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60) Muthati forest & Kanva reservoir: (30/7/2012)

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Place: Muthati & Kanva.
Distance: 250kms.(in total)
Directions: Bengaluru – Chenpatna – Sathnur – Muthati – Chenpatna – Kanva – Bengaluru.
Particiapants: Deepak (Deepu) > Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Zeus.
This was another formal run to the forest range of Muthati. It had been amost an year since we had visited this place. And well Kanva just had to be on the menu to complete this trip.
This was the 3rd run for the month of July, 10 days after the excellent visit to Madhugiri & Nandi hills. The old school 3 (Deepu, Dattu & Zethu) were the ones on the confirmed list. After the meet up time was comfirmed at 06:00 hrs, we crashed.
TIME: 23:00 (29/7/2012)

Yeah I was up at about 05:00hrs, had a cup of coffee, did a few push-ups & sit-ups and went outside at 05:45. Then the wait began, an hour passed there was no sign of the crew. So I went back home & finished of breakfast. Finally they arrived and we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 07:30hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Bidadi Tatte Idly)
This was a 30kms stretch on the butter smooth Mysoreroad (SH-17). Being a 4-lane road it offered minimum resistance. As others hadn’t finished their breakfast, we pulled over at our regular tattle idly stop in Bidadi. After having an excellent breakfast we had some tea/coffee & left.
TIME: 08:30 hrs

RIDE 2: (Bidadi – Kabblu – Sathnur)
This was about 60kms stretch. After an excellent breakfast, we cruised the next 30kms on SH-17 to reach Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn and continued to reach Kabblu. The ride after the deviation was simply superb as there was lot of shade & surroundings were brilliant. As we got the first glimpse of Kabblu it took me back to my trek which I had pulled off 2.5 years back. After taking a small break, we continued to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

RIDE 3: (Sathnur – Muthati)
This was a 20kms stretch & something we had been waiting since the start. We started off slow due to the bad road conditions. We did spot a lot of birds & small creatures like squirrels on the road side. Dattu merely sitting on of the bikes meant we were well entertained. As we continued further the roads turned a little better, but there were lots of patches when compared to our last visit.
After about 30mins we reached our regular hangout, the actual place isn’t that good. So going off-road into the forest towards the river is a better option.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

First things first we removed our shoes & started exploring the place. Finally found a decent spot to sit down. As we did fishes swan towards us & started eating the dirt off our feet. We also spotted an eel in the flowing river water. After about an hour discussing the plans for the day, we decided to visit Kanva as well. We wore back our shoes & started playing the good ‘old skipping stones’. After about 30mins of the game we left Muthati.
TIME: 12:00 hrs

RIDE 4: (Muthati – Kanva)
This was roughly 60-70kms stretch. The ride back to Sathnur was a slow one as it was in forest premises. Once we reached Sathnur it was pure cruising for the next 25kms to reach Chenpatna to re-join SH-17. Once we hit Mysoreroad, we cruised till Ramnagar outskirts. Stopped in between grabbed something to drink & continued to reach Kanva.
TIME: 13:30 hrs

Well this wonderful place had to be on the menu for the day. It was peaceful & tranquil as it was a week day. We rode to the other side of the reservoir & sat down peacefully chilling on the shore.
Latter we jumped into to the water and started cooling down under the hot sun. After spending an hour in the water chatting about our high-school days etc., we got out and dried up. We decided to head to our dhaba as we were damn hungry.
TIME: 15:30 hrs

As we left Kanva, we rode the next 10kms at a slow pace to reach the dhaba. Next 1.5 hrs was spent at this dhaba eating ha-ha. We were really hungry, so ate proper heavy 3 rounds lunch & left. The pic below show only the first round, second & third round we were too busy belting :)
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 6: (Dhaba – Bengaluru)
This was a 55-60kms stretch on the 4-lane Mysore road. We rode this stretch pretty quick actually as I wasn’t riding ha-ha!! As we reached Bidadi heavy traffic started, but we rushed through it to reach back our bakery & had tea/coffee etc.,
TIME: 18:15 hrs


Until next time Cia\m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

October 3, 2012 at 11:10 am

55) BR hills (Biligirirangan betta) – Smooth Ride: (1/6/2012)

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Place: BR hills(Biligirirangan hills).
Distance: 200 x 2 = 400kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Chenpatna – Sathnur – Kollegala – BR hills – Maddur – Bengaluru.
Particiapants: Viswanath(Vishu) > Dhanush(Dany) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: RE Thunderbird(2) > Pulsar 150.
Facebook Page: BRhills Album.
Yeah this was another formal run to the forest ranges of BR hills. But this ride was one of the smoothest we’d done till date. Minimum stops & smooth sailing made this trip a memorable one.
Talk about late night planning ha-ha! This trip was a result of the same. Late night about 23:00hrs (31/5/2012) the idea of visiting BR was conceived by 3 of us (Vishu, Dany & Sp). To hell with the boring city world we decided to pull this off even if it meant only 3 of us.
TIME: 00:45 hrs
Yeah I was at about 04:00, did a few push-ups, had a little coffee & headed out towards bakery where the meet up was scheduled. As I reached, I was quite surprised to find the other two already waiting for me (It doesn’t happen often you see :P). After a formal greeting, we decided to leave Bengaluru.
TIME: 05:30 hrs

RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Bidadi)
This was a 30kms stretch. The weather was still icy cold as lots of clouds in the sky left SH-17(Mysore road) gloomy. We kept a decent pace to reach Bidadi for some breakfast.
We had some smashing Tate Idly’s, which tasted simply superb. A highly recommended stop on SH-17 I must say. With some food in our stomach we decided to continue further.
TIME: 06:45 hrs

RIDE 2: (Bidadi – Sathnur – BR hills)

This was non-stop 150-160kms stretch of some brilliant sailing. As we left Bidadi, we continued till Chenpatna, & took a left deviation. Excellent roads from then on made riding easy & we reached Sathnur in no time to re-join Kanakpura road.
Once we reached Kanakpura Road(NH-209), it was pure cruising past Shivanasamudra to reach the town of Kollegala.Riding cautiously through the shortest route known to us through our previous visits, we were out of the town and at the foot of the mighty BR.
TIME: 09:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Sailing through the heavenly ranges)

Alright this is one stretch we’d never get tired of riding. I had told the others about our last visit to this place, where we had encountered about 10-12 wild elephants and about 5 bison. As we began the ride into the ranges, we rode at a slow pace making sure we do not disturb the wildlife and yeah looking out for the same as well. 

The lush green surroundings kept us satisfied. After about 15mins we stopped at the standard BR lake stop only to find the water fading off. We continued further the temperature took a steep dip & it became cool as we reached the top.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

We were greeted at the top by the cool breeze gushing at the top. We roamed around the temple visiting the various view points. From some the view points, elephants can be seen as ants moving amidst the thick forests. After spending about an hour or so we visited the temple, prayed for everybody we knew and left the temple premises.
We went to a hotel on the top for some hot tea & biscuits. After having which we bid adieu to our BR hills :)
TIME: 11:45 hrs

RIDE 4: (BR hills – Kollegala – Maddur Tifany’s)

This was a non-stop 120kms continuous riding. As we left BR, we cruised at a slow pace within the forest area. After which we resumed our cruising mode to reach Kollegala. Once we were out of Kollegala, the temperatures shot back again. Dany raced away forwards as Vishu & myself stuck together cruising at a decent pace. As we both reached the T-junction near Mallavali we couldn’t find Dany, but as we had decided earlier that Maddur was the next stop we continued further.

The road which connects Mallavalli to Maddur is one stretch which gives me creeps. It had been patched up to some extend but still lots of pot holes present. But Vishu & me kept a decent pace even on this road and his loud horn gave us all the road clearance we needed :P. Dodging the pot-holes & patches we reached Mysore road (SH-17). It was a huge relief reaching back the highway, we continued further to reach Maddur Tiffany’s and were quite surprised not find Dany.

We called him up; we came to know that he was still waiting for us at the T-junction about 25-30kms back. So we both grabbed a bottle of cold water and decided to wait for Dany to join us. Nearly 20mins into the wait, when we had just begun to relax, in came like the Dany like a bullet on a bullet :P. he had taken less then half the time taken by us ha-ha!!
TIME: 14:15 hrs

Ah lunch/breakfast at this place is something we don’t miss when we hit SH-17. We had great food and little coffee. Once our tummies were satisfied we fooled around the swing for some more time and left towards Bengaluru.
TIME: 15:00 hrs
RIDE 5: (Maddur – Ramnagara – Bengaluru)
This was 80kms stretch of formal riding. We did stretch without a break. With our tummies full all we had to do was stay awake ha-ha. SH-17 being a smooth 4-lane offered very less resistance. We rode at a decent pace throughout to reach bakery.
TIME: 16:45hrs

Until next time Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

July 29, 2012 at 7:05 am

54) Maddur & Kanva – Bakery Ride: (10/5/2012)

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Place: Maddur & Kanva reservoir.
Distance: 210kms.(Complete Circuit)
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Maddur – Ramnagar – Kanva – Bengaluru.

Particiapants: Arvnd(Arvi) > Ashok(K350) > Chengappa(Benz poolanda) > Arun(Slowpoke) > Madhu(Barca) > Karthik (Sp).

Bikes: Unicorn(2) > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Pondicherry& Gingee Fort.
Facebook page: Maddur& Kanva Album.
Alright, this was another formal run to Maddur & Kanva. The main highlight of the trip was the food. Yeah we did this ride for the food and a quick swim at Kanva. And with this run we also welcomed the monsoons.
We all wanted to get away from our daily routine from college. Breakfast at Maddur & Lunch at our Kanva Dhaba wass something that was too tempting to just let go. So we put the plan into action on 5th of May 2012.

Yeah I was up at around 04:30, did a few push ups and sat down with some music. Went near our bakery at about 07:30 & waited for others. Once everybody arrived we departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 09:00 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Maddur)
This was a 80kms stretch. Butter smooth 4-lane highway made riding very easy. We cruised along at a decent pace. With about one or two stops in between, we reached Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

Once we entered we grabbed ourselves a chair and had a proper heavy breakfast. Two-three rounds of excellent food filled up our tummies. Then we had coffee to put an end to a wonderful breakfast. After the breakfast we went outside & sat on the swing. After chilling around for some more time we left Maddur Tifany’s.
TIME: 11:45 hrs

RIDE 2: (Maddur – Kanva)
This was about a 20-25kms stretch. Having done with a very heavy breakfast, we were all a little dizzy. We rode slowly on SH-17 to cruise past Chenpatna. After reaching the outskirts of Ramnagar we took a deviation and continued further to reach Kanva.
TIME: 12:30 hrs

This is one reservoir we never get tired off. Clear, clean and safe water makes this reservoir a perfect place. So without wasting anytime we got into the water & swam for sometime. Then we started the ‘Donkey’ & ‘First Catch’ Games with a half filled bottle. After about 1.5hrs in the water we got out of the water and started skipping stones as we dried up. After drying up we hit the road and reached the Dhaba for lunch.
TIME: 15:15 hrs


Again we sat down in a proper cell, and started eating like there was no tomorrow. The swim and the games had pretty much drained our energies. As we ate the skies became gloomy and it started pouring. This made the taste of food better. Once we were done with the lunch we sat for sometime staring outside at the rain and decided to ride back in the rain and greet the monsoons.
TIME: 16:45 hrs

RIDE 3: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a decent 60kms stretch. With the rain coming down & the cool breeze hitting out faces, it was a real pleasure to ride. We rode at a slow pace enjoying every moment to reach back bakery for some hot tea.
TIME: 18:15 hrs

Until next time Cia \m/


Written by Karthik Prabhu

July 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm

51) Somnathapura & Srirangapatna – Archeo Ride: (20/3/2012)

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Place: Somanthapura & Sri Rangapatna.
Distance: 350kms in total.
Directions: Bengaluru – Maddur – Somanthpura – Srirangapatna – Maddur – Bengaluru..
Particiapants: Chethan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: PanchapalliDam.
Facebook Page: Somanthpura & Srirangapatna Album.
This was another excellent run to cover these places of archaeological importance. Most of the riding was done below the hot sun, so it was a little tiring but the excellent roads made it up for it.
It had been 2 weeks since our last ride to PP reservoir in Tamil Nadu. Initially we planned to cover only Somnathpur and then it changed to Somnathpur & Talakad. And yeah Zehu was the only one on the confirmed list.

Yeah I was up at around 04:00hrs, had some coffee, did a few push-ups & was all set to ride. We met up at Rajarajeswari nagar Arch, as scheduled and left Bengaluru.
TIME: 06:00 hrs
RIDE 1: (Bengaluru – Maddur Tiffany’s)
This was an 80kms stretch of pure cruising. 4-lane state highway made riding easy. With only one tea break on the way we reached Maddur Tiffany’s for breakfast. We had a light breakfast and left MT.
TIME: 08:15 hrs

RIDE2: (Maddur Tiffany’s – Somnathpura)
This was a 60kms stretch which had a mixture of good & bad roads. As we left Maddur, we took a left deviation towards Mallavalli. This stretch is in seriously in a very bad state, but one thing to cheer about is the slush green fields on either side of the roads. After reaching Mallavali we took a right deviation to continue towards Somnathpura, this stretch initially had great roads, after which there were no roads at all. So.., after riding on the muddy roads for quite sometime we reached Somnathpura.
TIME: 10:00 hrs


The Chennakeshava temple at this place is constructed in Hoysala style of architecture. Lots of carvings of Gods, Goddesses, animals, musicians etc., can be clearly seen. This temple has perfect symmetry and was constructed during the reign of Narasimha III (Yeah I’ve done my homework alright :P)

So… as the sun was up, we sat in the shade outside the temple taking rest. We scrapped the plan of going to Talakadu and decided to head back home via SH-17(Mysoreroad) again.
TIME: 11:00 hrs
RIDE 3: (Somnathpura – Srirangapatna)
This was about a 40kms stretch through peaceful green fields. As we passed the town of Bannur, the thought of covering Srirangapatna occurred to us, we headed towards SH-17 & then towards Srirangapatna.
TIME: 12:00 hrs


Alright listen I’ll be giving a brief overview of the places to visit at his wonderful town. We spent 2hours at this place pulling off 2 complete laps of the entire town on our bikes. So… here’s the list of places:
1.Dariya Daulat Bagh: It was Tippu’s summer palace built in 1784. It is completely a teak structure with beautiful rich paintings. Guns, Swords, Daggers, Medals, Coins which were used during Tippu’s reign are displayed here.
2. Gumbaz: Burial chamber of Tippu, his father (Hyder Ali) & mother (Fatima). Interior walls of this place are covered with tiger stripes as they were Tippu’s favourite.
3. Ghosai ghat & Sangama: About 1 km from the Gumbaz, this is a famous picnic spot. The river from here flows into the Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu.

4. Jama Masijid: This was Tippu’s favourite mosque. It has an unusually small dome.
5. The Obelisk: Place where Tippu breathed his last, trying to stop the invasion on British. His body was lying dead here for two days before the locals discovered it.

6. Captain Bailey’s Dungeon: Tippu’s prisoners of war were imprisoned here. Prison hooks onto which the prisoners were chained still remain in the dungeon. Once a cannon ball had rolled back & pierced the ceiling of the dungeon, this is another thing that has to be observed at this place.
7. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple: It is the main temple, opened throughout the year. Lots of gift shops are present outside the temple. Bought a lots gifts for friends & family back home :)
8. Lal Mahal: This is the main Srirangapatna fort. This fort was constructed in Indo-Islamic style. It was unfortunately closed during our visit.
9. Thomas Innman’s dungeon: Okay this is a less famous place, but trust me the best among others. Similar to Bailey’s dungeon, prisoners were held captive here. But at his place the entire dungeon is covered with a pit and river water could be released by opening gates into this pathway. This would lead the dungeon surrounded with water. (Like the “He-man” castle haha :P)

So those are the important places that have to be covered in case you visit. After the rounds we left this wonderful place unwillingly.
TIME: 14:00 hrs

RIDE 4: (Srirangapatna – Maddur Tiffany’s(Old) – Bengaluru)
This was about a 130kms stretch with one lunch stop in between. As we left Srirangapatna we cruised along SH-17 at a fairly decent pace to reach Mandya for some re-fuelling. Then proceeded further towards Maddur to reach the original Maddur Tiffany’s.
TIME: 15:30 hrs

After having heavy lunch, we left MT. We covered the next 80kms easily, all we had to do was stay awake haha… the heavy lunch and the hot sun made us feel dizzy.
So with some no nonsense riding we reached the JnanaBharati split stop thanked each other for participating in the run & headed back to our respective homes.
TIME: 18:00 hrs

Until next time Cia \m/



Written by Karthik Prabhu

May 30, 2012 at 12:02 pm

48) Coorg (Madikeri): (27’28’29/12/2011)

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Place: Coorg (Madikeri).
Distance: 350 x 2 = 700kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Maddur – Mysore – Hunsur – Bylakuppe – Madikeri.
Particiapants: Arvind(White knight) > Arun(Slowpoke) > Ashok(Classic k350) > Madhu(Barco Mado) > Shekar(Thundersekar) > Chaitnya(Endu) > Vineeth(Red monster) > Anurag(Hanuman) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: RE Thunderbird > RE Classic 350 > Pulsar200 > Pulsar 150 > Pulsar 150.
Previous visit: Mekedatu& Sangama.
Facebook Page: Coorg Album.


Coorg, the Scotland of India is one of the best places to visit in the entire South India. Known for its wonderful climate and coffee estates, this was one crazy trip we pulled off. The place is no doubt wonderful, but the ride to this place was something we enjoyed even more.
Well as far the planning goes it was Arvi was initiated and suggested of visiting this place. The plan got a solid backbone when decent number of people pitched in. So the crew consisted of 9 people and 5 bikes. And yeah initially the plan was 2day-1night trip. I’ve divided this entire article into 3 segments, hope you enjoy reading it.

DAY-1: (Riding the curvy Roads!!)
I was up at 03:00hrs did a few push-ups and was all set to pull this big one. Left my place at 05:30hrs and headed towards bakery which was without doubt the starting point of this magnificent trip. Once everybody arrived we had some tea and bid adieu to Namma Bengaluru.
TIME: 06:30hrs

RIDE 1.1: (Bengaluru – Maddur – SriRangapatna – Mysore)
This stretch extended for about 150kms, and yeah we did take sufficient breaks. As we left Bengaluru, the temperatures dropped and it was an icy cold 30kms stretch till Bidadi. As we passed Bidadi, Anurag said he had some problems with the bike. But we continued till Maddur tiffany’s and had a great breakfast.
Anurag said he with Ashok would take his bike to a Service station and asked us to carry on. Having decided to meet at the bridge at the outskirts of Mysorewe carried on. The ride was a smooth one and we reached the outskirts of Mysore at about 11:00hrs and waited for the others.
After about 20minutes the two bikes re-joined us and we took a small 15mins break.
One incident I would love to recall during this break is, a rich businessman in Merc Benz was zooming on SH-17, and he peeped out of the car’s window and was staring at our bikes. There’s a saying “only a biker knows why a dog sticks its head out of the window” I guess that was a close enough ha-ha:P
TIME: 11:30hrs

RIDE 1.2: (Mysore – Hunsur – Kushalnagar)
This was another 100kms stretch on SH-88.Once we reached Mysorewe took the by-pass road which was under construction, the first 5-8kms were bad after which we back on smooth sailing roads. We kept the formation intact and rode, enjoying every moment and speaking all the way. We took enough drinks stop to keep our temperatures under control as the sun was directly above us. It was not long before we reached Bylakuppe.
TIME: 14:30hrs


This is one temple one’s gotta go; the ambience of this place is simply superb. Calm & peaceful are the two words which best describe this place. As we entered the place we saw the huge Dalai Lama photo on the temple and saw Anurag’s face :D and everybody burst into laughter. The laughter marathon continued as we finished one full lap at the temple.
TIME: 15:00hrs
Next thing we went to the mall right in front of the temple and brought knives, watches, pendants, and other gifts for family & friends back home.
TIME: 16:00hrs
RIDE 1.3: (Kushalnagara – Madikeri)

This was about a 50kms stretch of pure bliss. It was one of my best rides till date. The temperatures took a steep dip, it became cold. The fresh broad roads with excellent curves made riding a pure bliss. We kept the formation intact, bending our bikes to the maximum and negotiating each curve to perfection with joy. We rode non-stop and reached the outskirts of Madikeri.
TIME: 17:00hrs

As we reached the outskirts, we started looking for a place where we could crash. We split into teams and decided to search and finally we found the best place. Oh yeas it was the best no doubt, huge house for Rs 200 per head per night, definitely worth it.
So we all sat at the sit-out outside the house and changed the plan from 2days-1night to 3days-2night. And oh yeah, the famous Abbey falls was just 5kms from this place. And a bakery right next to our place.
TIME: 18:00hrs

We dumped all our bags and went to a small hillock behind our home stay to find two huge monuments which was the tombstone of a Muslim king. It became dark and we witnessed a perfect sunset to mark the end of riding for DAY-1.
We left for dinner at about 19:00hrs, as we were hungry and we had skipped lunch. The town was totally dead; most of the shops were closed. We were the only ones walking around and fooling around the town. We managed to find a good hotel; we had a very heavy dinner and returned to our home stay. We sat on the sit-out and fooled around till 23:00hrs went back inside and crashed. That was not all the scary or rather funny ghost stories of ghost invading our stay kept us awake for a few hours more and finally we dozed off.
TIME: 01:30hrs
So… that was DAY-1 the ride to the place and also covering the Golden Temple. We were all prepared for the next day which meant business.

DAY-2: (Travelling is my business…. And business feels good!!)
Yeah I was up at around 04:00hrs and after a 3hr wait Anurag & Ashok were up. We went outside to the bakery and got some excellent Coorg coffee. As we sipped on everybody woke up one after another. We left our home stay for breakfast and decided to leave to Talakaveri directly after the breakfast.
TIME: 09:30hrs
RIDE 2.1 (Madikeri – Bhagamandala – Talakaveri – Madikeri)
 So this was a 40kms (one-way) stretch, the bad narrow roads filled with patches and holes made it feel like 80kms stretch. Few of the stretches were still under construction it was a small road, but the climate was something which we were all happy about. After about an hour we reached Bhagamandala.
TIME: 11:00hrs

Well this is another beautiful temple. The unique shape of the Gopuras (pagoda shaped) is something to be observed at this place. Also this is a place where 3 rivers meet (Kaveri. Kannike & Sujyothi). We did a few laps inside the temple and decided to head towards Talakaveri.
TIME: 11:30hrs

Talakaveri is 8kms from Bhagamandala and roads again are narrow with hair pin curves. But we enjoyed the ride thoroughly to reach Talakaveri.
TIME: 12:00hrs

This is the place where the river Kaveri originates. But it was damn hot and the place looked good after the renovation done in 2010. The wishing pool is at the entrance where people throw coins and wish for something. Without wasting anytime we decided to climb up the Brahamagiri hill hoping the temperature would dip. After a 20mins tiring climb we made it to the peak, unfortunately the temperature kept rising. But yeah the place is of importance, Kerala & Mangalore can be seen from this peak. After spending about 20mins on top, we decided to leave Talakaveri.
TIME: 12:45hrs
The ride back was again a slow one back to back… two incidents that has to be mentioned are:
i)                    Sekar & Endu taking the wrong route and riding towards Mangalore before being pulled back.
ii)                  Vineet standing on the road with his bike below him in a pit :D
So… as we reached Madikeri, we decided not to go to our home stay instead have a lunch and then go. So we went to a hotel and started munching away.
TIME:  15:15hrs


As we finished our lunch, we peeped outside the window and we were surprised that we could spot Omkareshwara temple from the hotel. So we decided to finish off the temple. One thing that has to be observed at this temple is the style of architecture. It is constructed in Indo-Islamic style i.e., both Hindu & Muslim style of architecture has been employed.
TIME: 16:00hrs
RIDE 2.2: (Madikeri – Abbey falls – Raja Seat)
After a visiting the temple, we scrapped the plan of going back to home stay instead we thought of covering off Abbey falls. We passed by our home stay and continued further towards the Abbey falls. The ride to this place was a rough one, narrow roads filled with pot-holes made riding slightly challenging.

As we reached the falls premises, we parked our bikes and walked a kilometre to get the first glimpse of this magnificent waterfall. The water was fading off, but yeah the sight of the waterfalls made all feel refreshed. We spent about 45mins at this place and left Abbey falls.
TIME: 17:15hrs
Again we thought of going back to our place, but we scrapped the plan again and decided to directly head to Raja Seat for sunset.
TIME: 17:30hrs
Two incidents worth mentioning:
i)                    Ashok getting angry for the first time, as a car touched his new bike.
ii)                  All of us waving & making faces  at the kids & pretty girls of madikeri :)

Yeah this place is pretty much in the heart of the town. We spent about 30mins at this place wandering around before we got to witness a brilliant sunset which marked the end of riding for DAY-2.
After the sunset, we returned to our home stay and left for dinner at about 21:00hrs.After a heavy dinner we returned home and fooled around outside for about a couple of hours and finally crashed for some well deserved sleep.
TIME: 00:00hrs
So…that was DAY-2 what do you guys think of it eh… we had pushed ourselves to the extent possible. But yeah covering all these places gave us the satisfaction….next up DAY-3.

DAY-3: (Reckoning day!!)
I was up at 03:00hrs, highly insomnia tic … when all of a sudden I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back to find Vineet, he sat for about 30mins and went back to sleep. After 4 hours of sitting ideally I started waking up others. At about 08:00hrs everybody was half-awake that was good enough. Arun and I went back to the tombstone behind the place and explored the place. We returned back to find everybody geared up and all set to unwillingly bid adieu to the wonderful town of Madikeri.
Oh yeah before we left we bought lots of coffee powder and stuffed it in our bags :)
TIME: 09:30hrs

RIDE 3.1: (Madikeri – Hunsur – Mysore– SriRangapatna – Bengaluru)
Alright we were all set to put the last rites on this wonderful trip. Started of from Madikeri in full flow, the excellent curves of the forest kept us awake. The weather was cold and pleasant to ride. Once we reached Kushalanagara, we decided to skip Dubare & Nisargadhama as we would run late. Once we touched SH-88 the temperatures went back up again and we all felt dizzy. We rode back at a much quicker rate and reached Mysoreoutskirts.
TIME: 12:00hrs

We were damn hungry as we had skipped breakfast. So we took the by-pass route to re-join SH-17 and rode for about 5kms from Mysoreto find decent dhaba with a great ambience. We ate like there was no tomorrow and had coconut water.
The last 120kms were remaining and this was just formality on SH-17. 4 lane butter smooth road offered little resistance, so with non-stop riding we reached back Bengaluru.
TIME: 16:30hrs

It’d like to conclude this long article by saying the following “this was one classic trip which would be buried deep in our minds. 3 days of non-stop riding was just heaven and we had pushed ourselves to the limits on DAY-2. And oh yeah, it was also the perfect New Year gift to everybody :)

ARVIND: If it wasn’t for him, this trip would have been just a dream.
ANURAG: Wanted to ride to this place so bad, not to forget the LamaDoma in Tibet Land. Ha-ha!!
ARUN: With his new hair-style, had to sit behind me to provide minimal drag resistance :P
ASHOK: First ride on his new bike proved to be excellent, stayed last and made sure everybody were safe.
SEKAR: His cruise run kept continuing.
ENDU: If it wasn’t for his Ghost stories the trip would have been so different.
VINEETH: Thankfully didn’t shred the roads of Madikeri into pieces with his Red beast.
MADHU: The most silent guy of this trip, he hardly spoke but blended in with others perfectly,
SP: Unlike others, had to take bath after 4 days as soon we returned haha:P
Until next time Ciao \m/

Other places to visit around Coorg are: Nisargadhama, Harangi Dam, Dubare Elephant camp, Irupu Falls, Nagarhole forest, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Have covered these with family.
Album: (Harangi Dam, Nisargadhama, Irupu falls, Nagarhole, Dubare Elephant Camp)
Coorg , Dubaare , Nagarhole: ( 11’12/6/2011)
PICASA WEB: (Full photos)

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March 11, 2012 at 10:32 am

46) Kanva Reservoir 2nd Anniversary Ride: (28/11/2011)

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Place: Kanva Reservoir.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Kanva Reservoir.
Particiapants: Vineeth(Red monster) > Madhu(Barca) > Ashok(Classic K350) > Arvind(White knight) > Arun(Turr/Slowpoke) > Karthik(Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar200 > Unicorn > CB Unicorn > Pulsar150.
This was a run to mark the 2ndanniversary of our club. Took us back to the Maddur visit we had pulled off exactly 2 years back. But yeah this time it was Kanva Reservoir.


This trip was like most of the other trips we’ve done; it was unplanned and decided all of a sudden. Morning I was up at 06:00hrs, I could see all the events that had taken place two years back clear as crystal water. The uncertainty involved in the first trip is something which has remained buried deep within the club forever. So.., I wore my regular attire & headed towards our bakery to meet others and ask them about the day’s plan.
TIME: 10:00 hrs

As I reached the bakery, others were waiting there but yeah they had mixed opinions on the riding out of town. Ashok, Arvi, Madhu were ready… Arun was unsure… Vineeth who said no initially, finally agreed to join us. Finally after 3 hours it was a complete GO GO ( Ha-ha yeah time flies when at bakery). So we had lunch near college and departed Bengaluru.
TIME: 14:00 hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanva Bakery – Kanva)
First things first, we rode to the petrol bunk and filled up and hit SH-17. It was pretty hot, but SH-17 being 4-lane offered little resistance to riders. Memories of our first trips kept flashing before our eyes throughout as we passed “HOTEL VISION” near Bidadi. We had stopped at this place 2 years back shivering in cold and hands totally numb and pain of riding 30kms. After a few minutes we reached the outskirts of Ramnagar to reach our signature pre-Kanva bakery stop.
We had few drinks and brought some snacks and headed off towards Kanva. We took a right deviation on Mysore road and continued 8kms more to reach this wonderful reservoir.
TIME: 15:30 hrs


KANVA: (Welcome home again)
Well out of the previous 8 trips, we have been here 6 times… ha-ha that goes to show how much we enjoy being at this place. But yeah things were different this time, the entire place was green, filled with plants and the water level had risen considerably.

We decided to go to our regular spot on the other side of the reservoir near the boulder. To our amazement this ride kept getting interesting and fun. The tracks which used to lead us seemed completely green. So we somehow managed to get a little far on the right track only to find water bodies blocking our path. And oh yeah there was slush mud present all around it.
So we stopped, wondering what to do next…, as we pondered we started the good old skipping stones game. After a few minutes we decided to go to the original spot itself. Arvi & Ashok led the way and we followed them through the slushy mud one-after the other cautiously to make it to the boulder and we had another surprise instored.

The place seemed to have a greenery boost everywhere. Last visit this stretch was totally desert like with sand and dry mud. This time it was total slush and plants. We rode a little further and called it a stop.

TIME: 15:30 hrs

We had a few snacks, then checked the water for snakes, broken bottles and other dangers and finally it was a green signal.
Only Arvi, Ashok and me were ready to take a dip. So… we decided to have the bottle competition again. The memories of Ashok’s birthday and my birthday were freshened. We spent about an hour in the water and finally decided to get out and dry up.

Once we got out, Ashok took over show with his Caveman tricks… to keep us well entertained.
Ps: Entertained trust me  is an under statement, we were crying out in laughter as our stomach was in deep shit pain, tears kept rolling down as we couldn’t handle the laughter marathon created by Classic K350 i.e, Ashok.
Finally pulling ourselves back together we left the wonderful reservoir Kanva.
TIME: 17:15 hrs

RIDE 2: (Kanva – Bengaluru ; Perfect Sync Ride)
Even though this ride was just formality, this trip’s ride is something I’ll remember forever. As Vineeth’s Pulsar200 had a new bore in the engine, the speed had to be kept below 60kmphr. The other 3 bikes dropped back allowing him to lead the way and we kept the formation intact for the next hour or so to reach back our bakery. This was exactly the same way we had rode on 28/11/2009.
TIME: 18:45 hrs
We had some tea and spent about 30mins & left to reach back our respective houses.
TIME: 19:30 hrs


Well… this trip no doubt was a short one, but yeah the amount of time travelling we had done in our minds was incomparable. We had looked back at the 2 years of travelling we had done along side each other and how these two years of travelling had changed each one of us as persons.
We had completed 25 trips at the end of first year, 25th being the idle Melukote trip. At end of two years the 46thtrip was completed. Yeah we wanted to bring upto 50, but for us numbers do not matter, what attire we wear on trips do not matter, what bikes we ride do not matter, what food we eat do not matter, as long as we keep riding with the free spirit. And yeah one thing and the only thing that matters and which has been maintained in these 2 years and hopefully will be maintained in the coming years is the riding discipline on the roads. 

It’s not about how YOU ride; it’s about how you ride as a part of a group” – written by us only haha:P

Alright here’s a list of some of our major/epic/crazy/mental trips (Or what we think are the best trips)
Hope you enjoy reading them ta-da Cia\m/
[1] Maddur – Ride into Uncertainty.
[2] Mekedatu – Destination Danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley – In search of mighty ones.
[22] Talakadu – Colossal trip .
[26] BR hills – Coldest ride since 117 years.
[27] Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Peek into the afterlife.
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven 500kms ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam – Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki, Barachukki – Twin hills and twin falls ride; 600kms one day.
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, Tonnur Kere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura Bird Sanctuary – Ride into the unexplored.
[45] Hognekkal waterfalls – Hit & Run the blood filled memories on road.



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44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)

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Place: Mahadevapura.
Distance: 135 x 2  = 270kms. ( Our circuit came upto 350 kms as we ended up in Mysore).
Directions: Bengaluru – Ramnagar – Maddur  – Mandya – Left turn – Arakere – Mahadevpura.
Particiapants: Chethan(Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Alright this was an old-school smooth sailing run to cover this wonderful bird sanctuary. The place is pretty hard to find but yeah, worth all the effort put in finding it.

Well actually we had planned to visit this place on 31/8/2011, instead ended up at Muthathi.
So… on the previous night i.e, 9/10/11 made a study a about this place and yeah all the places around it too, you never know where we’ll be ending up ha-ha!!
And finally Zethu was the only person on the confirmed list.
TIME: 23:00 hrs.

I was up at around 04:00hrs sharp had a sip of coffee, did a few push ups and was set to go. Then got a call from Zethu and we decided the meet up point to be Rajarajeshwari Nagar Gate. So… without wasting anytime reached the gate. About 10 minutes latter Zethu joined me.
TIME: 04:30 hrs

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Maddur)
This was an 80kms stretch. It was pretty cold and the roads were wet as it had rained the previous night. But yeah we started off slow to get used to the conditions, and it was smooth sailing from then to reach Maddur.
TIME: 06:30 hrs


RIDE II: ( Maddur – Mahadevpura)
At the outskirts of Maddur we witnessed a beautiful sunrise and without wasting anytime we carried on to reach Mandya, from here on directions had to be asked.
After Mandya we took a left turn and continued further, the roads were good and the surroundings were brilliant. We cruised past the green fields and lake and also through some villages (Kodyala, Arakere)


Again asking fro further directions we continued further to spot the Arakere lake, but decided to visit it on our way back. Finally after sometime we reached the Mahadevpura Bridge, it was a wonderful sight all around and river Cauvery was in full flow. When asked about directions to the actual place, we got back a straight forward answer saying that was the actual place :P ha-ha. So we finally caught hold of a localite there, and spoke to him for a good 15-20mins and finally when we spurted out the golden word “Katte” he gave us proper directions.

Yeah that’s the word one should be asking for in-case somebody wants to visit this place. After getting proper directions we sailed smoothly and reached this wonderful place.
TIME: 09:00 hrs

It was an excellent place and worth all the trouble we had taken finding it. The force of the water was tremendous so we could not walk on the bund. Check out the snaps taken, it expresses way better.
After spending about 20 mins at the Anicut we decided to walk & explore the place, and yeah we both were the only people in at-least 2km radius so bike’s safety was not a problem. We started walking but the road seemed never ending, so went back and started the wonderful off-road bird safari on our bikes.

RIDE III: (Bird Safari)
We were about 10min into the ride, when all of a sudden two huge blue creatures flew right across our bikes. We stopped at the right moment to witness these creatures fly across the river to the other side. It was peacocks, first thing I wondered was can peacocks fly?? :P
We also spotted a lot storks, cranes, lucky black bird, and many other strange birds. Ba-ba Bird was definitely the word that day ha-ha!!
After the sanctuary ride we decided to spend sometime sitting on the rocks watching the birds fly around us. Oh yeah I was still in search of the perfect snake!!
Finally… we reached back the “Katte and had one final look at this wonderful place.
TIME: 10:30 hrs

RIDE IV: (Mahadevpura – Mysore)
As we left Mahadevpura, we kept going until a we spotted a board which read “Mysore 10kms”, ha-ha!! We had no choice so we reached Mysore, did one full lap around it and got back on our home ground SH-17 (Mysore road).

RIDE V: (Mysore – Maddur)
After a drinks break at Mysore, we decided the next stop would be at Maddur for breakfast. So this stretch was a non-stop ride, and SH-17 being a 4-lane road didn’t offer any difficulties.
So reached Maddur at about 13:00 hrs and finished a heavy meal. Then we were thinking of visiting Kanva or not. Only one game could decide this , Rock-Paper-Scissor Ha-ha :P
TIME: 13:30 hrs


RIDE VI: (Maddur – Kanva)
This was 40km stretch; all we had to do was stay awake. We rode non-stop to reach this wonderful reservoir at about 14:00hrs. We didn’t spend much time here, we sat in the shade for sometime and decided to leave.
TIME: 14:30 hrs


RIDE VII: (Kanva – Bengaluru)

This was 60km stretch though a formality one , but yeah had to keep our eyes wide open this time  ha-ha!! Okay… as we reached Ramnagara the skies turned dark, we pulled over and wrapped up all our belongings in a towel which was kept safely in my bag. Then i asked “You ready for this bro?”, then Zethu replied “Seen worse man…” haha!!


As we started to ride all hell broke loose, Sh-17 was totally flooded about 1/4th to ½ the tyre was under water, not just stand still water, but flowing as well. It was a hard ride but a memorable one as we were the only bikers riding all others had pulled over along the road side. We reached back Jnana Bharati split stop in one piece thankfully ha-ha!!

TIME: 15:45 hrs

Once we reached the stop we had a good laugh at the ride and left to our respective homes.
Overall this was a classic run to a new place and to get back some momentum to our overall run.
(And yeah as some Extra’s, I directly went to college ground after this trip and ran a few rounds to get back some warmth in body ha-ha!!)
Ta-ta !!




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January 13, 2012 at 6:08 am

43) Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva: (5/10/2011)

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Nelligudde kere(N.G Lake),Big Banyan, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Distance: 150kms.
Directions: Bengaluru >RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > N.G lake > Kanva.
Participants: Adithya (Kg) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar.
Previous visit: Ramangar, Manchinbele, Kanva.
Budget: Rs100/h.
This was another 150km trip to cover these three water bodies. Intially we had only one in mind but ended up covering the other two as well!! Manchinbele and Kanva are well known as far as this new Nelligude Lake is concerned, it was an accidental find that made it even more special.

Well as far as the planning goes, it was spontaneously planned trip. Kg and me were sitting at our college ground (preparing for placements :P), it was noon and as the temperature kept rising the thought of cooling down occurred. So we went back to my place and had an excellent lunch and left to Kanva. Oh yea it was also Ayudh Pooja :)
TIME: 13:00hrs


RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Manchinebele)
As Kg hadn’t seen Manchinbele before, we decided to see it as well on the way. So this first stretch was for about 35kms. Started off with Mysore road (SH-17) cruised along comfortably till RRDC and took a right turn here which would lead us to Manchinbele.
In a matter of 15-20mins we were at the Big Banyan tree. As Kg hadn’t seen this place we visited this place as well.
TIME: 14:00 hrs

Well we took a slow stroll around this huge magnificent tree and without wasting any time we left or our next destination.
Manchinbele is about 5-8kms from the Big Banyan tree so it was not long before we got hold of the “first epic glimpse” of this palce.
TIME:14:30 hrs

The first view of this place is something I’ll never tired off. It was spectacular as always. As visitors were temporarily banned from getting into water as 8 deaths had been occurred in the past month (and the water is dirty and not safe) we decided roll on.

RIDE II: (Manchinbele – NG lake)
To be frank I was expecting an encounter with this beauty in our last trip, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So took another route as we cruised along the excellent roads, surrounded by greenery and fields hoping to re-join SH-17, there it was!!
TIME: 15:00 hrs

Blue, crystal clear, greenery are some of words which describe this place. It was no doubt excellent place, and oh yeah no visitors made it even better. And yeah I will never forget that joy within me of accidentally discovering this place. We spent about 30 mins at this place and finally left very satisfied, though our main destination was still waiting for us ha-ha!!
TIME: 15:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( NG lake – Kanva)
This was about a 30kms stretch of easy riding. We continued riding amidst the fields to reach back Mysore road. We cruised along SH-17 without taking any stops to reach Kanva in about 30-40 mins.
TIME: 16:00hrs


Well to be frank again we never felt like we were at some destination, we felt we were back at home ha-ha!! First things first, we found ourselves a decent spot and as both were ready to get down in water, we parked the bike ashore; made sure the spot was good to go and jumped into the water.
We spent about 90 mins in the water, swimming and playing the fool around with the boatman. Speaking about unwanted people and other shit. Finally when tired we decided to get out of the water.
Once we were out of the water, we witnessed a beautiful sunset, and oh yeah did some experiments with photos as shown in the photographs haha :)
TIME: 18:00hrs

RIDE IV: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
This was a 60kms stretch from home to home :P. Mysore road being a 4-lane road offered very less resistance and we cruised along at a decent pace to reach college first. We finished a light dinner at our college and left to our respective homes.
TIME: 20:00 hrs


This might have been a small run on the road, but it was something special as we kept chatting all along the way and running into a new place felt great. And hell yeah, my bike got the best Ayudh pooja done at my second home haha, and this run shall be called the “Thrin reservoir ride”.


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January 4, 2012 at 11:52 am

42) Ramnagar, Kanva, Manchinbele : (25/9/2011)

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Place: Ramnagar, Manchinbele & Kanva..
Distance: 150kms (total).

Directions: Bengaluru > RRDC > Big Banyan > Manchinbele > Kanva > Ramnagar > Bangaluru .
Participants: Vineeth > Manoj > Zethu > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Pulsar 200(2) > Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Muthathi – The forest ride.



This was another classic run to cover two reservoirs and the town of Ramnagara. Most of the riding was during noon so our energies were being sapped during most of the trip.

As far the planning goes this was a spontaneously planned trip. 5am I called up Zethu and asked whether he was willing to ride. But finally the plan got cancelled. The uneasiness kept creeping inside me, so I called back at around 10am and said we would ride. Oh yeah Vineet and Manoj who were hanging around near college decided to join too.


Our first meet was at my place where Vineet and Manoj joined me at around 10:30 am, latter we went to Mysore road (SH-17) and waited for Zethu who joined us after about 30mins.
TIME: 11:30hrs


RIDE-I: (Bengaluru – Manchinbele)

Well this was a good stretch of about 35kms. So all we had to do was watch out for vehicles and oh yeah keep Vineeth and Manoj in control ha-ha!
We cruised till RRDC and took a right turn here, this would lead us to Big Banyan & Manchinbele.
The roads after the deviation were good as well, it was not long before Vineeth broke loose and started shredding the road. After about 10-15 minutes we reached Big Banyan, since all of us had seen this place before we decided to skip it.
Continuing further in a matter of another 10-15mins we got the “first epic glimpse” of the Manchinbele.
TIME: 12:00hrs


The “first view” of this place is never disappointing. We were very delighted, but we couldn’t go until water as 8 deaths had occurred in the past 15 days or so. So had a good look at the reservoir and planned to continue further to join SH-17.

RIDE 2: ( Manchinbele – Kanva dhaba)
This was a good 15-20kms excellent stretch. This was our first time riding this stretch, the surroundings were brilliant. Green fields and mountains all along made riding a pleasure. After about 20mins we joined SH-17 (Mysore road).
As we re-joined SH-17 we had a bummer, Zethu told us he had to turn back to Bengaluru due to unavoidable circumstances. So as Zethu departed back, we decided to drop by a dhaba for lunch as our tummies were growling and then head to Kanva.
TIME: 14:00hrs


After a real heavy lunch we decided to head to Kanva. It is about 8kms from the dhaba, so cruising at a decent pace we reached the wonderful reservoir. When asked others about their call on getting into the water it was unfortunately a “No & No”.
So there was no point in only me jumping into the water, so we decided to spend some time on the shore. It was not long before Manoj and Vineeth broke loose again, performing burn outs etc.. etc… throwing dust all around the place. After spending about 90mins at this place ewe decided to leave.

RIDE III: (Kanva – Ramnagara hills)
This was about a 20kms stretch. We rode at decent pace to reach Ramngara, took a left deviation and continued further towards Ramnagar hills. The last stretch was simply brilliant, few hair pin curves and greenery all around.
TIME: 04:00hrs

Once we reached the hills, we were tired as we had ridden only below the sun throughout the trip. So decided to sleep at the temple for sometime and leave.
We had a good 30-45mins nap in front of the temple and decided to leave back to Namma Bengaluru

RIDE IV: (Ramnagar – Bengaluru)
This was around 50 km stretch. All we had done was stay awake and watch out for vehicles. Reached my place in about an hour, spoke for sometime and departed to our respective homes for some well deserved rest.
TIME: 17:45hrs



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December 18, 2011 at 6:50 am

41) Muthathi – forest ride (Muthati): (31/8/2011)

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Place: Muthathi – The Forest ride(Mutati).
Distance: 100 x 2 = 200kms.
Directions: Bengaluru > Bidadi > Chenpatna > Sathnur > Mutathi > Sathnur > Kanakpura > Bengaluru.
Participants: Manohar > Sp.
Bikes: GS150 > Pulsar.

This was another 200kms classic and formal trip to this wonderful place. It was a green forest ride throughout and Bird was definitely the word ha-ha !!

As far as the planning goes, initially we had thought of Mahadevpura the bird sanctuary. When asked others about their call on this one, only 4 of us were ready to go. So the departure timings was set to 06:00hrs and we crashed.
TIME:23:00 (30/8/2011)

I was up at around 4am, had coffee and did a few push-ups, and I was all set to go ha-ha. I left my place at around 5:30 am, and went near college to find nobody. The clock hit 6’O clock and still nobody were to be seen, so called up others. Manu responded back and joined in a few minutes. Both us waited for a good 30 minutes and kept calling others and finally when we didn’t get any reply we decided to change the place to Muthati. After a 60 minutes wait we departed.
TIME: 06:30 hrs.

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Bidadi)
This was 30kms stretch. As the sun was just coming up, it was icy cold. We rode at a decent pace to cruise past RRMC and pulled over at a hotel at bidadi to have the famous “Bidadi Thate Idly” for breakfast. And trust me it is one of the must-have foods on SH-17 (Mysore road). We spent about 30 minutes on breakfast and sat on road side having coffee.
TIME: 07:30 hrs.

RIDE II: (Bidadi – Chenpatna – Sathnur)
This was a 60kms stretch, but yeah excellent roads throughout. We started from Bidadi to cover 25-30kms cruising past Ramnagar to reach Sathnur circle in Chenpatna. From here we took a left turn to continue on the Kabbala road.
This road is perfect for riding, surface and the surroundings are excellent. And after 20-30 minutes we spotted the Kabbalu hill, to be frank I was numb staring at that hillock. It took me back to 26th of January 2011 ( Click here to read the article). We took a small 10 mins stop and continued further to reach Sathnur.
TIME: 08:15 hrs

RIDE III: ( Sathnur – Muthati)
Alright this was the main intention of this entire trip, the “ Muthathi forest ride” began from here. Once we passed Sathnur about 5kms was in pretty bad condition. Once we completed this stretch Manu spotted 2 peacocks on the road-side. We rode very slowly through the forest enjoying the greenery and not disturbing the flora & fauna of the place. The forest was lush green and seemed much thicker when compared to our last visit to this place on 19/03/2011 (Click here to read about our previous visit)
Okay here is on of the “to-do” things during the ride, there are several places where you do not require your engine running. So switch off your engines and allow your bike to take you… and trust me don’t be surprised if your doing 80+ kmphr ha-ha!!.But yeah safety of not only oneself but also the animals must be taken into account.
We spotted a lot different species of birds and small creatures like squirrels etc., after sometime we reached the famous temple on the way, we parked our bikes and went exploring into the forest.
We reached the top of a small falls, but the surroundings was just magnificent. Then we realized that we hadn’t reached the actual place only ha-ha, so without wasting much time we carried on to reach Muthathi.
TIME: 10:00 hrs.

We reached the place where we had spent our last visit. To our amazement the place was totally flooded. The river Cauvery was in full flow, the force was tremendous and Mutathi being known for a lot cheating deaths we didn’t want to any risks. So we decided to go in search of a safer palce.
Ps: The actual place “ Mutathi” is not a very neat place, so going off-road once you spot the river is a good move.
So in a matter of 10-15 minutes we were at the new spot after some off road biking. We found for ourselves the perfect stop where a small stream had branched out from the main river. The forest surrounding us was thick, and it was very peaceful. We took off our shoes and kept our feet in the cold flowing waters after which we went on a small walk along the river bed. We did spot some weird insects like a pink dragonfly, purple dragonfly etc… After which we had a quick nap and decided to leave this wonderful place unwillingly.
TIME: 11:30 hrs

RIDE IV: ( Muthati – Kanakpura )
This was about a 60kms stretch. We decided to take the Kanakpura route and make the ride a little and nice circuit. So we rode pretty slow from Muthati to spot a variety of birds and small creatures. Oh yeah we saw dead squirrel on the road too, carried it to the roadside and wished for its peace. We took a lot of breaks amidst the forest on purpose as we wanted to grab all the fresh oxygen before heading back to the city, Once we reached Sathnur we rode at a decent pace to reach Kanakpura.
TIME: 12:45 hrs.

KANAKPURA : (Brunch stop)
We stopped at our regular hotel in Kanakpura as our tummies were grumbling. We had a good brunch to fill up our tummies as we had another 50kms to go.

RIDE V: (Kanakpura – Bengaluru)
This was a 50kms stretch. It was just formality to complete this stretch. The roads were very good with excellent curves and scenery. We reached the entry of NICE road and took it to reach Bsk 3rd stage in a matter of 15-20 minutes. We sat at the NICE road exit for about 30 mins and decided to leave back to our respective homes to mark the end of this classic trip..
TIME: 14:30 hrs

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40) Markonahalli dam, Tonnur kere, Melukote, Kanva: (30/7/2011)

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Place: Markonahalli dam, Tonnur Kere, Melukote, Pandavpura, Kanva.
Distance: 400kms – total circuit.
Directions: Bengaluru > Nelmanagala > Kunigal > Marko dam > Melukote > Tonnur kere > Pandavpura > Maddur > Kanva.
Participants: Datta (Dattu) > Chethan (Zethu) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.
Previous visit: Kanva – Rain ride.
Budget: Rs400.

This was another classic old school run to cover these 4 places, 400kms in one day. Markonahalli reservoir is less known or likely unheard of, Tonnur lake is pretty famous. As of Melukote it’s very famous, and Kanva our home :)

My Dad was the one who enlightened me about Markonahalli dam and suggested me to visit it. So I made a detailed study about this place and formulated a small circuit which would run for about 400 kms. The initial plan was to cover 3 places and riding on 3 major high-ways. As of the participants, only Zethu and Dattu we on the confirmed list and we decided to hit the road. The meet up was scheduled at a junction near Tumkur road at about 06:00hrs.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (29/7/2011)

04:00 hrs, I was up and had coffee. After a few push-ups I was all set to go ha-ha… At about 05:30 hrs I left my place, it was dark and cold. Cruising comfortably through the outer ring road I reached the junction to find the others already waiting for me.
After a small re-union chat, we decided hit the road first one being NH-4 (Tumkur road)
TIME: 06:00 hrs

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Anchepalya tea break)
This stretch was for about 50kms. As we hit NH-4 (Tumkur road) we both we running low on fuel. So had to search for a petrol bunk and re-fuel. After cruising past small towns, we reached Nelamangala. We took a left deviation to join NH-48 (Mangalore highway). After the deviation we rode for about 30 kms to stop for a small tea break on the highway.
TIME: 07:15 hrs.

RIDE II: (Anchepalya – Markonahalli dam)This stretch was for about 60kms. After the tea break, we decided to hit the road and so we did. We rode at a decent pace on NH-48. It is a brilliant highway, 4 lane huge and wide road. It offered very less trouble for riders. We cruised passed Kunigal in no time to reach Yadiyur. We took a left deviation at this place, a 5-10kms ride from this place would lead us to our reservoir.
TIME: 08:30 hrs.

After riding about 8kms from the deviation on NH-48 we caught the first glimpse of the magnificent place. Crystal blue waters reflecting the suns rays was a sight we all remember. The green grass, cool wind and oh yeah, zero visitors made the place so much more beautiful :)

We had to do a little off-road riding again in the slushy muddy terrain of the fields to reach the water. Once we reached the water we started the good old game “Skipping stones”.
We spent about 45 mins playing this game, enjoying every moment of it. The size of the stones was a variable :P haha, and with Zethu’s jokes and dattu’s singing entertainment was something we never ran short off.

After the games, we decided to walk on the bund and have a look at the dam gates and the canal. Dattu’s sang all the way on the bund (Song: Bird is the word).

Marko dam is very similar to Kanva reservoir, but much bigger and well maintained as the visitors are less. Ad we reached the gates, it was locked. So we sat on the benches provided and spoke about our college days for sometime and decided to leave this wonderful reservoir as we had minimum of 2 more places on our minds.
TIME: 10:00 hrs.

RIDE III: (Markonahalli-Melkote)
This was another 60 kms stretch of excellent riding. We reached Bellur Cross CCD in a matter of 20 minutes. And we reached the Adichunchanagiri junction as we had to take a left deviation at this place. But as our tummies were growing, we stopped at a small hotel on the highway to finish of a quick breakfast. After about 40 minutes, we left the hotel, and we took the deviation and we were en route Melukote.
TIME: 11:15 hrs.

The road which connects NH-48 and Melkote is simply brilliant. It wa heavenly to ride on such a road. Green beautiful fields on both sides of the road, less traffic made riding conditions ideal. Not only surroundings, but the surface of the road was also butter smooth and there were very less pot-holes and bumps. Finally the wonderful ride came to an end as we reached Melukote.
TIME:12:00 hrs.

As we reached Melukote, we parked our bikes and visited the Kalyani first (Aaptarakshaka was shot at this place). After this we went to the green fields and started climbing up the rocks. The climate became breezy and cool. We started discussing the various techniques of rock climbing and getting out of a tough situation during treks etc.,

After some more time of fooling around we decided to take a small nap in the fields. About 1.5 hrs had passed like this in the fields and finally we got up to realise we had forgotten about the temple ha-ha.
TIME: 13:30 hrs.
As we entered the temple, it was a little crowded with a long queue. So finished a quick Darshana and grabbed a bottle of juice and decided to leave Melukote, next destination being Pandavpura.
TIME: 14:00 hrs.

RIDE IV: (Melukote – Tonnur Kere)
With 2 hours spent at Melukote we left towards Pandavpura. As Zethu had been to this place before, he led the way. Again greenery was something we could see throughout this 20kms stretch. Oh yeah we even managed to grab a sugarcane from a moving bullock cart ha-ha. After about 30 minutes of riding we reached Tonnur lake.
TIME: 14:30 hrs.

Believe me it was huge, I mean real huge. I was expecting a small lake but this thing was frikking huge. The wind speed was another thing remarkable, it was so windy the water kept splashing on the steps on we sat on.

Zethu suggested to trek up the hill to visit an old temple and also to get the best view of the entire place. So Dattu & me started trekking up, it was a neat trek. The windy conditions made it that much harder, in a matter of 30 minutes we managed to sneak our way to the top.

After reaching the top, we were amazed at the view of the water body… It had just grown in size ha-ha. The wind speed kept picking up, It was a challenge to just to stand straight up right, honest. Finally we went to the temple on top and decided to trek back. And like always for dattu it was like another morning walk :D. The decent was pretty quick and we re-joined Chetu and decided to leave Tonnur Kere.
TIME: 15:15 hrs.

RIDE V: (Tonnur kere – Maddur)
As we left tonnur kere we realised that we forgotten about lunch stop. So we decided to stop at Maddur. With the 3 places under our belt we decided to head back home. We joined SH-17 at Srirangapatna at about 16:00 hrs. Maddur is about 60-70 kms from Srirangapatna. SH-17 being a 4-lane, offered very little resistance and we sailed smoothly to reach maddur.
TIME: 17:00 hrs.

Ah well our Adda haha, ordered food well actually lunch. After a heavy meal, had some coffee and we went outside on the highway for a quick stretch. Then we realised that dattu hadn’t been to Kanva before. So no more questions were on our minds regarding the next destination haha!!
TIME: 17:30 hrs.

RIDE VI: (Maddur tifany’s – Kanva)
This stretch was for about 40-50kms. We cruised along SH-17 to reach Kanva in a matter of 30 minutes. We could see the sun going down, so we decided to witness the sunset at this magnificent reservoir or simply “home” :P.
TIME: 18:00 hrs.

Well Kanva – our second homes. It had turned chilly cold, so thoughts of getting down in water were removed. We sat on the grass for sometime talking about our previous epic 600 km one day ride. But for the day we had done about 350kms, and had to do 50kms more. But our energy levels were least bit effected, as we started searching for flat stones and there we were at it again “Skipping stones” haha!!
Finally after 45 minutes we witnessed one of the best sunsets ever seen. Dattu also completed a successful lap at kanva. Finally we left this wonderful reservoir as darkness descended.
TIME: 19:00hrs.

RIDE VII: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
As we left kanva, darkness descended in a matter of minutes. The weather turned icy cold & it started to drizzle as well. And the traffic on SH-17 increased drastically. We pulled over at a petrol bump at Ramnagar and re-fuelled for a few extra bucks as we knew what had to be done next.
Once we left Ramnagar, there was no stopping us. We had to play dodge-balls with the cars, buses, and tempos to show we knew SH-17 better haha. The darkness combined with rain made it challenging to ride, but we enjoyed every moment keeping safety the first priority. In less than hour we made it to Jnana Bharati “Split” Stop.
TIME: 19:45 hrs.

Ah it was a great feeling, first I made it to the stop. In a matter of 5-10 minutes Zethu and dattu arrived as well. We parked our bikes, switched off the engines and sat on the road side. And oh yeah smiling at the vehicles we had put behind as they rode past us.
Finally we split our different ways to reach our respective homes.
TIME: 20:45 hrs.


Zethu: Ah well, rode like there was no tomorrow. Led the way and introduced us to Tonnur Kere. His tricky jokes kept the humorous spirit up and high.
Dattu: Haha, his songs and imitations were more than we could ask of to keep us entertained. And yeah, successfully completed avenger run at kanva :)
Sp: Was very happy about the old school run.



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November 2, 2011 at 5:50 am

39) Kanva reservoir – Rain ride : (25/7/2011)

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Place: Kanva reservoir.
Distance: 60 x 2 = 120kms.
Directions: Bengaluru > Bidadi > Ramnagar > Kanva.
Participants: Dileep (Isro) > Madhu ( Madho) > Arun (Slowpoke) > Karthik (Sp).
Bikes: CB Unicorn > Pulsar.
Previous visit: MM hills, BR hills, Shivanasamudra – 600kms one day ride.
Budget: Rs100/h.

Well this was on the get away trips to our adda Kanva. But the best part of this entire trip was the heavy flooded ride back to the city of Bengaluru !! :)

This was one of those trips which just happen all of a sudden. 25th of July 2011 was a Monday, So Dileep and me decided to meet at my place and go to college. As we were going towards college, I saw a towel in his bag and since I carry a towel always , name’s of water places around Bengaluru started flowing through my head. Finally we decided on Kanva.
TIME: 10:00hrs
Well about the plan as said earlier Kanva was confirmed, so asked others about their call on the trip. After sometime only Arun and Madhu were on the confirmed list, we decided to have lunch and then leave to the reservoir to cool down from the scorching heat from the sun.
TIME: 12:30hrs

RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Kanva)
We departed at about 1pm, we rode non –stop on Mysore road, crossing Bidadi, and Ramnagar in very less time. A good 4-lane SH-17 offered very less resistance. After crossing Ramnagar it started drizzling, we took a small 5 minutes break and took a right deviation after Ramnagar to ride the last 8kms and reach Kanva.
TIME: 14:00hrs
KANVA: (adda)
As it had just drizzled, the weather had turned cool. This we weren’t expecting, but anyway we decided to take dip in the cold water. The water was shivering cold; all four of us caught hold of a bottle and started playing racing games etc.., An hour and 45 minutes passed finally we decided to head back to Bengaluru.
TIME: 15:45 hrs

RIDE II: (Kanva – Bengaluru)
Alright here comes the most thrilling part of this trip. As we left Kanva, it was a 60km ride back to Bengaluru. As we passed Ramnagar we looked up and we saw the black clouds above us. The winds hitting our faces turned icy cold. Ha-ha to be frank we all pumped up for a heavy rain ride back to the city.
At about 16:30 hrs, the clouds burst open and it poured like there was no tomorrow. The roads were flooded totally; balancing the bike became a joy. Each droplet of rain was like a bullet hitting on our faces.
After the rain slowed down, so did we for a small tea break. After the tea break the clouds burst open yet again. So we had ride extra cautiously to reach Bengaluru safely.
TIME: 17:45 hrs
We were cold and shivering. Drenched from head to toe, but was it worth it was the question.
Yup it was :)
Had some snacks, tea/coffee at the bakery and we left our respective houses.


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October 15, 2011 at 3:05 pm

38) MM hills, BR hills, Shivanasamudra: (7/7/2011)

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Place: MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki & Barachukki.
Distance: 600kms in total.
Bengaluru > Maddur > Mallavali > Gaganchukki > Kollegala > MM hills > Kollegala > BR hills > Kollegala > Barachukki > Maddur > Bengaluru.
Participants: Zethu > Sp.
Bikes: Avenger.
Previous Visit: Chitradurga & VaniVilas.
Facebook Page: MMhills, BRhills, Shivanasamudra album.
Budget: Rs550/h.
(You should go through this, no non-sense writing like me. Keeps it plain and simple).

Our biggest one day trips till date, 600kms of riding through forests, ghat roads, highways & village roads in a day. Closest encounter with elephants & bisons on bike.
Overall an excellent experience and 18hours on the road was simply heaven.

It was 2 weeks since our visit to the brilliant Chitradurga Fort & Vani Vilas Sagar Dam, Zethu wanted to ride out of Bangalore, Maddur, MM hills, Shivnasamudra were the options.
As far as the planning goes, we decided to cover Gaganchukki & MM hills. After we agreed on this, we crashed.
TIME: 23:30hrs (6/7/2011)
Next day I woke up at 04:00hrs did a few push ups and had some coffee. Went down as Zethu arrived we decided to take Mysore road ( SH-17)
Ps: Kanakpura Road is a better option, as Maddur to Mallavali road is horrible. But as it was dark we chose SH-17.
TIME: 05:00hrs

RIDE I: (Bengaluru–Chenpatna-Maddur)
This initial stretch was for about 80 kms, SH-17 an excellent 4-lane road offered very less trouble. We rode at a decent pace to reach Chenpatna & decided to take a tea break.
TIME: 06:15hrs
An excellent tea on the highway had 3 cups and continued towards Maddur which was around 25-30kms from there. In about half an hour we reached Maddur for breakfast.
TIME: 07:00hrs

Though both of us prefer South Indian breakfast, we pulled over at this place for a change to have breakfast. We also realized it had been exactly a year since our Epic school Reunion at Manchinbele Dam. After 10-15 mins of a quick breakfast we left.
TIME: 07:30hrs
RIDE II :( Maddur- Gaganchukki)
This stretch was for about 50kms, but had lots of bad stretches. So we rode slowly evading all the potholes and bad patches. Once we reached Mallavali the roads turned good and we continued at a decent pace to reach Gaganchukki – The first falls of Shivanasamudra.
TIME: 08:30hrs

We were very shocked as we were the only ones in the entire place, not even my good friend- White Bull wasn’t seen anywhere. But we were more than happy to have the entire place to ourselves ha-ha!! After spending a good 45 minutes this place just sitting at staring at the wonderful waterfalls, we left.
TIME: 09:15hrs

RIDE III: (Gaganchukki-MM hills)
This was a 120 kms stretch, we rode at a decent pace to reach Kolegala and we continued further towards the hills. As we left Kollegala, It was forest all around us, and the roads were very good. We spoke about our college days, imitating lecturers and we were pretty much laughing all throughout this stretch.
We took a small break; we got the first glimpse of the hills and trust me it was a mighty range. We could also hear the clouds rub each other creating a thunderous sound for a good 15minutes at a stretch.
TIME: 10:30hrs
After the break we continued our journey through the magnificent forests to reach the Arch which was the foot of MM hills.
TIME: 11:00hrs

RIDE IV: (MM hills ghat roads)
As we started ascending, the roads were very good. There are 27 hair-pin curves, and Zethu was negotiating each curve with joy. The scenery all along was just breath taking. But all this didn’t last for long, after we completed 13th HP curve, the roads turned bad, and we were forced to take several breaks.
As we continued we actually started descending, and we could find a lot of monkeys all along. The road continued to be bad, but as we reached the temple the view we got was simply heaven. It was worth riding through that bad stretch.
TIME: 12:00hrs

It’s a very civilized place. Very much like Tirupathi, fortunately there wasn’t much crowd on the day we went. So we prayed and hung around the premises for sometime and left as there was not much to see.
TIME: 12:45hrs

RIDE V: (MM hills Ghat)
We rode back the along the same way. The ride back was a quick one as it was a decent; in about 30-40minutes flat we were back at the arch.
Ps: Hogenekal falls is just 40kms from MM hills, though we thought of visiting the mighty falls we cancelled it and decided to head back home in the same route we had come.
TIME: 13:15hrs

RIDE VI: (MM hills – Kollegala)
We continued our way back to Kollegala, after covering a few kilometers we decided to stop amidst the forest and take a break. We were a little disappointed about MM hills though the last scenic view which we got is simply indescribable. And also it is believed that all our wishes at MM hills come true. Then I looked at Zethu and asked whether he could ride to BR hills as well. Zethu a soul just as crazy as me , well he was pumped up and we started riding back Kollegala when all of a sudden it started raining heavily just for a few minutes , and calmed down to drizzling.
TIME: 14:30hrs

RIDE VII: (Kollegala-BR hills)
As it was Drizzling it made riding conditions ideal, we took the shorter route from Kollegala which runs through village outskirts. It was not long before we got the first glimpse of the mighty BR hills.
TIME: 15:30hrs
We continued further to reach the entrance, spoke to guard and registered our bikes at the forest check post and finally entered BR hills.
Ps: Forest travel timings are between 06:00hrs to 18:00hrs.
TIME: 15:45hrs

RIDE VIII: (BR hills – 10 to12 Wild Elephants, 5 to 6 Bison’s, 1 fat lazy eagle: P)
It was my 4th or 5th visit to this wonderful place, I was telling Zethu how I hadn’t spot any animals on our previous visit to BR hills. Next moment my voice had stopped, there was this herd of elephants (probably 7-8 elephants) which had blocked the road. We stopped a few minutes and allowed it to take its own time to move. We stood there looking at these big creatures, and we decided to move on as we didn’t want to disturb it, as we were the visitors.
As we continued further we saw another huge elephant with big tuskers, as it was alone it meant more danger so we stopped for a few minutes and rode on.
Ps: Elephants are most dangerous when alone or when they feel their young ones are in danger; else they are very peaceful creatures.

As we rode on, I was choked ha-ha; no words were coming out of my mouth. Though many visitors in cars warned us that there were elephants ahead and advised us to turn back, it only got us more excited and that was the exact reason we were there in the first place.

We spotted 5-6 wild bison grazing on road side; there ferocious charge was something to be aware off. But these were really lazy and even posed for a photograph ha-ha..
We continued further to reach the famous lake of BR hills, we had to stop here and we kept our senses alert as it was a wild day so far. As we continued we spotted another herd of elephants hiding amidst the bushes (I was literally high). Finally after all the excitement we reached the top.
TIME: 16:30hrs

Believe me, the weather was something else. It had just stopped drizzling, the cool breezy wind kept gushing at our faces. First things first visited the temple and prayed for everybody i knew and caught hold of a local kid and started chatting away. He told us that he had spotted 30 elephants the previous day along with a cheetah and all along the road side on his way to Kollegala.
Now to be frank the news got us excited & scared at the same time. After a good 30 minutes in the wonderful atmosphere of BR hills we departed.
TIME: 17:00hrs

RIDE IX: (BR hills-Kollegala-Barachukki)
This stretch was for about 60kms, we rode the forest stretch cautiously looking out for animals. I remember telling Zethu if we spot a cheetah it meant I belonged at this palce and I would live here like Mowgli ha-ha.. As we reached the check post we bid a good bye to the forest guards and we rode on for 10 kms and took a break to have some snacks.
TIME: 17:30hrs
It was only morning that we had eaten at Maddur , so we had some snacks and continued on. As wer reached Kollegala outskirts, we stopped at the border of Kollegala in fornt of the sign board as our bodies were starting to show signs of fatigue.
TIME: 18:00hrs
The sun was going down, we looked at the signboard which said “Shivanasamudra”, and we knew Barachukki was the only missing link in this entire trip, completing Barachukki also would mean a complete all round trip. So we rode on to reach Barachukki waterfalls.
Ps: The falls closes at 18:00hrs, but we spoke to the guard and he left us in.
TIME: 18:15hrs

BARACHUKKI: (Attainment of Inner Peace :P)
We parked the Avy, for some well deserved rest. We sat in front of the falls and just kept staring at it. It was such a wonderful feeling to forget all the city life, and worries associated with it. After spending about 30 minutes at this place we left back as darkness descended.
TIME: 18:45hrs
RIDE X: (Barachukki- Mallavalli- Maddur)
We rode at a slower pace as it was dark, we stopped at the outskirts of Mallavali and collected firewood from the trees nearby and tied to the bike (with the shoe lace on my hand- which gave up on Kabbalu death trek) as we plans of camping on the highway and returning to Bangalore the next day.
The Mallavalli – Maddur stretch was the scary and fun too, it was pitch black, and a two lane very bad road. It was filled with pot holes and deep patches. The next 90 minutes was complete hell ride. The cars and Lorries coming from the opposite direction with blinding high beam, and not forget the invisible bullock carts ha-ha… After a grueling 90mins we reached SH-17 our home ground. We were overjoyed that we had survived that stretch. We rode at faster pace to reach Maddur Tiffany’s for a well deserved meal after 14 hours.
TIME: 20:45hrs

We had a very nice meal, sat outside looking at the moon and speaking about the crazy day we just had even though we had 80 more kilometers to home. We decided to go home directly and the camping plan was pulled off.
TIME: 21:30hrs

RIDE: XI: (Maddur-Bengaluru)
This was a 80kms stretch, and even though it was just formality completing this stretch, our bodies were put to their limits not to forget Avy. We took regular breaks at Chenpatna, Ramnagar & Bidadi to reach my home.
TIME: 23:00hrs

This might sound funny, but we stayed up till 02:00hrs the next day watching movies. And finally Zethu crashed. For a guy who had just rode 600kms, it was time for some well deserved nap. I stayed up all night, sitting with my pet waiting for the sun to come up.
I would like to conclude this long article with by saying the following “this trip could be called the road trip which attained almost idleness, as there were no boundaries, no goals, no destination, no limits. It was freedom all the way.
And I guess we’re the first clan from Bengaluru to cover these four places in a day on bike as per my knowledge. 600kms in a day was no easy task, And oh yeah starting off with just Gaganchukki & MMhills , and covering all these places was something else:) “


ZETHU: Was on god-mode, rode the entire 600kms. Couldn’t have thought of a better person to speak and crack jokes all along.
AVY: Had pushed the bike to its limits, but it withstood everything. Next day first thing we did in the morning is have a look at this baby and made sure everything was alright. It was more than just a bike, a true companion.
SP: Only wish I could have tied an elephant to the bike and got it back home instead of the firewood ha-ha!!
Until Next time Cia \m/
PICASA ALBUM: (Check out all the photos here)


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August 14, 2011 at 4:27 pm

36) Shanmukha Temple & Manchinbele:(18/6/2011)

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Place: Shanmukha Temple & Manchinbele.
Distance: 90kms in total.
Bikes: Unicorn > GS > CB Unicorn > Pulsar.
Participants: Arun > Manu > Madhu(Gundi) > Sp.
Directions: Bengaluru > RR Nagar Arch > Shanmukha Temple > Mysore Road > RRDC > Manchinbele.
Previous visit: Maasti.
If you have less than 5 mins, Click here: Manchinbele- Basic information

Shanmukha temple is one of the best temples in Bengaluru, still under construction, but brilliant ambience & tranquility all around the temple. Well about Manchinbele, the perfect place to spent the morning if your bored at home. (Oh yea caught hold of a fish too :D)
It was exactly a week since the Coorg, Dubare Trip on my birthday (Thanks to mommy), But as it wasn’t a bike trip, we wanted to ride out of town , if not big a short trip atleast.
Arun, Madhu(Gundi), Manu & myself were the 4 in the confirmed list. So we decided to go somewhere near. When Gundi suggested the Shanmukha temple, everybody were quite happy and agreed on the place. And we all crashed.
TIME:23:00hrs (17/6/11)
RIDE I : (Bengaluru – Shanmukha temple)
Got up at 04:00hrs, warmed up a little ha-ha, had a small cup of coffee, and went down to take my bike out. After a few minutes Arun arrived at my place and we left towards Rajarajeshwari Arch where the other two would be joining.
TIME: 05:15hrs
We reached RR Arch in 5-10 mins , and waited for Manu & Madhu. After 15-20mins they showed up and we left towards the temple.
It was hardly 5kms from the Arch, so we rode at 30’s patrolling RR nagar early in the morning. We reached the temple in 15minutes.

Well to start off, the atmosphere at this place is just brilliant. We 4 parked our bikes & started climbing up the steps to the temple. We sat on the lawn and spoke about our holidays and how we were wasting time ha-ha!!
We enjoyed the beautiful scenery all around us. Oh yea we could see the NICE road the temple, it had always been the other way around until then.
The temple was still under construction and trust me it will one day become one of the best temples in Bengaluru.
Finally after an hour or so sitting there we left the temple.
As we left the temple, Gundi’s unicorn ran out of fuel. So Gundi & me went to get some petrol form the near by bunk, leaving Manu & Arun behind with the other 3 bikes. On reaching the petrol bunk, we tried searching for a bottle but couldn’t find one. So I sneaked into apartment and stole a 2 litre Coca Cola bottle ha-ha!! And I heard a shout form behind saying not to steal it. It was form the person for whom I was stealing the bottle for filling petrol :D , we ran and got back to our bikes and rushed to the petrol bunk , got some fuel and went back to meet others who were already roaming around on Gundi’s bike .
RIDE II: (Shanmukha – Manchinbele)
So finally once we had he fuel put into the bike, we hit the road. Since was a bit early , there was minimum traffic and that allowed us to cruise along at a decent pace to reach Rajarajeshwari Dental College, a right turn from here would directly lead us to Manchinbele , and so it did.

Well this is one of the best places to spend the morning if you are bored at home. The first view of this place is simple breadth taking. But getting down in water is highly not recommended as it is very dangerous.
So we went down near the water and started playing one of the oldest games known – “The Skipping Stones” , We played for about 30-40minutes, then sat down and started cracking jokes… Oh yeah we managed to get hold of a fish too :D
Once our tummies started Growling we knew it was time to head back home.

RIDE III:(Manchinbele-Bengaluru)
It was a 35kms of easy Riding. We thought of stopping at Big Banyan , but as we had seen it several times we didn’t. This last stretch was just formality Madhu & Manu went via Kengeri Satellite town, whereas Arun & I continued further to reach our homes safely.

Overall this trip was very good again; The calm ambience of the temple & the wonderful reservoir made this trip a memorable one.
Until Next time, Cia \m/

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August 5, 2011 at 4:29 pm

34) Maddur & Kanva : (26/4/2011)

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Place: Maddur & Kanva.
Distance: 200kms.
Bikes: Unicorn > Pulsar.
Participants: Arvind > Ashok > Arun > Sp.
Bangalore > Ramnagara > Chenpatna > Maddur > Chenpatna > Kanva >Bangalore.
Previous visit : Muthathi (Muthati) – Excellent forest ride.

Maddur our Paradise , & Kanva well our adda :P ha-ha !!! , well not much of writing on this article will just through the events that took place on this trip to Maddur & Kanva on Ashok’s birthday.
Well 26th of April, it was Ashok’s b’day, It was our 10th year together from high school… It was the day he turned 21 years old. It was a Tuesday( which meant all theory classes) , so we thought of bunking after the first two hours and hang out. But after the first two hours the entire class was playing cricket outside (Well that’s mechanical for you ha-ha!!)
I was sitting in the ground , all of a sudden Ashok came sat net to me & asked me whether I could ride to Maddur… Ha-ha !! jumped out of place…ran back home got my bike & we hit the road .
RIDE I : ( Bengaluru – Maddur)
Well Bangalore to Maddur is a Super Duper 4 lane road. It offers one of the best rides aroundBangalore. There were no troubles for Arun & myself who were riding.
(Would like to recall one funny incident which took place on Mysore road… as we were cruising on SH-17… Ashok who was sitting behind me took out a water bottle and drank water , when he was passing it back to Arvi who was sitting behind Arun .. the water splashed all over Arun’s helmet and bike… ha-ha !! we had to stop for a couple of mins )
We cruised through Ramnagara , Chenpatna to reach Maddur McD’s.
TIME:13:15 hrs

Maddur McD’s:
Well it was very hard not to touch Maddur Tiffany’s (our favorite restaurant on SH-17), but this was a different. We sat back relaxed & ate a good meal & fooled around the place bursting balloons by making the birthday boy sit on it ha-ha !!
Finally we decided to go to Kanva from there.

RIDE II : (Maddur-Kanva)
Kanva is about 30-40 kms from Maddur. Again SH-17 excellent road…. It took us steady good riding and yea we had to be awake after that heavy meal , so we rode at a slow pace and finally reached Kanva.
TIME: 14:40hr

Arvind & Ashok took my bike & went to a near by shop to get some Chips & juice at about 2pm , I was the first to jump into the water as I couldn’t take the heat from the sun above our heads, Ashok followed next.
At first Arun & Arvi refused to get down but eventually they were dragged into the chilly waters as well ha-ha!! We just layed down in the water looking at the sky , forgetting about our college totally ha-ha !! :P
After 1hour 15minutes we got out of the water and took a nap on the shore as our clothes dried up. Wearing back our shoes we left for Bangalore.

RIDE III : (Kanva – Bangalore)
This 50 to 60 kms stretch was just formality, rode non stop at a decent pace to reach back Bangalore safely.
TIME: 17:30hrs
Until next time Cia \m/



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July 20, 2011 at 4:24 pm

29) HimvadGopalaswamy hills(himavad gopalaswamy hills) : (5/2/2011)

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29) HimvadGopalaswamy hills : (5/2/2011)
Place: Himvadgopalaswamy Hills.
Distance: 250×2 = 500 kms.
Bikes: GS > Pulsar.
Participants: Manu > Arun > Sp.
Banglore > Mysore > Nanjungud > Gundelpet > Himvadgopalswamy Hills.
Previous Visit : Kabbladurga trek

Well this was the first biggest trip out of the trips we had covered so far, about 14 hrs of riding. First time encountering a cobra in the wild. It is the tallest peak of Bandipur Forest, famous for its Elephant sightings. Its about 70-80 kms from mysore.
Okay the initial plan was Yercaud the famous hill station in Tamil Nadu , then it was a fix between Himvad & Yercaud. Only Manu , Arun & myself were ready this time. So we decided to meet up at my place 04:00hrs and then decide the destination.
TIME: 23:00 hrs (4/2/2011)

RIDE I : ( Bangalore – Ramnagara )
03:00hrs I was up… washed my face , got ready and did a few push ups and went outside at around 4am, Surprisingly Arun showed up at exact 4:15am , and parked his bike in my garage , 10mins latter manu also showed up , we decided to go to Himvad as manu could meet his younger brother in Mysore. We left my house at around 4:30am.
Sh-17 is a brilliant road no doubt… but it was dark & it was very cold… we kept a decent pace of 60’s … one scary incident took place on Sh17.. An Indica which was going at good speed all of a sudden stopped n the middle of the road and we were right behind, somehow managed to evade it.
It started becoming really cold and hands began to shiver , so we stopped in front of Ramnagar jail & the first thing we did was keep our hands on the exhausts of our bikes ha-ha !! Had some biscuits & buns.
TIME: 05:00 hrs

RIDE II: (Ramnagar – Maddur – Srirangapatna)
After having snacks , maddur was decided as the next destination . We followed a truck and kept a safe distance from it. We reached Maddur Tiffany’s & opened the shutter of the hotel and asked if there was anything available Ha-ha !!
As the shooed us away we got back on our bikes and rode slowly in search of a hotel for tea/coffee . We kept riding and we reached Srirangapatna to witness on of the best sunrises till date.
TIME: 07:00hrs

RIDE III : (Srirangapatna – Mysore for Breakfast)
After spending about 30 mins on the highway wandering around we left for mysore. Mysore is about 20 kms from Srirangapatna.. we reached Mysore in about half an hour and found a decent hotel just before entering the Mysore – Nanjungud Road. had nice Idly Vada & Coffee And left towards nanjungud.
RIDE IV: (Mysore – Gundelpet – Himvadgopalswamy hills)
Nanjungud is about 25 kms from mysore , the road is kind of okay with a few patches here and there. After we reached nanjungud.. the roads became very good again… and we reached Gundelpet which is about 60kms from mysore in a very short amount of time. A 10km right deviation from lead us to the foot of the himvadgopalaswamy hills, where we encountered a checkpost.

RIDE V: ( Ghats Of Himvadgopalaswamy hills)
Well the entry prices had gone up nearly 10 times….
Cars: Rs50 to Rs500
Buses & Trucks : Rs200 to Rs2000
Bikes: Rs25 to Rs100
When enquired the police guard also said … we couldn’t take no plastics to the top and there was more bummers
1) Could spend only one hour at the top.
2) Going beyond temple premises was banned.
3) Two boys went missing into the forest a few weeks back.
So we were put in a dilemma whether to go or no…Manu said Bandipur , I exclaimed Waynad… but yeah after coming so far.. it wouldn’t fair of us to skip this place , so decided to go up.
The ride after the checkpost is through the forest ghats , and believe me the road is very bad. The ghat was steep and over that patches in between… it was fun riding in this stretch. We kept going checking out the beautiful valley below us and getting some fresh oxygen at higher altitude ha-ha!! Finally after 20-30 mins we reached he top.

At the top it was like a whole different world , it was so cool & breezy. We were a little disappointed that it wasn’t green , and no elephants could be sighted grazing around the temple. It’s usually very foggy and greenery prevails… truly a marvelous place.
We got the pooja done, and we could see the fog condensing as water on the walls … and we went outside and sat enjoying the tranquility and cool breezy wind. Then finally we left the temple after praying again for one last time.
TIME: 11:45hrs

RIDE VI : ( Temple – Check post ; Cobra encounter)
Okay we rode back as slow as possible down the ghats , negotiating the curves with caution. Then I spotted something move amidst the dried leaves… once I realized it was a huge snake I stopped my bike in excitement and switched off the engine and told Arun to help me catch the snake ( I’m not exaggerating this is exactly how it happened ha-ha!!)
Arun thought I had gone crazy caught my jacket and pulled me back … but I got down. Manu who had stopped ahead of us thought it was a small rat snake and came back to see , once he spotted it .. the change of expression in his face was amazing… he yelled tat it was charging at us.. I turned back to see it coming Arun pulled me back on the bike and we were off ( well he just saved my life :D).. reached the Check post and collected our things from the guards .

RIDE VII: (Himvad – Mysore)
Once we got back down the hills , the temperature went up & the heat was unbearable. We thought of having lunch at mysore which was still an hour away so rode at a decent pace till najungud thanks to the good roads, and finally we stopped at beautiful lake nearMysoreoutskirts. Took a few mins break did a few stretches and were ready to ride.
TIME: 13:15hrs
As we entered Mysore the traffic was bad , and finding a hotel was difficult , finally we got a decent hotel sat down and had proper meals :D
TIME: 14:30 hrs
RIDE VIII: ( Mysore-Srirangapatna)
After the lunch we washed our faces and sat on the footpath, hanging around till manu’s brother phoned us. We went and picked him up from his hostel and headed towards Srirangapatna. SH 17 in the noon , so very less traffic it was easy riding we reached Srirangapatna in a very short span of time.

There are many places to visit at srirangapatna including tippu grave , sangama etc etc… but we went directly to the river sangama. We got our shoes off and kept our feet in the cold river water … whew that was a relief , we washed our faces & thought of having tea/coffee near by.. then we decided we would stop at maddur tifany’s to have something to eat . So we sat on the banks and relaxed for a good 30-40mins. Then we got our shoes back on and headed towards Maddur.
RIDE IX : (Srirangapatna – Maddur)
Maddur is about 40 -50 kms from Srirangapatna , we requested Manu’s brother to join us till banglore , but he insisted that he had to get back to the hostel in mysore on the same day. So we dropped him off at the bus stop and we carried on to reach MT .

We had nice Masala dosa & Coffee and sat on the swing for 15mins and left MT .
TIME: 18:00hrs
RIDE X: (Maddur-Banglore)
The last 80 kilometers was just formality , good 4-lane road . The sun went down pretty fast , traffic got heavier , we could see train lights far away .. ha-ha !! those were all signs of a good finish to this wonderful trip… as we entered banglore TRAFFIC…. Got stuck for about 30-40 mins and finally we reached home and got some well deserved sleep :D
Participants Check:
1) Manohar - Led the the way through the worse road and made us meet his younger brother .
2) Arun - Had come on time :P tats the greatest thing he could give.. ha-ha !! was sitting behind me all throughout the trip.
Ciao until next time \m/

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July 4, 2011 at 3:40 am

28) Kabbaladurga Trek ( Kabbalu Hill) :26/1/2011

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Place: Kabbalu Hill & Kanva.
Distance: (90+10) x 2 = 200 kms
1) Bangalore > Ramnagar > Chenpatna > Left Turn > Kabbalu.
2) Banglaore > Kanakpura > Sathanur > Right Turn > Kabbalu.
Participants: Manu > Sp.
Bikes: GS > Pulsar.
Previous Visit: Chamundi Hills & Balmuri Falls.
Facebook Page: Kabbalu Hill album.
Budget: Rs250/h.

Before I start writing this article, I’m really happy that I’m still alive , this was the trip which almost took me away and left me with great memories to look back .I might have taken the wrong route but sure was a tough one and tested all my will to stay alive.

Okay a few days before 26th I came to know that Kabbalu was not only a dam but a hill which could be trekked. So the plan was trek the hill, then cool down in the waters. After a lot of discussion it was only Manohar & me who were ready to hit the road next day. So Crashed early without having the slightest clue what was instored for the next 15 hours.
TIME: 22:00 hrs

RIDE I : ( Bangalore to Kabbalu)
Morning 04:00hrs I was up & ready, just before leaving my house Alexi ( my pet ) was pulling me back into the house, all these signs made sense after 6-7 hours ha-ha!!! 6:30 am Manu arrived at my place and we left towards Chenpatna via Mysore road(SH-17) . We Chose SH-17 over Kanakpura road because it was still dark and there was a lot of Fog we didn’t want to experience a death ride again like that of Ride to BR hills .

SH-17 a good 4-lane road offered no problems for us .Though it was still foggy we witnessed a great sunrise, we cruised through Bidadi & Ramnagar to reach Chenpatna. A left deviation through this town would lead to the town of kabbalu.

RIDE II: (Chenpatna – Kabbalu)
From Chenpatna Kabbalu is about 20-25kms, it comes before Sathanur. And the roads were pretty good, both the sides thick trees, forest kind of roads. It was a real nice riding through this stretch. Finally after a good 15-20 mins ride we got the glimpse of the hill “Kabbalu”. On top we could see a small white dot – tat was top of the hill, which also marked the end point of the trek.
Kabblau is not that high when altitude comes into the picture, 2500 feet. But much steeper faces compared to other hillocks.
We entered the town of kabbalu parked our bikes near the temple (for safety)& walked about 1.5- 2kms then about 500 meters to reach the foot of the hill.
TIME : 08:00hrs.

TREK I: (Going gets tough with additional Load on my back)
We started to trek up the hill, we didn’t know the proper route so started climbing where ever we could find a path. We met two aged people who were trying to climb as well. They requested me to carry their 2-litre bottle and pooja items for them to the top as I was carrying a bag. This made the trek even more challenging a 2 litre bottle & other items added a lot of weight on my shoulder and I was carrying my helmet too.

The terrain changed to something similar to that of Savandurga , pure rocky terrain , it started to become difficult but fun. The steepness was maddening & the load on my back resulted in me losing lot of energy… And every time I lifted me hand my bag was pulling me back. It was only the beginning of what was in stored for me that day .
TIME: 08:30hrs

About 20-30 minutes of the trek, Manu felt uneasy & said he was giving up this trek. I thought a good 15-20 mins break would set him back on track, but he was pretty serious. And he’s that kind of person who is always ready for challenges. So I was put in a dilemma:
1) Whether to continue & deliver the goods to the top or
2) stay back and take him to safety.

The first option was associated with a lot of risks anything could happen and there was only person to blame “myself”. And also I wasn’t sure where I was heading… but it would also mean breaking a promise to the aged persons who had trusted me..So I asked Manu about the decision to make… he gave me a “thumbs up” … so I took a promise tat he would find shade or go back to the town and find food and shade.
So I continued further in search of the temple on top, along with other old ruined buildings hoping that the terrain would become less steeper.
TIME: 09:00hrs

TREK II: (Test of WILL v/s Facing Death)
After manu’s exit on the trek, it became that much harder for me to climb. The terrain became worse 70-80 degree inclined rock, not to forget the scorching heat of the sun on my head.

The rays of the sun falling directly over my head made me feel Dizzy at times, but one slip would END it all ha-ha!!! (Damn those moments). Every 10-15 steps I took uphill I sat down thinking the madness I had got myself into. Looking back down at the insanely steep terrain made me a little worried about climbing back down.

As it was an odd season to visit, the place was totally burnt out, which didn’t help to keep my spirits up. It looked like a burnt fort awaiting my arrival ha-ha!!! (Yeah I was hallucinating)

TREK III: (Last Test off will)
The temperature kept rising, was feeling dizzy somewhere on top of the mountain with no people around, crazy situation it was. Well the white spot which marked the end of the trek was totally out of my mind, I just wanted to stand on flat ground. And the most annoying part was I had a full 2litre heavy bottle but couldn’t open it as I thought it was kept for some sacred ritual on top.

Thought the steepness would reduce as I went further up , but unfortunately the steepness became insane , at certain places it was one shot one go , else slip to death kind of situations. Scary moments but worth living those. This stretch is something I’ll remember for a long time. Check out snaps of the inclination and the surroundings Ha-ha!! They showed no mercy.

Finally after a lot of balancing, I found myself at the bottom of a few uneven half broken rock foot steps which I thought would lead to the temple on top. And finally something went correct for me that day ha-ha!!!
There’s lot much to say about this stretch , the thoughts that ran into my mind… but it was all part of the experience , It’s very hard to express the fear I felt of not returning home , people i would miss etc . So anyway I was on the top of the world after reaching the top: D
TIME: 10:00hrs

Once I reached the top I was shocked to see the entire top burnt , but the cool breeze was blowing on my face , Whew that was a relief !! I wasn’t sure whether I took the right route but can assure u I took the hard one ha-ha!!

At the top I explored a little, found old abandoned buildings, and then spotted the first of the temples. Here the Nandi originates from the rock itself. But the main destination was still not to be found. The breeze was so strong standing became a tough task.

I put the pooja items inside the temple and found my bag had tore…Well that was a bummer, added to that my shoe lace also gave up… had to tie knots and manage. It was one of those days where everything went wrong and being on top of some cliff hanging on by a thread made things worse. I found a brick and wrote my name on top of some stone knew it wouldn’t remain forever but yea I was proud of myself ha-ha!! I had this scary feeling only once before during the Epic Skandagiri Trip.

Finally after 30minutes found the Gopura, which was seen as a small dot from the road which was far far away like a small streak. Sat in front of the temple looking at the town of kabbalu with heavy thoughts running through my mind. It was so windy I was scared to go the edge of the cliff. After 15-20 minutes at the main destination I wore back my shoes with modifications to my lace tying and decided to head back.
TIME: 11:15hrs

TREK IV: (Climb Down)
As I started to climb down I met a few more people who were just about to reach the top and believe me they were begging for water, so gave off the bottle of water to them and continued.
The climb down was a scary one, as every step required more balance and grip and yea I’m scared of heights too ha-ha!!! Then I sat down and climbing down cautiously keeping my hand on the burning hot rock surface. Bruises started showing up but had to continue as I didn’t have much of a choice. Ankles & knees were literally shivering .crying out in pain.

After 60 minutes of trekking and yea running down the hill reached the place where me and Manu had split off earlier, but as I couldn’t find him realized that he would be in the town. Finally found a better route and ran down even though knees & ankles were shattered, completed the last 10% of the hill in no time and reached the road which would lead to the town. Then I took one final look at the maddening & Scary trek I had been for the past 4-5 hours.
TIME: 12:45pm

As I reached of kabbalu people were staring at me as if they has seen a ghost. The shock on my face still prevailed. I was totally in sweat limping across the town with bruises on my hands. I reached the place where we had parked our bikes but Manu was no where to be seen and the wait began…

The sun was up & directly above my head but leaving that place meant that manu wouldn’t spot me so bought two coconuts and sat on my bike keeping the heat down. After 80-90 minutes off dizzy wait manu showed up whew it was about time. When enquired about his health he said he was okay and was ready to head back.

RIDE III: (Kabbalu – Dhaba – Kanva)
The ride back was a steady one… again riding through the forest kind off road was fun. We stopped for a few moments and we decided to go to Kanva .But before that our tummy’s were crying for food… it was only the previous day we had eaten so headed further to reach SH-17.
20kms form the chenpatna we reached the kanva Dhaba and had a good meal and headed towards kanva.
TIME: 14:15hrs

Seeing the waters of this magnificent place was a huge relief. Parked our bikes and took a dip into the water. Knees ankles wrists hands everything cooled down.. Felt great. After 30 minutes in the chilly waters of kanva we came out of the water and had a good nap on the banks. After that we decided to head back to Bangalore.
TIME:15:30 hrs

RIDE IV: (Kanva-Bangalore)
Well the last 60kms were left and it was just formality completing this stretch. The lunch & the dip in Kanva was really refreshing and we did this stretch in about an hour to reach Bangalore and we headed home.
TIME:16:30 hrs

I would like to end this article by saying the following
this was one of my hardest treks till date, considering the season & the risks I took. I might have not taken the right route but defiantly took the tougher one and came out alive ,one slip would have finished it all & I wasn’t sure I would be returning back home that day but yeah \m/ here I am alive and kicking ha-ha!!
PS: And yeah don’t be scared to visit the place after reading this , the trek is pretty simple if u take the right route.
Until next time Ciao \m/ (Scroll up and see the snaps of this maddening route i took)

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April 28, 2011 at 1:28 pm

27) Chamundi Hills (Mysore) & Balmuri Falls : (5/1/11)

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Place: Chamundi Hills & Balmuri Falls.

Distance: 350kms in total.
Directions: Bengaluru > Maddur > Srirangpatna > Straight – Mysore
> Right – Balmuri Falls.
Participants: Manohar(Manu) > Arun(Slowpoke) > Karthik(Sp).
Bikes: GS > Unicorn > Pulsar.
Previous visit: BR hills – Coldest ride from Bangalore since 117 years.
Basic Description: Balmuri falls in < 5 minutes.
Facebook Page: Balmuri falls Album.

4th January , Arun & myself were walking on the college cricket ground, when Arun suggested the wonderful idea to visit Airport at morning 4 am .. After a few minutes of discussion the destination was changed to Balmuri falls & Srirangapatna as we had skipped it on Melkote trip.
So called up others to ask their call on the trip& it was only Manu who was ready to hit the road like always \m/. So Arun and me had dinner near college went back to our respective houses to get some sleep as we had to hit the road at 04:00hrs.
TIME: 20:30hrs

RIDE I: ( Bangalore – Maddur CCD)
Morning 2:30 am I was up and got ready. It was a New Year… And the biggest shocker already took place… Arun arrived at my place at 4 am sharp…ha-ha!!! After a few minutes Manu also joined us & we departed at 4:30am on 3 bikes.
As it was dark we started of at 40kmphr and went at this place for about 20kms to get used to the conditions then. After a while we were cruising at 70-80kmphr and reached Maddur CCD.
TIME: 05:30hrs


Well I have been to CCD only once before this, and Arun wanted have coffee at this place from a long time so it was something special for all of us. Manu & me ordered hot coffee… Arun unique as always ordered cold coffee even though it was cold outside. We spent a hour at the CCD and left towards Balmuri.
TIME: 06:30hrs

RIDE II : (Maddur CCD – SriRangapatna)
The Sun was up & shining ,Balmuri falls is about 60kms from maddur , good SH-17 roads offered very less resistance. When we reached Srirangapatna , a right deviation would lead us to Balmuri falls.. but just then we spotted a board “ Chamundi Hills “ .
Manu wanted to go to this magnificent hills, and so we kept Balmuri ON HOLD again as in melkote trip and proceeded towards Mysore.
TIME: 07:00hrs

RIDE III: (Srirangapatna – Chamundi hills)

4 lane road made our job simple… kept a decent pace of 60’s to reach The Heritage city – Mysore … Zooming through the lanes of Mysore in a matter of minutes we were out of the town and on chamundi hills road.
Chamundi hills didn’t offer any difficult uphill climb, but it was a pleasure to ride on those roads, 3 bikes going uphill at a time when most of the people are still asleep is something awesome. After cruising uphill we reached the temple and very happy to see that it was not at all crowded.


It was Arun’s and his family’s sacred place ,so he was overjoyed in visiting the same. We got a very good pooja done and spent a good 30minutes on top of the hill. When we were just about to leave we spotted a Rolls Royce- Ghost, Manu – a car freak, went crazy and wanted to stay there till it left… ha-ha!! So we captured snaps of the car & the famous Maheeshasura Demon … Staying there for some more time we left the place…
TIME: 08:45hrs

RIDE IV: (Chamundi-Giant Nandi)

From the temple its hardly a ten minutes ride, but we stopped at many places to get the wonderful aerial view of the Mysore. When we reached the giant Nandi we spent 10 minutes got the pooja done and left the place.
TIME: 09:00hrs

RIDE V: (Giant Nandi – Balmuri Falls)
Balmuri falls is 30kms from Chamundi hills, so we ode downhill at a decent pace , negotiating the curves cautiously . Manu & Arun lead the way to Mysore to reach SH-17. We reached Srirangpatna in a very short time. From here it was 15kms , and the roads turned to worst… It was horrible road and we had to slow down to 30-40kmphr. We came across canals carrying water to the falls. After a some slow riding avoiding pot holes and patches we reached Balmuri falls.
TIME: 10:00hrs


Believe me we were shocked to the core because every time I picture this falls in my head , it would always be associated with about 10-20 taxis , few private cars , families , few bikes … basically lot of crowd.
But nothing of such was there, only we 3 with our bikes were at the place. We got a great chance to have the place for ourselves.
The falls was at its very best, great force, clear water, it looked marvelous. Please have a look at the snaps it always expresses way better.

We walked to the other side of the falls, we also observed the unique way the edges were at this place which made the falling water have a unique grain like pattern. It was beautiful but was packing a lot of force.
Balmuri is not a big falls in terms of ‘head’ ( Ha-ha turbo-machines) i.e. the height through which the water falls. But it is a very wide water fall. We washed our faces and walked on the bund lifting our legs up for every step we took.

We spent an hour or so at his wonderful place enjoying the tranquility listening to the water fall and cooling ourselves down. Finally we left towards Bengaluru… we realized that this trip was so good we had forgotten about food, so Maddur Tifany`s stop was confirmed.
TIME: 11:30hrs

RIDE V: (Balmuri – Maddur Tiffany’s)
The ride back to Mysore road (SH-17) was a slow one again; my bike’s fuel was almost empty I was only hoping it could pull it till the main road so that I could re-fuel. We reached SH-17 and cruised on it to reach Maddur in no time, fuel was totally empty. We had excellent Masala Dosa & coffee and came out and took rest on the swing. Gave our bikes sufficient time to rest as it had rode 270 kms and still 80km to go. We went to the petrol bunk and re-fueled our tanks and were ready to hit the road again.

RIDE VI: (Maddur Tiffany’s- Bengaluru)
Next 80 kilometers was just formality, Mysore road good 4-lane road, all we had to do was “stay awake” ha-ha!! Rode at a pretty decent pace to reach Bangalore .
TIME: 14:30hrs
Overall it was a Classic trip, never had expected Balmuri to be so empty when it was flowing at its best and well 3 people on 3 bikes – Heaven !!

Before ending this article, here are some of our best runs (Or what we think are the best out of the first 50 runs) Hope you enjoy reading them :
[1] Maddur – The Origin.
[3] Mekedatu – Destination danger.
[4] Nandi Hills – Quick Return Mechanism.
[17] Skandagiri night trek – Misty death trek.
[18] Kanva Resevoir – Mechanix ride.
[21] Pearl Valley – Jungle walk.
[22] Talakadu – Come one, come all. (11bikes, 21 participants)
[26] BR hills – Foggy forest cruise. (Coldest ride since 117 years)
[27]Chamundi Hills & Balmuri falls – Classic Flawless ride.
[28] Kabbaladurga Trek – Hello death!! (NDE – Near death experience)
[29] Himvadgopalswamy Betta – Hot oven ride.
[37] Chitradurga fort & Vani Vilas Dam – Time travel into ancient heaven.
[38] MM hills, BR hills, Gaganchukki,Barachukki – Twin hills and falls ride.( 600kms one day)
[40] Markonahalli dam, Melukote, TonnurKere – Old School fun ride.
[44] Mahadevpura – Explore that sanctuary.
[45] Hogenekkal – Blood filled memories on road. (Must read)
[47] Mekedatu & Sangama – Adventure on!! (15kms forest walk)
[48] Coorg(Madikeri) – Big finish to ‘11.
[49] Yercaud – back on the streets. (580kms 1-day ride)
[50] Panchapalli dam – 50th chapter complete :)
Until next time – Ciao \m/



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April 9, 2011 at 9:36 am

25) Melkote : (28/11/10)

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Place: Melkote.
Distance: 150 x 2 = 300kms.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Ramnagara > Mandya > After mandya Right turn > Melukote.
Bikes: GS 150 > Pulsar 150.
Participants: Manohar > Karthik.

28th November 09 , exact one year back we had been to maddur our first trip… completing this trip would mean exact 25 trips in one year \m/
After asking their call on the trip… It was only 3 of us who were ready to go( Manu , Mithul & me)
Next day morning , went near college at about 6 am… sat on the footpath , then get a BAD news… Mithul`s dropped out… But Manu didn’t give up on the trip.. he came at about 6 : 15 am.
Ok ok “BR hills on one bike?” I exclaimed.. but Manu said he also wanted to ride his bike.. so decided to go to Balmuri Falls as it was a pretty close and we hadn’t seen it. So morning 6:30 am we left To Balmuri falls on SH 17 , Mysore road.
SH17… one of my favorite Roads…we cruised along at a decent pace , covering ground. As it was a Sunday we spotted arount 10-15 super bikes zooming at full speed. As we entered Chenpatna about 10 eagles flying only about 8 feet above the ground as the sun rise began… whew tat was an amazing Sight .. within 1 to 1.5 hours we reached maddur Tiffany`s for break fast.
MAddur Tiffany`s our Adda :) , Had hot hot Idli vada & excellent coffee , spent a good 30mins at tiffany`s and left towards Balmuri.
Mandya is about 25 kms from Maddur , a 4-lane SH 17 , helped us to cover distance at a decent rate.. the new spotted a board “ Melkote à 38kms “ .
I stopped in front of the board & so did manu… haha yep !! Put Balmuri on HOLD until some other time.. only Melkote was on our mind .
New Destination : Melkote.

Surface wise the road was not as good as Mekedat road… but surrounding was just brilliant.. Greenery everywhere , 12-10 feet grass on both sides of the roads. We stopped once or twice just to enjoy the beautiful Green fields.
As we headed further we could finad a lot of “Aaale mane” ( Jaggery preparation houses) , we drove a bit slow and reached the bottom of the hill after 45 mins or so…
Next 3-4 kms was ghat section which would lead us to the main palce & the temple. As we ascended we saw an auto fall on a womens leg… horrible it was… we continued further to complete the mini-ghat and reach the top.
Entering melkote , parked our bikes and visted Kalyani , then we wanted a good aerial view of the places surrounding Melkote. We saw small steps so decided to follow it thinking tat it would lead us to the top.. but it was the steps which would lead us down :x, but we weren’t disappointed because it lead us to a beautiful place.
Greenery was everywhere , with a very large number of ponds & lakes some near , some far . It was indeed a very beautiful sight.

Then we thought of trekking our way up through the bushes and Trees , but realized we would have to counter the Huge walls of the temple ( They call it Melu – Kote for a reason Haha!!
So we headed in the normal route and reached the temple. The steps of the temple are kind of steep , goes to show how old the temple is. The aerial view from the temple is something I can never forget… about 200 lakes & ponds surround this palce…. At one glance we could easily spot 30-40 of them.
Then as were leaving the temple , we had “Puliyogre” believe me it is one of the “NOT TO MISS” things at this place… it was very tasty , gave us the extra energy we required , bought bottles of juice and started towards our bikes.

After spending an hour so enjoying the surroundings decided to head back to Namma bengaluroo. On our way back we stopped at a beautiful pond in the middle of the forest. It was very similar to our Kanva reservoir – our favorite spot. Spent somequality time here also & left…. Stopped at a few Aale mane enquiring about the prices etc… and finally we reached SH 17.
As we headed towards Maddur tiffany`s for lunch we saw something that shook us to our boots… Blood all over the road , a car stuck on the divider , a CD100 bike torn to parts… Man , lady & a young kid fallen down.. people were just rushing in… stopped there for sometime .. & left towards MT.

After a decent lunch we were sitting outside. A lot of young kids were roaming outside the hotel as there was some function. Ok thought of checking my weight… Manu stood first 90kks.. hmm.. the kids didn’t wanna mess around with him. When I stood 50 kgs…. Damn !! The kids started running all over the place yelling … then caught them and made them sit on our bikes to shut them up.
Then we finally left towards Bengaluroo , completing the next 80 kms was formality . A small stop after Ramnagara & we were back to our homes.
This trip was something special , had completed 25 trips in year , and moreover it was unplanned like the first one . Melkote – the perfect trip though everything was unplanned. And yes shravanabelogola is just 30kms from melukote… so can cover that also .
Until Next time \m/




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January 22, 2011 at 7:00 am

24) Manchinbele + Big Banyan – Epic Ride back ( 4/11/10)

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Place: Manchinbele + Big banyan.

Distance: 35 x 2 = 70kms.
Participants : Dhiren (dJ) > Siddarth ( STIG) > Ashok > Arvi > Manu > Sp.
Bikes: RTR > GS 150 > Pulsar 150.
Directions: Bengaluroo > Mysore Road ( SH-17) > RRDC > Right Turn > Bigbanyan > Manchinbele.
Previous Trip : TK Falls.
If you have less than 5 mins, Click here: Manchinbele- Basic information


Another unplanned trip , so obliviously some part of it had to be Epic. Ok 4/11/10 was a Thursday , so all theory classes , so mass bunk :P
10 am everybody escape… so we ended up near the bakery asusual sipping tea etc etc… we had the whole day ahead of us … so we had two plans in our mind
1) Go to a hotel and eat a heavy lunch.
2) Go to a place Nearby.
And we chose the latter … this decision took us 2 hrs to execute :D , 12 pm we left college towards destination unknown ( on SH 17) , I told others about a reservoir near Bidadi ( not manchinbele , now its like our native) so we decided to go there .


Well nothing much to say about the ride , it was our 5th OR 6th visit to the place… so it was just formalities… cruised along Mysore road to reach RRDC , took a right turn there and headed towards Big banyan tree ( Dodalladmara)
Wanted to stop at Bigbanyan , but realized that we could visit it on our way back. So headed further towards Manchinbele.


Vokay this was truly unbelievable , as we got the first glimpse of the place it was breath-taking… little did we know we would sight something else which wouldn’t take our breadth but Choke us :P :P
Entering manchinbele , we a saw a tractor lift the front two wheels up almost 60degree :O , we stood there with our jaws dropped in shock.


As the second one came by , wit was a little kid driving it … we requested him to do the wheelie , and this little kid did it even better about 80 degree… whew it was like we were imaging things… then the 3rd tractor came by .. we went a little overboard and asked whether we could sit on the tractor and then asked him to perform the wheelie :P

Well he couldn’t get it done , so we headed towards the water ..
TIME: 13:15


Well , the water level had decreased a lot , we had a long discussion whether to get down in the water or Trek up the hill…
The water at this place was never clean , so decided to trek. We had to park our bikes behind some bushes well hidden , and started off towards the mountains . it was quite an easy trek but then the rain god came into the picture.

It was about 2pm , and started raining heavily , dJ had “ ___meter” in his bag ( sorry forgot name) so gave my towel ( a must find in my bag :P) to wrap it up.
Then we stood under a tree for about 20mins , Chinta his STIG , fat guy`s, Megan Fox stories kept us well entertained. **BOWS DOWN**

The sight of savandurga was amazing , it was covered in mist , looked awesome :) . Then we trekked further up to reach a flat land. Hmmm it was a little different since our last visit to this place “ Manchinbele –The reunion” , But yea we walked further and reached the end… sat there for sometime and decided to head back.
The cool weather made the trek super non tiring . Heading back we checked our bikes and left towards namma bengaluroo :) :)


We reached here at about 3:15 pm , well nothing much is there at this place … so a small round at this place to wrap it up :D. We left BIG BANYAN at about 3:30 pm.

Vokay here is the most thrilling part of this entire trip. As soon as we entered Mysore road , it started raining heavily. This was real heavy rains. Each droplet was like a thick bullet hitting our faces and chest… believe me that hurt !!
We thought of stopping at kengeri , but decided continue , SH-17 was literally in floods

Obstacle I :
It was becoming difficult to control the bike , finally , we reached Gopalan arch and headed further into Nayanhalli, then ashok and me decided to take a shortcut near a BP petrol bunk ,… So took a U-turn.. the next sight was something il never forget… there was huge amount of water flowing out of the petrol bunk…GULP!! This made all the potholes , humps , Stones , etc invisible…
It was a one shot go… taking a deep breadth , went off…. Finally after a few seconds in the mercy of the forceful water we made it out of it \m/
Obstacle II:
From then on we thought it was a walk in the park. Further we saw a car & scooter stopped near a small bridge… made my way through to sight the mother of all challenges for tat day…
Knee deep , flowing water over the bridge…ashok advised me to head back… But I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Started of at 20kmphr, taking care not to decelerate as water would enter into the Exhaust.
Everybody else were curiously looking at me whether I would screw up … that gave one more reason to cross it. After a min of hard time to keep the bike on course , made it out of it … took a look back at the people who had stopped smiled at all of them and headed further.
Whew what a felling it was… the other two bikes had taken the normal route… we all ended up at the bakery again shivering in cold , drenched totally , soaking wet .

Ordered some tea and snacks etc etc…
After having them headed back home , satisfied … it was a insane trip !! but the ride back is one hell ride I will surely remember…
Until Next time \m/



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January 3, 2011 at 3:08 pm


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