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60) Muthati forest & Kanva reservoir: (30/7/2012)

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Place: Muthati & Kanva.
Distance: 250kms.(in total)
Directions: Bengaluru – Chenpatna – Sathnur – Muthati – Chenpatna – Kanva – Bengaluru.
Particiapants: Deepak (Deepu) > Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Zeus.
This was another formal run to the forest range of Muthati. It had been amost an year since we had visited this place. And well Kanva just had to be on the menu to complete this trip.
This was the 3rd run for the month of July, 10 days after the excellent visit to Madhugiri & Nandi hills. The old school 3 (Deepu, Dattu & Zethu) were the ones on the confirmed list. After the meet up time was comfirmed at 06:00 hrs, we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 (29/7/2012)

Yeah I was up at about 05:00hrs, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups & sit-ups and went outside at 05:45. Then the wait began, an hour passed there was no sign of the crew. So I went back home & finished of breakfast. Finally they arrived and we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 07:30hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Bidadi Tatte Idly)
This was a 30kms stretch on the butter smooth Mysoreroad (SH-17). Being a 4-lane road it offered minimum resistance. As others hadn’t finished their breakfast, we pulled over at our regular tattle idly stop in Bidadi. After having an excellent breakfast we had some tea/coffee & left.
TIME: 08:30 hrs

RIDE 2: (Bidadi – Kabblu – Sathnur)
This was about 60kms stretch. After an excellent breakfast, we cruised the next 30kms on SH-17 to reach Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn and continued to reach Kabblu. The ride after the deviation was simply superb as there was lot of shade & surroundings were brilliant. As we got the first glimpse of Kabblu it took me back to my trek which I had pulled off 2.5 years back. After taking a small break, we continued to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

RIDE 3: (Sathnur – Muthati)
This was a 20kms stretch & something we had been waiting since the start. We started off slow due to the bad road conditions. We did spot a lot of birds & small creatures like squirrels on the road side. Dattu merely sitting on of the bikes meant we were well entertained. As we continued further the roads turned a little better, but there were lots of patches when compared to our last visit.
After about 30mins we reached our regular hangout, the actual place isn’t that good. So going off-road into the forest towards the river is a better option.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

First things first we removed our shoes & started exploring the place. Finally found a decent spot to sit down. As we did fishes swan towards us & started eating the dirt off our feet. We also spotted an eel in the flowing river water. After about an hour discussing the plans for the day, we decided to visit Kanva as well. We wore back our shoes & started playing the good ‘old skipping stones’. After about 30mins of the game we left Muthati.
TIME: 12:00 hrs

RIDE 4: (Muthati – Kanva)
This was roughly 60-70kms stretch. The ride back to Sathnur was a slow one as it was in forest premises. Once we reached Sathnur it was pure cruising for the next 25kms to reach Chenpatna to re-join SH-17. Once we hit Mysoreroad, we cruised till Ramnagar outskirts. Stopped in between grabbed something to drink & continued to reach Kanva.
TIME: 13:30 hrs

Well this wonderful place had to be on the menu for the day. It was peaceful & tranquil as it was a week day. We rode to the other side of the reservoir & sat down peacefully chilling on the shore.
Latter we jumped into to the water and started cooling down under the hot sun. After spending an hour in the water chatting about our high-school days etc., we got out and dried up. We decided to head to our dhaba as we were damn hungry.
TIME: 15:30 hrs

As we left Kanva, we rode the next 10kms at a slow pace to reach the dhaba. Next 1.5 hrs was spent at this dhaba eating ha-ha. We were really hungry, so ate proper heavy 3 rounds lunch & left. The pic below show only the first round, second & third round we were too busy belting 🙂
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 6: (Dhaba – Bengaluru)
This was a 55-60kms stretch on the 4-lane Mysore road. We rode this stretch pretty quick actually as I wasn’t riding ha-ha!! As we reached Bidadi heavy traffic started, but we rushed through it to reach back our bakery & had tea/coffee etc.,
TIME: 18:15 hrs


Until next time Cia\m/


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October 3, 2012 at 11:10 am

50) Panchapalli Dam: (6/3/2012)

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Place: Panchapalli Dam.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Hosur – Denkankottai – Panchapalli Dam.
Particiapants: Chethan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Yercaud.
Facebook Page: Panchapalli Dam Album.

This was another excellent run to this unheard off, but a wonderful reservoir in Tamil Nadu. The hot sun drained our energies & made it a very tiring ride, but we pulled it off. This run also meant the successful completion of our 50th chapter!!:)

As far as the planning goes, we had heard of this place a few months back. Very few people have visited this place, so it was an extra joy to get out & search for this place. Zethu was the only one on the confirmed list.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (5/3/2012)
I was up at 05:00, had a sip of coffee, did a few push-ups & was all set to go out & complete the 50thrun. Zethu arrived at my place at my place & we left Bengaluru.
TIME: 06:30 hrs

RIDE 1: (Benguluru-Hosur-Saints bunk stop)
This was a 40-50kms stretch.  We started off early hoping to get out of the city when the traffic was lean. But unfortunately the traffic was a little heavy, drifting past the busses & cars we managed to get out of the city and enter NH-7.
After reaching NH-7 it was pure cruising mode. We cruised along the 6-lane butter-smooth highway to reach Karnataka – TN border. We rode further to reach Hosur outskirts & stopped at our regular bunk.
TIME: 08:00 hrs

RIDE 2: (Hosur-Dennikotte-Panchapalli Dam)
After filling up petrol, we stopped for tea & we started speaking about any noteworthy incidents that had occurred since our last ride. We entered Sh-17a and it was pure bliss to ride on this baby, we cruised along at a decent pace for the next 30kms to reach Dennaikotte.
At Dennaikotte we asked the locals for directions, and took a left deviation (at an Arch on the left side) in the town & continued further towards Panchapalli Dam.


This last stretch was for about 20kms, and it was a totally isolated ride. We stopped at many places as the sun was draining out our energies; one of the important stops was Bettarayaswamy temple. After covering about 15kms, we got the first glimpse of the wonderful reservoir. Next 5kms we descended along the reservoir and finally arrived at PP dam.
TIME: 09:30 hrs

Alright… to be honest I was expecting a small water body, but this one turned out be freaking huge. But yeah the atmosphere was calm & damn peaceful.
‘Tranquillity’ was the word at the place, & we both were the only ones at the place at it was a weekday plus not many know about this place. The water levels were totally down.
When asked about getting into water it was a “no-no” so we walked & fooled around the bund to reach the other end. We took out biscuits and started munching away.


We sat for about 30+mins discussing about the best of 50 chapters, and as we left we spotted the canal to this reservoir. We went near the canal, the water was a little dirty but a great place for water games. But we decided to skip it and head back.
TIME: 10:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Panchapalli Dam-Dennaikotte-Hosur-Bengaluru)

This was a tiring stretch under the scorching sun. The first 20kms was the stretch back to Dennaikotte, & by the time we had completed this we were totally thirsty and stopped for some coconuts in the town.
TIME: 11:15 hrs
From Dennaikotte, Hosur is about 30kms we rode at a decent pace on the wonderful SH-17a which offered a little shade to reach Hosur.
After reaching Hosur we continued further to reached back Karnataka, and as we did we pulled over at a hotel for some heavy lunch 😀
TIME: 12:15 hrs

Once we were done with lunch, we left the hotel and back onNH-7. We cruised along the smooth highway to reach Silkboard junction. As it was noon, the traffic was lean we eased through the city to reach back our respective homes.
TIME: 14:00 hrs
I’d like to conclude this article by saying the following “though this was just a 200kms run, it drained out more energy when compared to our much bigger runs. It was real nice to dig out a new place and this being the 50thchapter meant something special to all of us:)”
ZETHU: Perfect rider with whom I maintain sync with on NH-7, his office stories kept us well entertained.
SP: Happy that the 50th chapter is completed \t/
Before ending this article, here are some of our best (Or what we think are the best) chapters:
[1] Maddur – The Origin.
[3] Mekedatu – Destination danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley– Jungle walk.
[22] Talakadu – Come one, come all. (11bikes, 21 participants)
[26] BR hills – Foggy forest cruise. (Coldest ride since 117 years)
[27]Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Hello death!! (NDE – Near death experience)
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam– Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki,Barachukki – Twin hills and falls ride.(600kms one day)
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, TonnurKere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura – Explore that sanctuary.
[45] Hogenekkal – Blood filled memories on road. (Must read)
[47] Mekedatu & Sangama – Adventure on!! (15kms forest walk)
[48] Coorg(Madikeri) – Big finish to ‘11.
[49] Yercaud – back on the streets. (580kms 1-day ride)
[50] Panchapalli dam – 50thchapter complete 🙂

Until next time Cia \m/



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April 22, 2012 at 6:20 am

47) Mekedatu & Sangama: (16/12/2011)

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Place: Mekedatu & Sangama.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Kanakpura – Sangama – Mekedatu.
Particiapants: Madhu (Barca) > Manohar (Notorious) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: GS 150> CB Unicorn > Pulsar150.
Previous visit: KanvaReservoir – 2nd anniversary run.
Facebook Page: Mekedatu & Sangama Album.
Budget: Rs300.
Mekedatu is a dangerous, fast flowing, and scenic water spot. Last visit to this place nearly two years back almost took my leg away, well this time things were different, the forest almost took our legs away ha-ha!!

Initially the plan was to visit a reservoir and forest in Tamil Nadu. But like always, we prefer Plan B – unplanned one. Manu & Madhu were the only people on the confirmed list. So after finalizing the people and bikes we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (15/12/2011)
As usual I was up at around 05:00 hrs, had a sip of coffee did a few push-ups and was all set go. Manu arrived at my place at about 05:45hrs & as we waited for Madhu, Manu and myself were discussing other options. Manu suggested Mekedatu, as he hadn’t seen the actual place. Though I was taken back at the suggestions after the previous visit to this place, it was time put aside the fear and go back to this wonderful place. We departed as soon as soon as Madhu reached my place.
TIME: 06:45 hrs        

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanakpura)
This was a 40-50kms stretch. Madhu said he knew a shortcut to reach Kanakpura Road, so we followed him. Believe me it was one kickass route, through thick trees on mud roads and saved a lot of time. Once we reached Kanakpura road it was just formality, we rode at a decent pace negotiating the curves of NH-209 to perfection to reach the town for breakfast.
TIME: 08:15 hrs
KANAKPURA: (Breakfast stop)
Alright…. We ordered some hot breakfast and coffee. Yeah as we ate the light breakfast, we again had a discussion about the destination. BR hills & Muthati were the among the hot favourites, but finally we decided to stick on to Mekedatu. After the breakfast we hit road without wasting anytime.
TIME: 08:45 hrs

RIDE – II: (Kanakpura – Mekedatu)
This was another 40-50kms stretch, but we took our own sweet time completing this stretch. We made sure we rode slow to enjoy the surroundings and the curves as we had no intentions of returning back home till evening ha-ha!!
We rode at a decent pace, back to back keeping the formation intact. We took lot of pit-stops, sitting on the road, enjoying the fresh air and scenic view all around us.
The final stretch to Mekedatu comprises of 2-3 hairpin curves, we switched of our engines and allowed our bikes to take us for the nest 3-4kms to reach Sangama.
TIME: 10:00 hrs


First things first, we parked our bikes under a tree. We started fooling around climbing up trees. I guess our basic instincts got the better of us ha-ha. Even the few monkeys at the place were taken aback.
As we moved on, I received another shocker. The place had a complete make over, restaurants, temples, gardens, clear boards, inspection bungalows etc.,


Two years back it had and absolute hardcore isolated look, with only on small shop and nothing else.
As we reached the river we were glad that the water level was low. Last visit it was here that I crushed my knee against a boulder as fell into the flowing waters. So I requested Manu who was the tallest among us to carry my bag which had their jackets and other belongings. We cautiously crossed the river and reached the other side.
TIME: 10:15 hrs


So…, yeah we had reached the other side. And as we did we heard there was elephants spotting near by :D, there was no stopping me from rushing to the spot. Jumping across the rocky terrain and running we reached the river shore to find these two huge elephants on the other side i.e from the Muthati forest.
Alright…, there are two ways of reaching Mekedatu after you cross Sangama. One way is the normal way by taking the bus and then there’s our way by picking up basic tools like a stick and a knife and walking 12-15kms through the forest filled with snakes and other wild creatures.

As we started the walk, we picked up our sticks and started chatting and cracking jokes. The trees were initially lean but as we proceeded it got real thick and we felt completely isolated. The silence was something we were enjoying but yeah it was scary too.
We were eagerly waiting for some wild animal to jump out of the forest when all of a sudden Manu and me who were in front felt the ground trembling (just like in the movies). As we turned back we could see Madhu, and yeah behind him was a sight I won’t be forgetting for a long long time.

About 30-40 huge bulls were charging right at us, in a matter of seconds we jumped out the muddy trail & hopped onto some rocky terrain beside the fast flowing waters. Trust me we were saved by a whisker 🙂
We waited for the gang to pass and then we resumed. After about 30 minutes of another isolated walk we encountered them again. Believe me they meant business, few of them actually turned back and started walking towards us. So we decided to go off the off-road :P. We continued along the fast flowing waters on the rocky terrain and rejoined the path only to find more bulls.

Alright…, we worked out a detailed plan and the plan was simple “walk right past it :P”… and thankfully it worked as we didn’t make any sudden movements to piss it off.
Finally the forest adventure ended as we reached Mekdatu 🙂
(Yeah all these encounters with bulls might sound funny, but trust me we had the same notion of bulls as simple creatures but this was something else)
TIME: 11:45 hrs

Ah yeah there she was eagerly waiting for my arrival. We took some rest at the sit out and started to descend the rocky steps. We spotted a small snake on the steps but it was not worth the catch so we moved on to reach the place. And guess what, we were the only 3 at the entire place. Yup we were very glad to have the place for ourselves, and yeah it also meant extra dangerous.
We removed our shoes and started to explore with caution as the force of the water was simply terrifying, the thunderous roar of the water hitting the rocks could be heard during the walk only. Madhu & Manu were totally happy & satisfied with the place; I mean yeah it was worth all the efforts put into the walk. Continuing further we reached the final tip of Mekedatu where the water splits by hitting a boulder on which we were happily sitting.


We were at the tip; the clear instructions were no stupid and foolish tricks as nobody was around. We started fooling around, Manu and madhu threw their sticks into the water to examine the force, after further fooling around we took a small 20mins nap on the boulder.
After a while we woke up safely thankfully not falling off our beds haha!! We headed back to the sit out. We didn’t even have water in the bottle, so took extra rest and decided to walk back through the forest.
TIME: 13:00 hrs

As we walked back, my right knee which had problems from the start snapped. But we continued further and Madhu and Manu suggested we visit another spot along the way. And there she was Mekedatu-2 aKa Goatiedatu.
GOATIE-DATU: (Mekedatu-2)

Well yeah the name was coined by us only. But yeah this place was simply brilliant; it had a balance of fast flowing waters and small peaceful streams. The water was crystal clear and first thing we did was quench our thirst. Further we washed our faces and started to explore the place to find trees fallen down due to the force, small falls etc.,
We spent some quality time at this place and as we left the place found my shoe sole had a huge crack in it and my right knee was in deep shit pain.
TIME:  13:45 hrs

As we continued further, we kept laughing all the way to find the biggest hurdle of the trip. About 100-130 bulls were on either side of the muddy trail. And as per the day’s proceedings, even a tiger seemed less dangerous than these creatures. Slowly without any sudden movements we started the 10min walk (literally) amidst the bulls smiling at every creature ha-ha!!
Once we were out, we spotted a snake but unfortunately couldn’t catch it as it disappeared into the woods. We continued further taking a shortcut to reach Sangama.
TIME: 14:30 hrs

As we reached Sangama, Madhu & Manu jumped into the waters for a much needed rest as I sat ashore. After spending about 30-40mins we crossed back the river cautiously to reach our bikes. And yeah I still had my stick with me (latter it had a name too:P), it was all ready to ride back to Bangalore with usas well.
TIME:15:30 hrs
RIDE III: (Sangama- Kanakpura)
This was about 40 kms stretch. We rode at a decent pace without taking any breaks to reach Kanakpura hotel for a much deserved lunch.
We entered the hotel limping, and ordered a very heavy lunch, ah yeas it tasted so much better since we had earned it totally. After a heavy Oota we washed our faces and left.
TIME: 16:45 hrs

RIDE: IV: (Kanakpura – Bengaluru)
This was about 50kms formality stretch; all we had to do was stay awake as we had eaten a very lunch. As the sun started going down, the shadow formed on the road as we rode is something you should have a look. Haha we looked like warriors. We did some smooth riding on NH-209 to reach Bengaluru.
TIME: 17:45 hrs
Sat at the NICE road exit and spoke for about 30mins and left to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 18:30 hrs

Well this was one kickass adventure, on of the best till date. It surely stands up with the other adventures like 
Pearlvalley – In search of Elephants, 
Skandagiri night trek – Misty Death trek, 
Kabbalu trek – Peak into the next life, 
TG reservoir – Fun run etc.,
It was crazy on the part of us to walk 12-15kms through the forest encountering snakes and bulls but  trust me it was worth all of it”
MANU: Led the way throughout and it was him who suggested this place else we wouldn’t have had such a great adventure.
MADHU: Known for his reserved nature, but this time kept the spirits up with his jokes and not forget his golden find “Goatie-datu”.
SP: Brought back the “Weapon of mass destruction”, ( Haha now you know what the stick has been named)
Until next time, ta-da Ciaa\m/



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February 12, 2012 at 9:11 am

41) Muthathi – forest ride (Muthati): (31/8/2011)

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Place: Muthathi – The Forest ride(Mutati).

Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru > Bidadi > Chenpatna > Sathnur > Mutathi > Sathnur > Kanakpura > Bengaluru.
Participants: Manohar > Sp.
Bikes: GS150 > Pulsar.

This was another 200kms classic and formal trip to this wonderful place. It was a green forest ride throughout and Bird was definitely the word ha-ha !!

As far as the planning goes, initially we had thought of Mahadevpura the bird sanctuary. When asked others about their call on this one, only 4 of us were ready to go. So the departure timings was set to 06:00hrs and we crashed.
TIME:23:00 (30/8/2011)

I was up at around 4am, had coffee and did a few push-ups, and I was all set to go ha-ha. I left my place at around 5:30 am, and went near college to find nobody. The clock hit 6’O clock and still nobody were to be seen, so called up others. Manu responded back and joined in a few minutes. Both us waited for a good 30 minutes and kept calling others and finally when we didn’t get any reply we decided to change the place to Muthati. After a 60 minutes wait we departed.
TIME: 06:30 hrs.

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Bidadi)
This was 30kms stretch. As the sun was just coming up, it was icy cold. We rode at a decent pace to cruise past RRMC and pulled over at a hotel at bidadi to have the famous “Bidadi Thate Idly” for breakfast. And trust me it is one of the must-have foods on SH-17 (Mysore road). We spent about 30 minutes on breakfast and sat on road side having coffee.
TIME: 07:30 hrs.

RIDE II: (Bidadi – Chenpatna – Sathnur)
This was a 60kms stretch, but yeah excellent roads throughout. We started from Bidadi to cover 25-30kms cruising past Ramnagar to reach Sathnur circle in Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn to continue on the Kabbala road.
This road is perfect for riding, surface and the surroundings are excellent. And after 20-30 minutes we spotted the Kabbalu hill, to be frank I was numb staring at that hillock. It took me back to 26th of January 2011 ( Click here to read the article). We took a small 10 mins stop and continued further to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 08:15 hrs

RIDE III: ( Sathnur – Muthati)
Alright this was the main intention of this entire trip, the “ Muthathi forest ride” began from here. Once we passed Sathnur about 5kms was in pretty bad condition. Once we completed this stretch Manu spotted 2 peacocks on the road-side. We rode very slowly through the forest enjoying the greenery and not disturbing the flora & fauna of the place. The forest was lush green and seemed much thicker when compared to our last visit to this place on 19/03/2011 (Click here to read about our previous visit)
Okay here is on of the “to-do” things during the ride, there are several places where you do not require your engine running. So switch off your engines and allow your bike to take you… and trust me don’t be surprised if your doing 80+ kmphr ha-ha!!.But yeah safety of not only oneself but also the animals must be taken into account.
We spotted a lot different species of birds and small creatures like squirrels etc., after sometime we reached the famous temple on the way, we parked our bikes and went exploring into the forest.
We reached the top of a small falls, but the surroundings was just magnificent. Then we realized that we hadn’t reached the actual place only ha-ha, so without wasting much time we carried on to reach Muthathi.
TIME: 10:00 hrs.

We reached the place where we had spent our last visit. To our amazement the place was totally flooded. The river Cauvery was in full flow, the force was tremendous and Mutathi being known for a lot cheating deaths we didn’t want to any risks. So we decided to go in search of a safer palce.
Ps: The actual place “ Mutathi” is not a very neat place, so going off-road once you spot the river is a good move.
So in a matter of 10-15 minutes we were at the new spot after some off road biking. We found for ourselves the perfect stop where a small stream had branched out from the main river. The forest surrounding us was thick, and it was very peaceful. We took off our shoes and kept our feet in the cold flowing waters after which we went on a small walk along the river bed. We did spot some weird insects like a pink dragonfly, purple dragonfly etc… After which we had a quick nap and decided to leave this wonderful place unwillingly.
TIME: 11:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( Muthati – Kanakpura )
This was about a 60kms stretch. We decided to take the Kanakpura route and make the ride a little and nice circuit. So we rode pretty slow from Muthati to spot a variety of birds and small creatures. Oh yeah we saw dead squirrel on the road too, carried it to the roadside and wished for its peace. We took a lot of breaks amidst the forest on purpose as we wanted to grab all the fresh oxygen before heading back to the city, Once we reached Sathnur we rode at a decent pace to reach Kanakpura.
TIME: 12:45 hrs.

KANAKPURA : (Brunch stop)
We stopped at our regular hotel in Kanakpura as our tummies were grumbling. We had a good brunch to fill up our tummies as we had another 50kms to go.

RIDE V: (Kanakpura – Bengaluru)

This was a 50kms stretch. It was just formality to complete this stretch. The roads were very good with excellent curves and scenery. We reached the entry of NICE road and took it to reach Bsk 3rd stage in a matter of 15-20 minutes. We sat at the NICE road exit for about 30 mins and decided to leave back to our respective homes to mark the end of this classic trip..
TIME: 14:30 hrs

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November 12, 2011 at 4:41 pm

35) Maasti (Masti): (5/6/2011)

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Place: Maasti.
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200 kms (took longer route , traffic free it’s about 70kms).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Participants: Datta > Kushal > Zatan > Sp.
1) Bangalore > Hosur > Malur > Masti.
2) Bangalore > Hoskote > Malur > Masti.
Previous Visit: Maddur & Kanva.

This was re-visit to my friend’s hometown after 9 long years. An excellent place with a brilliant ambience. This town is between the states Karnataka & TN.
As far as my knowledge goes no other motorcycle club had visited this place before so this gave us the extra reason to visit to this wonderful place.

As far as the planning goes , Kaushi was joining us because it was his hometown ha-ha :P, Well the other two were old school rider Zethu( Chethan) & the Ever happy Dattu 😀
So the Departure time was set at 06:00hrs and crashed.
TIME:23:00hrs (4/6/2011)

Woke up at 04:00hrs , did a few push ups after a good warm up.. had coffee and wore my dirty jeans and shirt and went outside to check on others. At about 6:15am Kaushi turned up in a span of 10mins both Chethu & Dattu also turned up & we left.
RIDE I : (Bangalore – Thillainagar)
Okay we cruised on the outer ring road through BTM layout to reach the Hosur flyover in 10-15 minutes. NH-7 is one of the best roads connecting Bangalore an excellent 6-lane road. After 30minutes of cruising we crossed the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border .
After reaching Hosur, we took a left headed towards Baglur circle. This was a different route , I’ll give a much simpler and direct route to this place latter in this article. After the deviation the roads were 2-lane but excellent roads , so could keep a good pace. Once we reached Thillainagar we had to stop .

RIDE II : (Thillainagar – Maasti)
After a short break at Thillainagar we continued our journey towards Maasti, okay there was a road block in Baglur due to bridge construction, so had to take this alternate route. There was a bridge where only two people shoulder to shoulder could fit and we had to ride our bike on a thick metal sheet which was shaking all the time & not to forget a 90+kg sitting behind me (50kgs):P ha-ha !!
Then after crossing the bridge we asked for directions and continued our journey. It became brilliant greenery everywhere, and the tree covered up the sky, allowing only a few rays of sunlight to pass through just like the ride in BR hills.
And then came an Arch on the right side of the road (forgot name will update soon) , from there on it was complete off road. First it was dry mud & a few rocks in between but latter came the real test, slushy red mud for about 5kms, it was real fun riding this stretch but had to be that very careful. After crossing this stretch we took our second break.
Then we explored the surrounding fields, visited an abandoned brick house & sat there for sometime & left again. After 5kms through small village roads we reached Maasti 🙂
Places we visited there:
Temple: A peaceful temple.
Well: A huge well near the temple.
Hotel: After visiting the above two Kaushi took us to a hotel and believe me he was treated like a prince… he got us an excellent breakfast. With our tummies full it time to go to Kaushi’s fields to take rest. After mins of riding we reached his fields.

From then we literally had to get our bikes upon a rock. Once it was done we loosened up a bit and went exploring the place.
9 years back I had seen a temple surrounding which treasure is supposed to buried, but we were shocked to see the entire temple shredded all over the place. Huge Stone pillars scattered here and there. Then we wandered in the fields, went inside thick bushes and trees though we knew that there were snakes around. After a good 45 mins of exploring we returned to the rocks for some good nap.
And believe me it was on of the best naps, a quiet peaceful surrounding … cows and goats in the fields below the rock , after an hour of good nap we woke up fresh and lazed around sitting on the rocks and speaking for hour or two and finally decided to head back to Bangalore.

RIDE III : (Maasti-Malur-Bangalore)
After visiting the town for the last time , we left towards Malur .. on the way we also visited a Hanuman temple. This was the better route I was talking about earlier in this article. We reached Malur at a pretty fast pace due to the good roads & from then again roads were very good to Hosur ( except that bridge part near Baglur again: P)
We entered Karnataka at about 03:00hrs and from then on it was 6 lane smooth roads. We separated just before the Silk Board Junction, while Chethu & dattu left towards Rajajinagar, Kaushi and me came back home through BTM layout.

Maasti was one of the most peaceful places iv ever visited , calm and excellent ambience and of course and good friend’s home town , he had taken me 9 years back.
Until next time Cia \m/

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31) Muthathi (Muthati) : (19/03/2011)

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Place: Muthathi .
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Bikes: Pulsar 200 (3) > GS > Pulsar150.
Participants: Vineet > Darshan > Gagan > Manoj > Chethu > Gauti > Chinta > Manu >Sp .
1) Bangalore > Kanakpura > Sathanur > Muthathi .
2) Bangalore > Chenpatna > Sathanur > Muthathi .
Previous visit: Himvadgopalaswamy hills.
If you have less than 5 mins : Muthathi in < 5minutes.

Muthathi – Place known for its mishaps. It’s about 100kms from Bangalore , no doubt the place is very beautiful with breath taking scenery , but the whirlpools and Strong currents are some of things one would want to avoid, Oh yea the Black magicians too . The actual place muthathi isn’t very good filled with litter…So going off road once you spot the river is a better option.

Now that’s about the place… looking at these facts one could say that its kind of dangerous place to visit… but as long as you have your senses under control and don’t try to do anything careless everything will be fine.
Okay after a lots of calls , texts , etc etc Manu , chetu , Gauti , confirmed their spots. Vineetu , Darshan , Gagan were yet to confirm , others said they couldn’t make it. So the departure time was set at 06:00hrs next morning and we all crashed.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (18/03/2011)
THE WAIT : (Assemble & Breakfast)
Woke up at 4 am , warmed up by doing a few push ups ha-ha !! had coffee and took my bike out at 5:15am and allowed it to rev for a good 5mins and took it to the petrol bunk . After filling the petrol went near college to find nobody so went to Gauti’s house and picked him up and cameback to college to find Chethu & Chinta , Manu joined us shortly.
Now the wait began for Vineet , Darshan , Gagan …after an hour our tummies started grumbling so went to a Hotel Siddarta near our college and had one of the best breakfasts till date. ( Till date I eat there 😀 , Awesome food )
Finally after 1hour 45 minutes we heard real loud roaring noise far away ha-ha !! This meant only one thing…. The rest of our group were somewhere near by… manoj also joined us .. finally we left towards NICE ROAD.

RIDE I : ( Bengalore – Kanakpura)
Kanakpura is about 60kms from Bangalore the rest of the bunch went to fill petrol Gauti & myself reached the NICE road entrance and were waiting for others. In a matter of 10mins everybody regrouped and we started cruising on the NICE road at a decent pace.

After 10-15mins we were out of the NICE road & on Kanakpura road. Then Vineet and me stopped as he said he wanted to draw some cash from the ATM. From then on it was non-stop riding to Kanakpura. We realized that Darshan , Vineet & the others hadn’t finished their breakfast , so we stopped at Kankpura hotel for breakfast
RIDE II: ( Kanakpura – Sathnur)
After a good breakfast (MasalaDosa, Idly, Vada , coffee/Tea) , we stood outside for sometime… I asked as to how many were ready for Mekedat as it was almost the same distance as Muthathi from Kanakpura… but we stuck to the original plan and headed towards Sathnur.
Sathnur is 20-25kms form kanakpura , Excellent roads offered very little trouble ina matter of 15-20mins we were at Sathnur . A left deviation from here would lead us to Muthathi (SIGNBOARDS are available and clear)
TIME: 10:00hrs

RIDE III (Sathnur – Muthathi ; Excellent Ride )
The last 20kms was simply brilliant, the initial 5kms was a little patchy… so we stopped in the middle of the road sat on the road and spoke for sometime and continued after 10 minutes.
After this there was no stopping us at all… the forest curves started , surrounding became magnificent … it was total downhill with steep curves… we switched off our engines and negotiated the curves with all the speed …and believe me we were moving at 60-75kmphr. All we did was fool around and save petrol & oh yea look for animals too 🙂
As we went deeper into the forest the scenery became even better, negotiating the curves became real fun. The Awesome roads with excellent curves & the breath taking scenery had left us all speechless. Finally after 45mins of excellent forest ride we spotted the Kaveri river on the left side of the road. The trees to the left of the road were green & to the right side of the road were dry ha-ha!!
TIME: 10:45hrs

RIDE IV: ( Off-road)
We knew that the actual place Muthathi wasn’t that good so decided ride along the river until we get a good place. Finally we found a very beautiful and scenic spot far away…. So went off road welcoming the muddy humps, boulders , rocks , gravels etc etc…
TIME: 11:00hrs

Once we reached the terrific spot, we parked out bikes in line, got our shoes off and had these in our head
1) Don’t wander off into deep waters.
2) Always be near a boulder or a tree, so that u can grab on to something .
Actually the river was very calm and peaceful, the moment we kept our legs underwater fishes started eating the dust of our feet, it tickled in the beginning but latter when we got used to it … we allowed the fishes to clean up our feet 😛
The place was very scenic and we collected all the fresh oxygen we could before we head back home ha-ha!!

RIDE V : ( Muthathi – Sathnur ; Heat wavy ride)
Finally after a good nap & foot cleaned thanks to the fishes we decided to head back. Wore our shoes back and got the engines started. As we rode we could feel the heat winds hitting our faces and made us real dizzy… started going back at a real slow pace as we didn’t want to leave the beautiful place but latter we started picking up speed as the head was becoming unbearable.
Finally we reached Sathnur.

SATHNUR: ( Drinks Break)
We stopped at Sathnur for cooling down. Bought Coconut water & Soft drinks sat on our bikes and started cooling down. Then I spotted a board which said “ Kabbalu 6kms” ha-ha !! Damn that brought a smile to my place and looked at the mountain and felt happy that I was still alive. Then we headed towards kanakpura.
TIME: 13:30hrs

RIDE VI : (Sathnur – NICE ROAD entrance)
Good roads offered very little resistance so kept a constant pace of 70 kmphr.. As we reached kanakpura we took a vote whether to have lunch at Bangalore or Kanakpura….. once everybody decided Bangalore was the next stop .. we rode at a good pace to reach the NICE road entrance on kanakpura Road.
TIME :14:40hrs

There was about 15-20kms to go…after covering 2-3 kms Manoj’s bike ran out of petrol ( okay just another reminder , Vinnet’s , Darshan’s , & Manoj’s bike don’t have Odo , Speedo , Fuel … indicators 😛 )
Everybody were ahead Manoj & me were at the last.. somehow managed 5kms… then we tried all the following
1) Choke , Bike bent down fully.
2) Towing the bike with the help of two bikes from behind
3) Used a coconut tree branch and tried out towing .

Finally told Darshan (+chinta) & Manu (+Chethu) to go to bakery near college & wait while Gauti & myself go and get petrol. The NICE road operators were real nice & allowed us to enter the road again without having to pay . Finally with petrol back in Manoj’s bike Vineet ( +Gagan) , Manoj , Sp (+Gauti) cruised along… and reached our bakery safely to have tea/cofeee etc etc.
TIME : 17:00hrs

The trip turned out to be a memorable one due to the excellent ride, scenic views all along , and the petrol thing 😛 ha-ha !!
Until next time Ciao \m/
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28) Kabbaladurga Trek ( Kabbalu Hill) :26/1/2011

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Place: Kabbalu Hill & Kanva.
Distance: (90+10) x 2 = 200 kms
1) Bangalore > Ramnagar > Chenpatna > Left Turn > Kabbalu.
2) Banglaore > Kanakpura > Sathanur > Right Turn > Kabbalu.
Participants: Manu > Sp.
Bikes: GS > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: Chamundi Hills & Balmuri Falls.
Facebook Page: Kabbalu Hill album.
Budget: Rs250/h.

Before I start writing this article, I’m really happy that I’m still alive , this was the trip which almost took me away and left me with great memories to look back .I might have taken the wrong route but sure was a tough one and tested all my will to stay alive.

Okay a few days before 26th I came to know that Kabbalu was not only a dam but a hill which could be trekked. So the plan was trek the hill, then cool down in the waters. After a lot of discussion it was only Manohar & me who were ready to hit the road next day. So Crashed early without having the slightest clue what was instored for the next 15 hours.
TIME: 22:00 hrs

RIDE I : ( Bangalore to Kabbalu)
Morning 04:00hrs I was up & ready, just before leaving my house Alexi ( my pet ) was pulling me back into the house, all these signs made sense after 6-7 hours ha-ha!!! 6:30 am Manu arrived at my place and we left towards Chenpatna via Mysore road(SH-17) . We Chose SH-17 over Kanakpura road because it was still dark and there was a lot of Fog we didn’t want to experience a death ride again like that of Ride to BR hills .

SH-17 a good 4-lane road offered no problems for us .Though it was still foggy we witnessed a great sunrise, we cruised through Bidadi & Ramnagar to reach Chenpatna. A left deviation through this town would lead to the town of kabbalu.

RIDE II: (Chenpatna – Kabbalu)
From Chenpatna Kabbalu is about 20-25kms, it comes before Sathanur. And the roads were pretty good, both the sides thick trees, forest kind of roads. It was a real nice riding through this stretch. Finally after a good 15-20 mins ride we got the glimpse of the hill “Kabbalu”. On top we could see a small white dot – tat was top of the hill, which also marked the end point of the trek.
Kabblau is not that high when altitude comes into the picture, 2500 feet. But much steeper faces compared to other hillocks.
We entered the town of kabbalu parked our bikes near the temple (for safety)& walked about 1.5- 2kms then about 500 meters to reach the foot of the hill.
TIME : 08:00hrs.

TREK I: (Going gets tough with additional Load on my back)
We started to trek up the hill, we didn’t know the proper route so started climbing where ever we could find a path. We met two aged people who were trying to climb as well. They requested me to carry their 2-litre bottle and pooja items for them to the top as I was carrying a bag. This made the trek even more challenging a 2 litre bottle & other items added a lot of weight on my shoulder and I was carrying my helmet too.

The terrain changed to something similar to that of Savandurga , pure rocky terrain , it started to become difficult but fun. The steepness was maddening & the load on my back resulted in me losing lot of energy… And every time I lifted me hand my bag was pulling me back. It was only the beginning of what was in stored for me that day .
TIME: 08:30hrs

About 20-30 minutes of the trek, Manu felt uneasy & said he was giving up this trek. I thought a good 15-20 mins break would set him back on track, but he was pretty serious. And he’s that kind of person who is always ready for challenges. So I was put in a dilemma:
1) Whether to continue & deliver the goods to the top or
2) stay back and take him to safety.

The first option was associated with a lot of risks anything could happen and there was only person to blame “myself”. And also I wasn’t sure where I was heading… but it would also mean breaking a promise to the aged persons who had trusted me..So I asked Manu about the decision to make… he gave me a “thumbs up” … so I took a promise tat he would find shade or go back to the town and find food and shade.
So I continued further in search of the temple on top, along with other old ruined buildings hoping that the terrain would become less steeper.
TIME: 09:00hrs

TREK II: (Test of WILL v/s Facing Death)
After manu’s exit on the trek, it became that much harder for me to climb. The terrain became worse 70-80 degree inclined rock, not to forget the scorching heat of the sun on my head.

The rays of the sun falling directly over my head made me feel Dizzy at times, but one slip would END it all ha-ha!!! (Damn those moments). Every 10-15 steps I took uphill I sat down thinking the madness I had got myself into. Looking back down at the insanely steep terrain made me a little worried about climbing back down.

As it was an odd season to visit, the place was totally burnt out, which didn’t help to keep my spirits up. It looked like a burnt fort awaiting my arrival ha-ha!!! (Yeah I was hallucinating)

TREK III: (Last Test off will)
The temperature kept rising, was feeling dizzy somewhere on top of the mountain with no people around, crazy situation it was. Well the white spot which marked the end of the trek was totally out of my mind, I just wanted to stand on flat ground. And the most annoying part was I had a full 2litre heavy bottle but couldn’t open it as I thought it was kept for some sacred ritual on top.

Thought the steepness would reduce as I went further up , but unfortunately the steepness became insane , at certain places it was one shot one go , else slip to death kind of situations. Scary moments but worth living those. This stretch is something I’ll remember for a long time. Check out snaps of the inclination and the surroundings Ha-ha!! They showed no mercy.

Finally after a lot of balancing, I found myself at the bottom of a few uneven half broken rock foot steps which I thought would lead to the temple on top. And finally something went correct for me that day ha-ha!!!
There’s lot much to say about this stretch , the thoughts that ran into my mind… but it was all part of the experience , It’s very hard to express the fear I felt of not returning home , people i would miss etc . So anyway I was on the top of the world after reaching the top: D
TIME: 10:00hrs

Once I reached the top I was shocked to see the entire top burnt , but the cool breeze was blowing on my face , Whew that was a relief !! I wasn’t sure whether I took the right route but can assure u I took the hard one ha-ha!!

At the top I explored a little, found old abandoned buildings, and then spotted the first of the temples. Here the Nandi originates from the rock itself. But the main destination was still not to be found. The breeze was so strong standing became a tough task.

I put the pooja items inside the temple and found my bag had tore…Well that was a bummer, added to that my shoe lace also gave up… had to tie knots and manage. It was one of those days where everything went wrong and being on top of some cliff hanging on by a thread made things worse. I found a brick and wrote my name on top of some stone knew it wouldn’t remain forever but yea I was proud of myself ha-ha!! I had this scary feeling only once before during the Epic Skandagiri Trip.

Finally after 30minutes found the Gopura, which was seen as a small dot from the road which was far far away like a small streak. Sat in front of the temple looking at the town of kabbalu with heavy thoughts running through my mind. It was so windy I was scared to go the edge of the cliff. After 15-20 minutes at the main destination I wore back my shoes with modifications to my lace tying and decided to head back.
TIME: 11:15hrs

TREK IV: (Climb Down)
As I started to climb down I met a few more people who were just about to reach the top and believe me they were begging for water, so gave off the bottle of water to them and continued.
The climb down was a scary one, as every step required more balance and grip and yea I’m scared of heights too ha-ha!!! Then I sat down and climbing down cautiously keeping my hand on the burning hot rock surface. Bruises started showing up but had to continue as I didn’t have much of a choice. Ankles & knees were literally shivering .crying out in pain.

After 60 minutes of trekking and yea running down the hill reached the place where me and Manu had split off earlier, but as I couldn’t find him realized that he would be in the town. Finally found a better route and ran down even though knees & ankles were shattered, completed the last 10% of the hill in no time and reached the road which would lead to the town. Then I took one final look at the maddening & Scary trek I had been for the past 4-5 hours.
TIME: 12:45pm

As I reached of kabbalu people were staring at me as if they has seen a ghost. The shock on my face still prevailed. I was totally in sweat limping across the town with bruises on my hands. I reached the place where we had parked our bikes but Manu was no where to be seen and the wait began…

The sun was up & directly above my head but leaving that place meant that manu wouldn’t spot me so bought two coconuts and sat on my bike keeping the heat down. After 80-90 minutes off dizzy wait manu showed up whew it was about time. When enquired about his health he said he was okay and was ready to head back.

RIDE III: (Kabbalu – Dhaba – Kanva)
The ride back was a steady one… again riding through the forest kind off road was fun. We stopped for a few moments and we decided to go to Kanva .But before that our tummy’s were crying for food… it was only the previous day we had eaten so headed further to reach SH-17.
20kms form the chenpatna we reached the kanva Dhaba and had a good meal and headed towards kanva.
TIME: 14:15hrs

Seeing the waters of this magnificent place was a huge relief. Parked our bikes and took a dip into the water. Knees ankles wrists hands everything cooled down.. Felt great. After 30 minutes in the chilly waters of kanva we came out of the water and had a good nap on the banks. After that we decided to head back to Bangalore.
TIME:15:30 hrs

RIDE IV: (Kanva-Bangalore)
Well the last 60kms were left and it was just formality completing this stretch. The lunch & the dip in Kanva was really refreshing and we did this stretch in about an hour to reach Bangalore and we headed home.
TIME:16:30 hrs

I would like to end this article by saying the following
this was one of my hardest treks till date, considering the season & the risks I took. I might have not taken the right route but defiantly took the tougher one and came out alive ,one slip would have finished it all & I wasn’t sure I would be returning back home that day but yeah \m/ here I am alive and kicking ha-ha!!
PS: And yeah don’t be scared to visit the place after reading this , the trek is pretty simple if u take the right route.
Until next time Ciao \m/ (Scroll up and see the snaps of this maddening route i took)


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