” …he said “ Straight …. Then leff….” Before he could complete his sentence we were off at full pace… Damn!! He was the cop we were warned about , he was checking the documents of the other bikers 😀 😀
Then stopped at a small shop…. Had tea… and finally left further towards Skandagiri… our 3 bikes were the only ones we could see for miles … we switched of our headlights… shit it was killer ride…dead pitch black…next moment we switch on we’r nearly off-road … After a few kms , 2 of them blocked our way ( 1st impression – Robbers)..then we came to know they were the guides… they demanded a total sum of 750… we were like…” ya ya we’l see latter, now where do we go?”… they took us to some village…we parked our bikes at some Building in total darkness…Then the trek began at about 2:30am 🙂

INSANE TREK: ( No water , No torches , No gear , nothing , Chethu- bare footed)
Oh yeah forgot to mention… No trek bags, no water, only two us wearing shoes, and best of all no torch And it was pitch back Beat That!!! Initial stretch was pretty decent ..a few rocks tats all by the time we had covered 35% of the hill.. we were sweating like crazy…and Chetu’s slipper snapped leaving him bare foot :(.. he couldn’t go further as there were lots of thorns and rocks.. “ u guys carry on I don’t think I can make it,… il wait here for u guys” Sup and dattu were long gone…we could hear only their shouts and a small mobile torch shining like a small dot high and far away!! Nr , kalki and me couldn’t leave Zethu like tat …So the team work began… 1st i use my mobile torch and go in front… then stop turn around… help Nr… Then Nr helps kalki…and Kalki helps Zethu… like tat we took turns :)… we gave Zhethu his own time to climb as he was bare footed!!

Then thre was this steep rocky terrain …the mist condensing on rocks many feet above and pouring down as small streams… had to keep the mob in pocket..had to feel the terrain in tat pitch blackness and climb up!!! ( thinking about it sends chills down my spine… still dunno how we managed to pull it off) Then the killer part of the trip… Guide long lost gone…. Data Lost…Sup Lost… Kalki , Nr, Zethu and me LOST LOST LOST!!! Datta was stuck in some place where no person had been… it was called Bhoota’s place… one the other guides told… haha well tat was kinda achievement too :P.. he called us up and said he would go further along with some other people… we were seriously worried!!!!
There was this other place only one foot gap path… one side huge Rock….we had to walk past tat ..taking the grip of that rock… well on the other side… a fall u wouldn’t live to see again :(.. it was intense shit … I swear!!! Then wat do we get after crossing tat… we 4 were stuck on a rock which lead no where…. Now we were very disappointed… we couldn’t see properly with our eyes wide open too…. We headed back… and took some other route… there were times where I thought I couldn’t make it back home…

Nr and myself were a bit scared cause we had to feel the ground in front of us 1st then give the green signal to others and help them climb… it was no easy task believe me!!! The fog made thing worse…. It was Dark and misty… it was dead dangerous… we were like… “ Balls to this place , Balls to Daata , Balls to Sup :P” we’l wait here for them…. Couldn’t take one step further in tat dark and foggy conditions… it was hard to see each other only :(… Then we get a Call….
It was Dattu and Sup “ Hey macha we’r on top…its awesome here!!!” then We “ Dude srsly its like hell here… cant take one step to left or right we’r like statues”… then we saw a girl fully geared up… hiking shoes… gloves…. Big bag… walk past us with ease… it would have been insulting if we gave up… our energies shot up again… let it be 1hr… let it 2hrs… we will be on the top ..Lets hit iT!!! What do u know?? 15min…. we were at the top 😀 😀 Hahahaha!!!! It was a decent terrain.. only tested our will powr.
Dattu and Sup welcomed us with cold water bottles… when I saw that blue tent that marked the hill top.. was very happy… ( happy tat we made it to the top alive after all tat insanity) but it only marked 50% heh!! Then we had tea on top and others had bread omlet… I could see the extra energy boost they gained after that!! IT was still dark… the mist condensing on our faces and hair… it was pure heaven!!! Kalki’s jokes were unbeatable… when it got a litlle clear… Sup started his theory on Clouds accumulating… its movements and the Fog Crows.. Hehehe amazing it was!!! Everybody were rolling in laughter listening to him…
After tat.. it was only 6 of us… did a long visible trek 😀 😀 and reached the 25% mark… now we thought it was easy sailing form there,,, but things didn’t go as planned… Sup , DAttu & kalki… went way ahead and we lost them… well it was back to Nr , Chetu and myself again… we took some other route.. it was even more dangerous … full of thorns and rocks!!! Nr ( Slippers) , Zethu( barefoot).. I was wearing shoes… so had to lead the way… put down thorns … and make way for NR & zethu… Then we climbed a huge rock .. and guess wat we saw??? Sup , dattu and Kalki at the bottom flat land very very far away….then we realized we had no frikkin idea as to where we had parked our bikes… we could see villages far away… I was one of them… then we called them up…
Sup- Wat up?
Nr-turn towards me.
Nr- now right 90 deg 😀
Nr-Follow tat road it’l lad to a village… search for our bikes… we’l try to make down by then…
Sup- thre’s only coconut trees thre man!!
Nr- I know after tat walk for a abt a km.. ul find a village…
Sup- ok ok 😀 😀

Sup,Dattu & kalki went in search of the bikes… and we three still had to figure our way down…finally after 30min of trek… we were on flat land :D… but still a about 1-2kms away from village :(… then we walked on the fields like living dead… totally out of energy… exhausted… the new get a phone call… we see sup on his RTR and kalki on his RX…. Tat sight was the THE sight… we were so happy after all tat struggle… lost while climbing up… climbing down again lost…. And then walking towards our bikes through the fields is something il never forget 🙂
Then we had one final look at the place where we had done a craziest trek one could Do!!! 😀 /. we payed the guide only 15% of his demand, since he had left us on our way…We headed back to Bangalore at full speed…. Some of the stand out thing tat happened
1) Nr trying to snatch fruits from vendors :D.
2) Butterfly into helmets and mouths :D.
3) Kalki jumping signal… cops tried to stop him… but couldn’t :D.
4) Nr removing helmet in front of cops and offering it to them :D.
5) Zethu and Sup raced away way ahead of us to malleswaram.
Then finally we reached Vidyaranyapura had juice and headed towards Sup’s place.. then we all saw our way back… reached my place at 2pm… and had a good well deserved sleep:)
Oh yea :
Nr was @ Sp’s place
Chetu was @ sp’s place.
DAttu was @ sp’s place
Kalki was with Nr
Sup was with Nr.
Sp was at Sakandagiri…. HAhhahahaha 😀 😀
The best trek \m/
No gear, no water, no torches, pitch black trek \m/ \m/



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October 1, 2010 at 7:09 pm

4) Nandi Hills ( 31/12/2009)

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Place : Nandhi Hills.

Distance : 75 x 2 = 150 kms.
Particpants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Manu >Sp
Bikes : RTR > Unicorn >Pulsar
Previous Trip: Mekedatu Epic Trip before Exam.

It was about a week since we had gone to Mekedatu ,we were pumped up!! We decided to have a night out on 30th night. Ashok came home early at about 9am, then joined by Arvi at abut 12…Arun joined us at eve..We had great fun!!! Played cricket, watched movies, sat on the footpath making fun of people,roamed etc etc blah blah!
Ps: It wasn’t my B`day.. My B’day is on June 11th and not on 31st Dec 🙂 (Arvi Listening?? :@) Had to lie so tat he could join us!! But was totally worth it 😀
Dad had cooked nice dinner, we ate properly and were listenin to music..then dad asks where we were sleepin… we were like “Waaat??? Wo`s sleepin???” 😛
We played cricket in my garage till about 12am…. Then we went for a short drive.. It was very cold!!
After we returned we went to terrace and started talking all kinds of shit possible 😀 gazing at the stars and the moon!! It became unbearably cold… so had to get blankets…we put a blanket on the top most section of the roof and started talking again.
At about 1 am.. Arvi –“ Hey lets do Nandi hills tomo??? This is the only time I can Go thre”. That was the Trigger which pulled of the this entire trip 😀 😀
We took rest for about an hour, it was about 2:30am of 31st Dec we got up.. We called up manu, he joined us shortly at about 3 am…Whew!!! The road was totally empty!! Very Cold…We were all Set to go!!!

We hit the road at about 3:45am On the way we saw our Col`s loyal guards tryin to imitate the students…Dozin off…travellin via vijaynagar..Hoping police wouldn’t catch us..finally we reached airport road.. “ WAT THE HELL MAN!!!!” Traffic at this Hour??
We started covering distance pretty fast as we didn’t wanna miss the sunrise 🙂 .
Within no time we were at the foot of the hills 🙂 then there it was staring at me the Ghat section (Kd`s worst enemy) 😦 .
Ashok and me were on my bike.., Manu & Arun on the Uncorn..Arvi on his RTR… they both raced up the hill in no time…leaving me and ashok behind…
It was still dark and very cold no lights… I was and still am a noob when it comes to drivin, slowly but steadily we made it up the hill…All the way ashok was like “ Don’t look down…Don’t look down!!!” Hehe..Somethin il remb for a long long time…
On the hill two innocent drivers we had no idea who they were.. they were just driving up the hill with the indicator turned on!! Arvind thought it was ashok and me and shouted “ hey turn of the indicator macha wat the hell?//” they were like..” ok sorry” haha 😀 soon he realized tat wasn us for sure.. 😀

We parked the bikes..a guy came running “ Neer beka saar neeru “ were like no thanks.. after sometime we realized he askin Beer beak saar beer… ( I was already high for the fact tat I had made it up the hill:D) . Finally we found the perfect for sunrise & we were truly amazed by it!! 🙂 We suddenly couldn find Arvi.. Ohooo thre he was the new Kid “ G I JOE”
All of a sudden Arvi, Arun,Ashok and me Burst out in laughter tat too at the tip of the hil.. REASON??? Manu told he had got up at 2 and had his bath and come!! Omg!!
Then we decided to go visit Tippu we reached Tippu Drop..We all enacted how the kings, queens, and the servants would watch people being dropped from the tippu drop. If tippu had seen our Drama.. he would hav jumped off the hill himself.. :D:D
As were about to leav tippu Drop… TRING TRING .. alright here`s the Bestestest part of the trip …
Yup it was Arvi`s dad… Good morning! Where are u?
And our hero goes onto tell this “ yea Dad on the way 15 min il be home “
Hearing tat 1st Ashok down…next was Arun…then me…hahaha!!! We rolled in laaaaaaughter !!! We knew we had to hit the road Big time … As we were about to leave Arvind`s Frnz (the one whom he had screwed appeared from no where).. Arun was like “ Hey hey !! There they are..” they heard us…and gav a dangerous stare…. And we stared back them…OooooO!!!

Then we took out our bikes.Arvi alone…Manu drivin my bike.. Arun and ashok in UNICORN… The ride down was a hell ride for me…Down the hill at 90`s -100`s…HoLy shit!!! It was scary… .
When we reached Down the hill my heartbeat was struggling to get back to its normal pace..
Finally we hit the road.. Another funny incident took place read on!!
Thre was this Guy with his Chik on a pulsar 200… he comes next to us and tries to show off and all.. Arv on his RTR took him on… man!!! It was a race… vroom!!! Arv made tat Guy Go cryin to his mama!!! Haha!!!
We reached mekhri circle in a very short time… Dropped Ashok in near Sadashivnagar Police station…then we headed thro the city …finally reached home safely!!.. I come home..
Kd : Mom, Dad… I had been to Nandi hills
Mom: Alrit have bath eat your breakfast then sleep and take rest putta .
Kd: Thanks maa!! 🙂
Ashok`s Place everything was Kool…was happy to hear tat…. Arun`s place No problem too…Yaaay!!!
Let me Check on Arvi,…
Hehehe Better end the story here …:D :D:D
Overall one of THE best trips.. A night out…Decidin to go at 1 am… leavin at 4… watchin the sunrise..all the funny moments on the hills \m/ and moreover it was the day before the new year… wat more !!!!!
Ps : And This happened the day before the Final practical Exam 🙂 Man!! 3rd sem`s the BEST SEM \m/

RTR : AShok + Arvi (go) ; Arvi (return)
Unicorn : Arun + manu (go); Arun + ashok (return)
Pulsar: Kd (go); Manu + Kd (return)
Distance : 75 + 75 = 150kms



Written by Karthik Prabhu

April 6, 2010 at 5:17 pm