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57) Vani vilas Sagara Dam (Marikanive) & Chitradurga Fort: (20/6/2012)

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Place: Vani vilas Sagar Dam & Chitradurga fort.
Distance: (220+ 20) x 2 = 500kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Tumkur – Sira – Hiruyur – Chitradurga..
Particiapants: Chetan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar 150.
Previous visit: Yelagiri.
This was another excellent cruise to the ancient fort of Chitradurga & to the beautiful Vanivilas Dam. The cool weather made the fort tour a pleasant one. And Marikanive dam, well as usual like last time nothing short of heaven.
Well as far as the planning goes, Zethu wanted to join us during the last visit but couldn’t. So it was him who initiated this run and I gladly joined him. As the monsoons had begun, riding in the heavy rains is something we both wanted to do badly. After confirming the timings we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (19/6/2012)

Yeah I was up at 04:00, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups & was all set for a long day on road. Left my home at 05:00 & cruised along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) at a slow pace to reach the BP petrol bunk on ORR. After a formal greeting we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 05:30 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Tumkur – Sira – Hiryur – Chitradurga)
This was a 200-220kms stretch. So as we started off from Bengaluru, we cruised at a slow pace. We had a tea break on the highway and then set in and hit the road at decent pace to reach Tumkur. After reaching Tumkur we decided to skip breakfast, so we continued another 60-70kms to reach Sira. Took a small break and hit the road again to reach Hiryur, I kept a constant look out for the Arch, where we had to take a deviation to VaniVilas Dam. But unfortunately I couldn’t spot it, so we continued further to reach Chitradurga.

As we reached Chitradurga, the wind speed increased drastically & trust me balancing the bike became a challenge. We zoomed through the city and reached the fort entrance.  We parked our bike in front of the mighty fort and were all set for another tour.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

Well this was my second visit to this huge fort, the last one being almost exactly 1 year back (23/6/2011). So this time we didn’t need a guide to take us around the fort, also this saved us some money as well 🙂
So… like last time i’ll be giving a fort tour like last time, hope you enjoy it, Cheers!

Ticket counter: If you don’t have a ticket you wont be allowed to enter the fort: P, so a place of very much importance. If your pay Rs 5, you’ll have an awesome ticket in your hand and now you shall enter the fort.

    1) Snake Inscription: This is right behind the ticket counter; the whole fort was built on this simple design.

    2) Gates: There are 7 main gates, and many secret passages. Each gate had several gun points to defend the fort.

    3) Kamana Bagilu: The path way is at right angles to each other, it helped immensely to counter the enemy attacks as there were gun points on each of the corner. Oh yea it would also not allow the enemies to take a run up if they were planning to break the doors open with huge logs of wood or elephants.

   4) Enne Kola (Oil Storage): This is at the entrance only, huge rock storage tank, oil used to be stored here. There is also a small tank next to it along with a cave for the guard. 

   5) Cannon ball shots: All along the fort wall you can observe the deep grooves due to the cannon balls. Hyder Ali who was the enemy had done some hard work for sure ha-ha!!
   6) Bombe Mantapa: Place where they used to bury the animals which died in war , or during construction.

   7) Deer Drawing: Early men’s inscription of a deer on a rock.

   8) Raja’s Gym: The place where the King used to work out, the door of the gym was very small. This was because in case the enemies attack him at the gym, only one at a time could enter the place.

   9) Ancient art of Rock cutting: They used to make holes in the rock with a chisel, stuff wood into it, and allow water into the holes. The wood would expand and cut the rocks.

   10) Ganesha Temple: This temple was built for a reason, the huge boulder which is right behind it looks exactly like an elephant.
   11) Weird Rock formations: The weird rocks & boulders to watch out for are Fish shaped , Ship shaped , Toad shaped , Alligator Shaped, Turtle Shaped, Shanku Shaped …

   12) Hidimba Temple: Hidimba the famous demon in the epic Mahabharata used to terrorize village people, staying on this hill. So a temple in his memories.

   13) Huge Swing & Lamp post: The goddess idol was placed on the swing during the festivals. And the king would climb up the lamp post and light the lamp.

   14) Ghee Storage: This is one of the main attractions of this place. If you had to be in the Chitradurga army you had to climb this hill, and as you did, they would start pouring ghee from the Ghee storage tank at the top. If you made it to the top well you were appointed in the army: D. ( Place where Ramchari played by Vishnuvardahan in Nagarahavu movie, falls off the cliff & commits suicide)

   15) Bank & Safety Locker: Place where they used to mint coins. They used to bury the coins 15-20 feet below the ground; a small temple was constructed on the surface. Cannon ball shots are seen on the temples of this place too.

   16) Akka Thangi Kola: Two small water bodies where the king’s wives committed suicide once Hyder Ali won the war.

   17) Temples: There are many temples which can be seen from Akka Thangi Kola ( the place where you are standing now :P), Some of them are Gopalswamy, Hanuman,Nandi,.Ganesha temples.

   18) Tanniru Doni: Place where cold water flows all through out the year. This is also the place where Obawa (wife of a guard) spots the first of Hyder Ali’s men, so she went back to the Kindi and killed the others.

Ps: There is a fish inscription on a rock nearby, which suggested water’s available nearby. Obawa’s grave is also situated opposite to this place.
19) Okkali Honda: Place where the town people use to play with colored water. Coloring of water was due to turmeric and other auyervedic ingredients.
20) Obbavana kindi: Here is the main attraction of this place for all tourists.ThisPlace is where food & other groceries were brought to the soldiers from the from,But few of the soldiers leaked this info to Hyder Ali’s men as it was the easiest way to invade the fort. Obawa whipped the soldiers at this place as only one could squeeze through.
   21) Gali Mantapa: This was the place where the king was worshipped during festivals. There’s a huge swing           and a lamp post here.

   22) Siddeshwara Temple: Nice ancient temple, where you can get a pooja done.

   23) Murugha matha: This was a residential school for young kids of chitradurga, the interior of this place is just brilliant. The cooking place , study halls , dining halls etc..

   24) Pataabhisheka : A huge platform where the king was given the pattaabhisheka, they used put gold and silver flowers, this was a common tradition during those days. This was also done if a person would live to see his 4th generation.(Thanks dad for this info)

   25) Monkey man: And you guys thought I forgot him eh , ha-ha… Introducing world’s second fastest climber, man with the amazing skills to climb the fort walls, huge lamp posts mentioned earlier, the huge swing, the man who learnt his skills by observing monkeys – The Monkey Man (Kothi Raja) . During this visit, unfortunately he was recovering form a fracture so couldn’t climb.
Well that was our view of this magnificent fort, hope you enjoyed it. The cool breeze made the tour superb. We fooled around the fort for a few more minutes & decided to leave Chitradurga.
TIME: 12:00 hrs
RIDE 2: (Chitradurga – Vani Vilas Sagara Dam)

This was a good 60kms stretch. As we left Chitradurga, we cruised past the beautiful windmills and reached the highway. We continued for another 30kms to reach Hiryur. After reaching Hiryur we found that the Arch(our sign for the right deviation) had been pulled down, but fortunately we recognised the deviation and continued further, another 25kms to reach Marikaniva Dam.
TIME: 13:30 hrs

Alright I couldn’t wait to get the first glimpse of this reservoir, over the huge bund that stood firmly in front of us. As we started climbing up the stairs I started jumping around in excitement, a few minutes latter, down I was down with an ankle sprain. Damn it hurt badly, but we continued reach the top of the bund. Momentarily I forgot the pain, due to beautiful view of the reservoir that stood in front of me. 

Limping across the entire bund, we found a neat spot to sit. We sat there for about an hour, sipping water and enjoying the cool breeze.Vani vilas is one of the most beautiful reservoirs I’ve visited till date. After giving my ankle some time, it was a little better. So we decided to hit the road back to Bengaluru.
TIME: 14:30 hrs
RIDE 3: (Vani Vilas dam – Sira(lunch break) – Tumkur)

This was about 80-90kms stretch. As we left Marikanive, we did the next 25kms at a slow pace to reach back NH-4. Then on it was smooth sailing to reach Sira. (15:30 hrs)
At Sira we had the first meal of the day. But we ate really less, and decided to ht the road to Tumkur. After the light lunch we cruised along at a decent pace to reach Tumkur.
RIDE 4: (Tumkur – Bengaluru)

This was the last 70kms of this run. As we left Tumkur, dark clouds formed above us. We looked at each other in gave a thumbs up. Oh yeas, this was something we were waiting for the entire day. The clouds burst open & down came the rain. It was real fun riding in the heavy rains for a good 50kms to reach back Bengaluru.
TIME: 19:30 hrs
Ps: As Zethu headed towards Malleswaram, I took the Outer Ring Road(ORR) and zoomed till Nayandhalli traffic junction. Then I put my bike’s centre stand, wiped my bike, took a nice nap & went back home fresh ha-ha !!:P
Until next time Cia \m/


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August 10, 2012 at 5:36 pm

54) Maddur & Kanva – Bakery Ride: (10/5/2012)

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Place: Maddur & Kanva reservoir.
Distance: 210kms.(Complete Circuit)
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Maddur – Ramnagar – Kanva – Bengaluru.

Particiapants: Arvnd(Arvi) > Ashok(K350) > Chengappa(Benz poolanda) > Arun(Slowpoke) > Madhu(Barca) > Karthik (Sp).

Bikes: Unicorn(2) > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Pondicherry& Gingee Fort.
Facebook page: Maddur& Kanva Album.
Alright, this was another formal run to Maddur & Kanva. The main highlight of the trip was the food. Yeah we did this ride for the food and a quick swim at Kanva. And with this run we also welcomed the monsoons.
We all wanted to get away from our daily routine from college. Breakfast at Maddur & Lunch at our Kanva Dhaba wass something that was too tempting to just let go. So we put the plan into action on 5th of May 2012.

Yeah I was up at around 04:30, did a few push ups and sat down with some music. Went near our bakery at about 07:30 & waited for others. Once everybody arrived we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 09:00 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Maddur)
This was a 80kms stretch. Butter smooth 4-lane highway made riding very easy. We cruised along at a decent pace. With about one or two stops in between, we reached Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

Once we entered we grabbed ourselves a chair and had a proper heavy breakfast. Two-three rounds of excellent food filled up our tummies. Then we had coffee to put an end to a wonderful breakfast. After the breakfast we went outside & sat on the swing. After chilling around for some more time we left Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 11:45 hrs

RIDE 2: (Maddur – Kanva)
This was about a 20-25kms stretch. Having done with a very heavy breakfast, we were all a little dizzy. We rode slowly on SH-17 to cruise past Chenpatna. After reaching the outskirts of Ramnagar we took a deviation and continued further to reach Kanva.
TIME: 12:30 hrs

This is one reservoir we never get tired off. Clear, clean and safe water makes this reservoir a perfect place. So without wasting anytime we got into the water & swam for sometime. Then we started the ‘Donkey’ & ‘First Catch’ Games with a half filled bottle. After about 1.5hrs in the water we got out of the water and started skipping stones as we dried up. After drying up we hit the road and reached the Dhaba for lunch.
TIME: 15:15 hrs


Again we sat down in a proper cell, and started eating like there was no tomorrow. The swim and the games had pretty much drained our energies. As we ate the skies became gloomy and it started pouring. This made the taste of food better. Once we were done with the lunch we sat for sometime staring outside at the rain and decided to ride back in the rain and greet the monsoons.
TIME: 16:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a decent 60kms stretch. With the rain coming down & the cool breeze hitting out faces, it was a real pleasure to ride. We rode at a slow pace enjoying every moment to reach back bakery for some hot tea.
TIME: 18:15 hrs

Until next time Cia \m/


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July 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm

34) Maddur & Kanva : (26/4/2011)

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Place: Maddur & Kanva.
Distance: 200kms.
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.
Participants: Arvind > Ashok > Arun > Sp.
Bangalore > Ramnagara > Chenpatna > Maddur > Chenpatna > Kanva >Bangalore.
Previous visit : Muthathi (Muthati) – Excellent forest ride.

Maddur our Paradise , & Kanva well our adda 😛 ha-ha !!! , well not much of writing on this article will just through the events that took place on this trip to Maddur & Kanva on Ashok’s birthday.
Well 26th of April, it was Ashok’s b’day, It was our 10th year together from high school… It was the day he turned 21 years old. It was a Tuesday( which meant all theory classes) , so we thought of bunking after the first two hours and hang out. But after the first two hours the entire class was playing cricket outside (Well that’s mechanical for you ha-ha!!)
I was sitting in the ground , all of a sudden Ashok came sat net to me & asked me whether I could ride to Maddur… Ha-ha !! jumped out of place…ran back home got my bike & we hit the road .
RIDE I : ( Bengaluru – Maddur)
Well Bangalore to Maddur is a Super Duper 4 lane road. It offers one of the best rides aroundBangalore. There were no troubles for Arun & myself who were riding.
(Would like to recall one funny incident which took place on Mysore road… as we were cruising on SH-17… Ashok who was sitting behind me took out a water bottle and drank water , when he was passing it back to Arvi who was sitting behind Arun .. the water splashed all over Arun’s helmet and bike… ha-ha !! we had to stop for a couple of mins )
We cruised through Ramnagara , Chenpatna to reach Maddur McD’s.
TIME:13:15 hrs

Maddur McD’s:
Well it was very hard not to touch Maddur Tiffany’s (our favorite restaurant on SH-17), but this was a different. We sat back relaxed & ate a good meal & fooled around the place bursting balloons by making the birthday boy sit on it ha-ha !!
Finally we decided to go to Kanva from there.

RIDE II : (Maddur-Kanva)
Kanva is about 30-40 kms from Maddur. Again SH-17 excellent road…. It took us steady good riding and yea we had to be awake after that heavy meal , so we rode at a slow pace and finally reached Kanva.
TIME: 14:40hr

Arvind & Ashok took my bike & went to a near by shop to get some Chips & juice at about 2pm , I was the first to jump into the water as I couldn’t take the heat from the sun above our heads, Ashok followed next.
At first Arun & Arvi refused to get down but eventually they were dragged into the chilly waters as well ha-ha!! We just layed down in the water looking at the sky , forgetting about our college totally ha-ha !! 😛
After 1hour 15minutes we got out of the water and took a nap on the shore as our clothes dried up. Wearing back our shoes we left for Bangalore.

RIDE III : (Kanva – Bangalore)

This 50 to 60 kms stretch was just formality, rode non stop at a decent pace to reach back Bangalore safely.
TIME: 17:30hrs
Until next time Cia \m/



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July 20, 2011 at 4:24 pm

26) BR Hills : 24/12/10

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Place: BR Hills.
Distance: 200kms (only to BR)
1) Bengulru > Kankpura > Malavalli > Shivnasamudra > Kollegala> BR
2) Bengaluru>Maddur>Malavalli>Shivnasamudra>Kollegala>BR
3) Bengulru > Kankpura > Malavalli > Shivnasamudra > Chamrajnagar> BR
4) Bengaluru>Maddur>Malavalli>Shivnasamudra>Chamrajnagar>BR
:> Maddur to mallavali Road Horrible state.
:> Taking Chamarjnagar route – 60 kms Extra .
Arvi (White Knight) > Ashok (Ashokey) > Arun (Slowpoke) > Manohar ( Manu) > Madhu ( Gundu) > Mithul (Mitt) >Adithya ( KG) > Karthik ( Sp).
RTR180 > Unicorn150 > GS150 > Pulsar150 .
Previous Visit:
BR HILLS in <5minutes : BR hills <5mins.


This was one of our dream trips – So had to be completed. As it was sem end holidays few had left to their native and few were just about to leave. So we decided to give them the perfect gift. So BR hills trip was planned. It was one year since Mekedat trip.
After a lot of talks it was 8 of us on 4 bikes. 400 to 450 kms in day was no joke… and I was a little over excited about this trip so told others to meet up at 4 :30 am…. And they said they couldn’t make it that early as it would be difficult. So agreed at 6 am.

RIDE I: ( House – NICE ROAD exit)
Morning about 6:30 we left my house, Filled up petrol, Checked Air pressure, took NICE road which would lead to Kankpura. On the NICE Road there was fog and mist everywhere we went thinking that that it was only a few meters. But suddenly we stopped at a place…Thick dense fog right in front of us… So we had to continue at a slower pace.

After taking deviation to Kanakpura Road , heavy dense fog everywhere .Few meters away we could see a faint outline , next thing a BIG HUGE truck right in front of us. Finally we came out of the NICE road , shivering, hands were totally numb. It was as hard as a rock. Haha felt good though \m/
TIME: 06:51

RIDE II : (NICE Road To Kanakpura – Death RIDE)
Thought the fog and mist would die down but it actually got worse, I mean a hell lot worse. All we could see is a maximum of 5-7 feet in front of us. It made riding really difficult but tat much fun.
We stuck to a decent pace of 60’s and followed the hardly visible tail lamp in front of each other. Incoming vehicles became a nightmare to watch out for. Arun & Arvi led the way… as Mithul & me followed.

The curves of the Kanakpura road gave us the chills down the spines as we couldn’t see the road itself properly. At many places there are lakes on both sides… and fog was rushing onto the road… so were so helpless…. And lorries coming form the opposite side. It was scary. Please check out the excellent snaps caught by Manohar & Ashok during the fog ride… It really tells a lot more than I can ever express.

As I wasn’t wearing any gloves I lost sensation of my hand… hands were totally numb. (Bangalore recorded the lowest temperature in past 117 years 9 degree on Celsius scale). Stopped at a place ( actually to pick up Gundu’s cap ,which had fallen due to the windy conditions) , I rubbed my hand against the ground just to feel back my hand… well after doing so , got back little sensation… but got small bruises with it .
Next stop kanakpura.

We entered a new hotel in Kanakpura , the tap water felt so hot…. Whew, washed our faces and hands. Our hair was totally wet due to the fog condensing on our hair. Ordered Idli & Vada . Then had caape, felt real good.
Then we enquired about BR hills150kms to go… GULP all that struggle through that fog, had made us feel we had rode about 100-200 kms .. Haha! Anyway we had to get the job done so we left the hotel hoping there was no fog ahead.
TIME: 08:15

RIDE III: (Kanakpura – Kollegala)
The Foggy conditions continued , but we had got used to it by then. And to be frank it felt good negotiating the curves without actually seeing the road but following a small red light in front of us. Finally when the sun was up we could feel the warm sun rays hitting the road and on our faces. Lifted up our hands and took all the warmth form the sun as we could and zoomed off to Kollegala via Shivanasamudra.
TIME: 09:30

RIDE IV: (Kollegala – Br Hills)
We took the outskirts of Kollegala to avoid traffic. It was small but good road and there was no traffic at all, greenery on both sides. Then we finally got the first glimpse of the mighty BR hills. What can I say… it was beautiful as always!!!
We reached the foot of the hills paid Rs 10 to the forest guards and registered our entry into the forest and then we started the climb. Believe me I have no words to describe the ride to BR, rode at 40`s , negotiating the forest curves looking out for animals.

The forest curves were too good, stopped at a small beautiful pond and enjoyed the surroundings. AS we rode on we got a glimpse of some tribals but were aware we would have to pay them if we took snaps with them.
The ride got even better as we entered into thicker trees, only a bunch of sunrays could reach the road. We were speechless, enjoying every moment. Finally after sometime we reached the Top.

There is a temple at the top and the view all around the temple is breath taking. First things first visited the temple and I bought my lucky rings and added to the collection!! 😀
Then we hung around the temple exploring the place and enjoying the aerial view of the place. There was greenery everywhere, it was real treat for the eyes.

Arun’s Shivgange incident came up again… haha!!
Arun, Madu,KG & mithul wanted to visit Shivnasamudra as they had not been there before. But ending up on Kanakpura road after sunset is pretty dangerous as it would be difficult to ride. So we agreed to visit Gaganchukki as Barachukki would take a lot of time and yea it was not the right season to visit them too… as they were fading off.

Arvi & Ashok had spotted a hotel on our way up; it was not even a kilometer away from the temple, so we went there for lunch. We got REAL good food. Proper meals served on banana leaves. Price was reasonable too!! Please have a look at hotel too it’s the only one available on top, managed to get one snap of it.
After having a heavy lunch we left….
TIME: 13:30

RIDE V: (BR Hills – Shivanasamudra)
Ride back was pretty fast and we started feeling the curves and ghat when we rode back as we were at 70`s. Back to back 4 bikes, Arvi & Manu leading…. Ashok & me rode behind. Finally after a sometime with many stops in the forest again we were out of BR forests.
Said a final good bye to this wonderful place and rode towards Gaganchukki. I would like to recall another incident…. There was this really steep curve after getting down BR… Arvi went forward and stopped, I followed him and slowed down watching Ashok in the rear view mirror… Aashok and arun were speaking to each other and went off road 😀 , but he managed to pull back the bike onto the road… Manu and Mithul were behind them. We all had a good laugh and continued to reach Shivasamudra.
TIME: 14:30


We saw the falls, as we expected the water was fading off. Spent sometime… washed our faces hands and our heads. And here I got some proper sleep on the bench flat for 30 mins.
Waking up I saw a small bull coming towards me, guess it was the same bull I met on 14th March,2010 , so patted on its forehead :D.
RIDE BACK VI: (Shivnasamudra – Kanakpura- Bengaluru)
From Gaganchukki next 150kms was just formality .But had to be out of Kanakpura Road before sunset hopefully as planned. Reminds me Talkad trip where we ended up on Kanakpura road in the dark it was difficult to ride.

Arvi , Ashok , Mithul & KG were long asleep, we rode at a decent pace to reach Kanakpura hotel had very good Coffee & tea washed our faces and hit back the road.
Next 60 kms was too good… all throughout we remembering our morning ride through the same section we could see the lakes , trees.. and most importantly the ROAD it self haha !! 😀 , Rode at 70’s to reach NICE road entrance,
TIME: 17:30
We rode slowly on the NICE road, as the sun went down. The trip had worked to perfection and felt real good riding the last stretch.
At NICE road exit BAM!! We had a problem Arvi bike’s Clutch wire snapped, we got it to mechanic and got it fixed and returned to bakery for some tea and left home very satisfied with the trip.

KG – had been on my bike throughout the trip , excellent experience to take back to Shimoga 😀
MITHUL – any trip he`s been is turned out to be toughest and Epic ones Pearlvalley , Talkad , BR Hills.
MADHU – Remained silent through out the journey… rode a good 100kms on RTR.
ASHOK & ARUN – haha in the forest we could hear them laugh far away!!
ARVI & MANU – led the way through the most worst condition I might ever come across….
Until Next time \m/ Ciao \t/

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March 15, 2011 at 4:40 pm

15) Maddur + Kanva Dam :(13/6/2010)

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Place: Maddur + Kanva.
Total Distance : 210 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagar > MAddur > Ramnagar > KAnva > Bengaluroo.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > Pulsar.

Previous Trip : Kanva Adda.

It was 2 days since my b`day , it was the 13th of June…time 7am… All the Loapers assembled at my place. We decided to go to Maddur for breakfast and return back. So it was Maddur… we left … the drive to Maddur is simply amazing… Good road ( SH17 \m/) We reached Maddur in an hour or so.

We started eating like Pigs!!!! 😀 we were 4, there were about 8-10 plates at our table!!! 😀 😀 really really really proud… Had a kikass breakfast and then we all decided to go to Kanva – Our Adda … we wanted to get down on the other side of kanva this time…



Ashok and myself climbed up a huge boulder to get a glance at the entire reservoir…. After finding a perfect Spot…. We inspected the place for snakes or any other kind of danger!! When everything was clear we parked our bikes … Arvi and Arun refused to get down into water… I was already in it 😛 . I dragged ashokey in the water too 😀

Arvi found a beer bottle … he threw it high up into the sky and the 1st one to catch it is the winner…and the GAMES began \m/…we had to get hold of it 1st!! ( Had to be extra careful not get under he bottle , didn’t want our skulls busted open)
The game went on for an hour so… by then all four of us were at the center of the reservoir!!! Finally it was 2 vs 2 now…. This didn’t go on for long…Arun threw the bottle right at Arvi`s hand… and it became numb!!!


After tat I got out of the water since it was getting real cloudy… it would have taken atleast an hour to dry up completely!! As soon as I got out … it started pouring cats !!! The heavy winds made it more like standing in a rain of bullets 😀


Ran towards our bikes put all our things at one place and covered it with leather jacket !!! then sat down and enjoyed the awesome view ( Didn’t have any other choice 😛 ) After 45min of strong wind and rain… it was kinda peaceful again… then we witnessed an amazing sight … half of the reservoir was getting rain the other half wasn`t 😀

Then we left towards Bangalore in wet clothes and wet shoes… entered McD`s only in leather jackets and pants …. Hair totally messed up . wet shoes 😛 😛
All people there wanted us 4 badly out of that place as quickly as possible 😀 😀
Had nice lunch and returned back home!!!!


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September 30, 2010 at 9:08 am

13) Maddur + Kanva : (25/4/10)

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13) Maddur + Kanva : (25/4/10)

Place: Maddur + Kanva.
Total Distance : 210 kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagar > MAddur > Ramnagar > KAnva > Bengaluroo.
Participants: Arvi > Arun > Ashok > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: ShivGange – War with the 12 monkeys.

This was the “MOTHER OF ALL TRIPS”. It had been one month since our last trip. 26th April was Ashok’s B’day and we wanted to make it a memorable one. So we thought of going to maddur for breakfast ( though I had other plans, I didn’t tell it to anybody, or else it would have become a Flop).

25th morning 6:30 am, the most shocking thing took place , Arun shows up 1st 😀 :D, I stood there with my jaw fallen down on the ground . Next Arvi made it to my place, but the b’day boy was stuck in a traffic jam :(, finally he came at 7am.


The drive to maddur is pure heaven, Arvi and arun were always ahead of us because I was driving my bike :P. It reminded me of our 1st super awesome trip, I was telling stories like a grandma to Ashok all the way!! Within no time we reached Maddur and we visited out regular adda “Maddur tiffany’s”.

We ate like Hippo’s , 1st round masala dosa, 2nd round rava dosa, then vada, and then caaapeee :D.. After that we ( ok it was only me actually) played on the swing for sometime outside the hotel. Then I told them about visiting kanva.. they agreed right away ( see sudden plans always works)

Then the journey to kanva began, we reached Ramnagar 1st.. then took a left from there .. and a 15-20kms ride from there.. we reached kanva at about 11:30 am…Arvi ,arun and myself decided to give ashok the best bday beating ever!!! So 1st all Nice nice wishes… Thank u thanku… and all shit!! Then the real fun began .


I was shit scared to get down in the water, I called arun and arvi and told them to throw ashok into the water 1st . hearing this Ashok started running in water.. he went …he went… and he kept on going.. far far away in the water.
Arvi and arun caught him and gave him th BB of his life and threw him into the water.. finally all 4 of us were in the water belting the crap out of each other!!!

Now this was totally a stupid move , we caught ashok by his hands and legs and threw him into the water, then arun said he was heavy.. then me with full excitement “ hey im the lightest here , it’l work perfectly on me!!” all 3 of them turned towards me and gave big-bad-evil-devilish Smiles… they caught me and threw me atleast 6 feet in the air, i crashed into the water… this happened about 3-4 times 🙂 Then we played the longest breadth game… then some rock paper scissors 🙂 :).


Then at about 12:30pm , after a good 1.5hrs of water sports, we were tired … we didn have extra clothes or towels.. so just sat in sun for sometime chatting away!
Finally when we were half dry we headed back to Bengaloorooooo , it was a good 60km drive on mysore road.

We reached home in the noon. Arvi and arun left to their homes, ashok had lunch at my home and stayed till evening and then left.

One of “THE” best days, was totally exhausted and collapsed to sleep. Next day we had college, Arvi and myself bunked a few hours and got the best cake and arranged a kickass surprise party!!!

It was a perfect one day trip


RTR: Arun+Arvi
Pulsar : kd+Ashok

Distance: 80+40+(20+20)+50 = 210 kms

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Written by Karthik Prabhu

July 14, 2010 at 2:03 pm